63rd BPCS Pre Exam 2018 Solved Questions Paper in English Download

63th BPSC Prelims Exam 2018 Solved Question Paper

63rd BPSC Preliminary Exam
of the year 2018 held on dated 16 December 2018 at various examination centres on its scheduled day. This was the 64th BPSC Preliminary Examination, in which total 150 questions were asked. Here are the answers to all the questions that are being provided to you right now. With this study, you can understand the pattern of the BPSC Prelims examination. These questions not only develop of your I.Q. but will helpful for upcoming BPSC examination also.

1. Quartz crystals used in clocks are–
(A) Sodium silicate (B) Silicon dioxide✓
(C) Germanium dioxide (D) Titanium dioxide
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

2. Bromine is a–
(A) Colourless gas (B) Brown solid
(C) Highly inflammable gas✓ (D) Red liquid
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

3. Gases used in welding are–
(A) Oxygen and hydrogen (B) Oxygen and nitrogen
(C) Oxygen and acetylene✓ (D) Hydrogen and acetylene
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

4. Galvanized iron pipes have a coating of–
(A) Zinc✓ (B) Mercury
(C) Lead (D) Chromium
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

5. The wavelength of visible spectrum is in the range–
(A) 1300 A-3900 A (B) 3900 A-7600 A✓
(C) 7800 A-8200 A (D) 8500 A-9800 A
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

6. Detergents used for cleaning clothes are–
(A) Carbonates✓ (B) Bicarbonates
(C) Bismuthates (D) Sulfonates
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

7. The element excreted through human sweat is–
(A) Sulfur (B) Iron
(C) Magnesium✓ (D) Zinc
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

8. Blue vitriol is chemically–
(A) Sodium sulfate (B) Nickel sulfate
(C) Copper sulfate✓ (D) Iron sulfate
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

9. The positively charged part at the centre of the atom is called–
(A) Proton✓ (B) Neutron
(C) Electron (D) Nucleus
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

10. The conversation of solid directly into a gas–
(A) Sublimation✓  (B) Condensation
(C) Evaporation (D) Boiling
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

11. In the human system, insulin controls the metabolism of–
(A) fats (B) carbohydrates✓
(C) proteins (D) nucleic acids
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

12. The antibiotic among the following is
(A) penicillin (B) aspirin
(C) paracetamol (D) sulfadiazine
(E) None of the above/More than one above.✓

13. Which of the following is mostly carbohydrate–
(A) Wheat (B) Barley
(C) Rice✓ (D) Maize
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

14. The heaviest metal among the following is–
(A) Gold (B) Silver
(C) Mercury (D) Platinum✓
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

15. Stainless steel is an alloy of–
(A) iron and nickel (B) iron and chromium✓
(C) copper and chromium (D) iron and zinc
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

16. To protect broken bones, Plaster of Paris is used. It is–
(A) slaked lime (B) calcium carbonate
(C) calcium oxide (D) gypsum✓
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

17. A hydrocarbon in which two carbon atoms are joined by a double bond is called as an–
(A) alkane (B) alkene✓
(C) alkyne (D) ionic bond
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

18. The chemical name of vinegar is–
(A) methanol (B) ethanol
(C) acetic acid✓  (D) ethyl acetate
(E) None of the above/More than one above

19. The acid used in car battery is–
(A) acetic acid (B) hydrochloric acid
(C) nitric acid (D) sulfuric acid✓
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

20. The gas, which comes out on opening a soda water bottle is–
(A) carbon dioxide✓  (B) hydrogen
(C) nitrogen (D) sulfur dioxide
(E) None of the above/More than one above.

21. Which of the following smart cities has become India’s first city to run on 100% renewable energy during daytime?
(A) Bengaluru (B) Jaipur
(C) Indore (D) Diu✓
(E) None of the above

22. Mahmoud Abu Zeid has won the 2018 UNESCO/ Guillermo Cano World Pres Freedom Prize He hails from which country?
(A) Israel (B) Iraq
(C) ran (D) Egypt✓
(E) None of the above

23. The bilateral military exercise ‘Harimau Shakti 2018’ has been conducted between India and which country?
(A) Indonesia (B) Malaysia✓
(C) New Zealand (D) South Korea
(E) None of the above

24. Which Union Ministry has launched the Second Edition of the ‘Unnat Bharat Abhiyan’?
(A) The Ministry of Home Affairs (B) The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
(C) The Ministry of Human Resource Development✓  (D) The Ministry of Rural Development
(E) None of the above

25. Which Union Ministry in collaboration with Google India has launched a 360 Virtual Reality (VR) video of ‘Incredible India’?
(A) The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
(B) The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
(C) The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
(D) The Ministry of Tourism✓
(E) None of the above

26. Which city hosted India’s firstever nationwide food archaeology conference ‘ArchaeoBroma’?
(A) Mumbai✓  (B) New Delhi
(C) Indore (D) Surat
(E) None of the above

27. What is India’s rank in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index [WPFI]?
(A) 136th (B) 138th✓
(C) 135th (D) 137th
(E) None of the above

28. Which institute has been awarded the 2018 National Intellectual Property Award in the category Top R & D Institution / Organization for Patents and Commercialization?
(A) The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
(B) The Indian Space Research Organization
(C) The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
(D) The Defence Research and Development Organization
(E) None of the above

29. Which State has topped the list of States with most number of beggars, as per data released by the Union Ministry of Social Justice?
(A) West Bengal✓  (B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Bihar (D) Uttar Pradesh
(E) None of the above

30. Which district has become India’s first district to have 100% solar powered health centres?
(A) Kolkata✓ (B) Chennai
(C) Bengaluru (D) Surat
(E) None of the above

31. Which Indian sports person had bagged Gold in the Mens 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol Event at the 2018 ISSF Junior Shooting World Cup in Sydney?
(A) Rajkanwar Singh (B) Anhad Jawanda
(C) B.Sainath (D) Anish Bhanwala✓
(E) None of the above

32. Which State Government has signed a pact with Airport Authority of India [AAI] to develop villages in Kamrup?
(A) West Bengal (B) Mizoram
(C) Nagaland (D) Assam✓
(E) None of the above

33. Which State has the highest number of fully covered tribal habitations with safe drinking water?
(A) Madhya Pradesh✓ (B) Odisha
(C) Rajasthan (D) Jharkhand
(E) None of the above

34. ISRO has successfully launched GSAT – 6A satellite from which rocket vehicle?
(A) GSLV – F07 (B) GSLV – F09
(C) GSLV – F05 (D) GSLV – F08✓
(E) None of the above

35. What is the theme of the 2018 International Day of Forests?
(A) Forests and Water (B) Forests and Energy
(C) Forests and Sustainable Cities✓ (D) Forests and Life
(E) None of the above

36. Who has been elected as new President of Egypt?
(A) Moussa Mostafa Moussa (B) El-Sayyid el-Badawi
(C) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi✓ (D) Ahmed Shafiq Sisi
(E) None of the above

37. Who has been chosen for the prestigious J.C. Daniel Award for 2017?
(A) Sathyan Anthikkad (B) K.G.Geogre
(C) Sreekumaran Thampi✓ (D) Adoor Gopalakrishnan
(E) None of the above

38. According to recent data released by Indian Cellular Association [ICA], India acquired what position in the world in producing mobile phones?
(A) First (B) Second✓
(C) Third (D) Fourth
(E) None of the above

39. Which State Government has rolled out ‘Rupashree Scheme ‘ for a marriage of poor girls?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Odisha
(C) West Bengal✓ (D) Assam
(E) None of the above

40. NITI Aayog has launched the ‘Atal New India Challenge’ that will provide grants of up to how much amount to innovative products and solutions?
(A) Rs.2 crore (B) Rs.1 crore✓
(C) Rs.1.5 crore (D) Rs.2.5 crore
(E) None of the above

41. Who chaired the first meeting of the think tank on the Framework for National Policy on E-commerce?
(A) Narendra Modi (B) Arun Jaitley
(C) Suresh Prabhu✓ (D) Smriti Irani
(E) None of the above

42. Which of the following cities of Bihar does not share border with Nepal?
(A) Madhubani (B) Kishanganj
(C) Sitamarhi (D) Purnia✓
(E) None of the above

43. Which of the following is only UNESCO World Heritage Site present in Bihar State India?
(A) Mahabodhi Vihar✓ (B) Buddhist Monastery Nalanda
(C) Ancient site of Vikramasl Monastery (D) Tomb of Sher Shah Sur
(E) None of the above

44. The Union Cabinet has appro MoU India and SAO for cooperation on oil chemical pollution in the South Asian seas region. What did SACEP stand for?
(A) South Asia Compatibility Environment Programme
(B) South Asia Cooperation Environment Programme✓
(C) South Asia Connective Environment Programme
(D) South Asia Coercive Environment Programme
(E) None of the above

45. Which State Government has recently signed MoU with South Korea to enhance tourism cooperation?
(A) Kerala (B) Mizoram
(C) Tamil Nadu (D) Uttar Pradesh✓
(E) None of the above

46. The Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education [ICFRE] has signed MoU with TIFAC for supporting forest based communities. Where is the headquarters of ICFRE located?
(A) Hyderabad (B) Bengaluru
(C) Allahabad (D) Dehradun✓
(E) None of the above

47. Which of the following teams has won the Newton Bhabha Fund for the project on Groundwater Atomic Research in Ganga River Basin?
(A) India – Russia Joint Team (B) India – UK Joint Team✓
(C) India – Japan Joint Team (D) India – Israel Joint Team
(E) None of the above

48. The Barh Super Thermal Power Station [BSTPS] is located in which State?
(A) Bihar✓ (B) Karnataka
(C) Rajasthan (D) Punjab
(E) None of the above

49. The International Solar Alliance [ISA] has recently signed pact with which international organization in promote solar deployment in Asia and Pacific?
(A) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (B) New Development Bank
(C) African Development Bank (D) Asian Development Bank✓
(E) None of the above

50. India has signed a tripart MoU with which countries civil nuclear cooperation?
(A) USA and Nepal (B) Japan and Myanmar
(C) Russia and Bangladesh✓ (D) Germany and Sri Lanka
(E) None of the above

51. What is the most significant feature of the Indus Valley Civilization?
(A) Burnt brick buildings✓ (B) First true arches
(C) Buildings of worship (D) Art and architecture
(E) None of the above

52. Megasthenes was the ambassador of–
(A) Seleucus✓ (B) Alexander
(C) Darius (D) The Greeks
(E) None of the above

53. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a book on–
(A) economic relations
(B) principles and practice of statecraft✓
(C) foreign policy
(D) wealth accumulation
(E) None of the above

54. Tripitakas are the sacred books of the–
(A) Jains (B) Hindus
(C) Parsees (D) Buddhists✓
(E) None of the above

55. The central point in Ashram Dhamma is–
(A) loyalty to the king (B) peace and non-violence
(C) respects to elders (D) religious toleration
(E) None of the above✓

56. The division of Maur society into seven classes particularly mentioned in–
(A) Kautilya’s Arthashastra (B) Ashokan edicts
(C) the Puranas (D) the Indica of Megasthen✓
(E) None of the above

57. The famous Chinese pilgrim Fa-Hien visited India during reign of–
(A) Chandragupta I (B) Chandragupta II✓
(C) Ramagupta (D) Srigupta
(E) None of the above

58. The Chola age was famous for–
(A) village assemblies✓ (B) war with the Rashtrakutas
(C) trade with Ceylon (D) advancement of Tribal culture
(E) None of the above

59. The mighty gateways found at the temples of South India are called–
(A) Shikhars (B) Gopurams✓
(C) Devalayas (D) Mandaps
(E) None of the above

60. The remains of the Vijayanagara empire are found in–
(A) Bijapur (B) Golconda
(C) Hampi✓ (D) Baroda
(E) None of the above

61. Who was the first Muslim ruler to formulate the ‘theory of kingship’ similar to the ‘theory of divine right of the kings?
(A) Aibak (B) Iltutmish
(C) Balban✓ (D) Alauddin
(E) None of the above

62. Paper came to be used in the–
(A) 12th century✓ (B) 13th century
(C) 14th century (D) 15th century
(E) None of the above

63. European paintings were introduced in the court of–
(A) Humayun (B) Akbar✓
(C) Jahangir (D) Shah Jahan
(E) None of the above

64. Who was the ruler of India when the English East India Company was formed?
(A) Aurangzeb (B) Akbar✓
(C) Jahangir (D) Humayun
(E) None of the above

65. Which of the following Princely States was not annexed by the British?
(A) Sind (B) Gwalior✓
(C) Awadh (D) Satara
(E) None of the above

66. What was the ultimate goal of Gandhiji’s Salt Satyagraha?
(A) Repeal of Salt laws (B) Curtailment of the government’s power
(C) Economic relief to the common people (D) ‘Purna Swaraj’ for India✓
(E) None of the above

67. The Moplah Rebellion of 1921 broke out in–
(A) Assam (B) Kerala✓
(C) Punjab (D) Bengal
(E) None of the above

68. The Swadeshi Movement place in India during
(A) the champaran Satyagrah of Gandhiji (B) the anti-Bengal partition agitation✓
(C) the protest against Rowlatt Act (D) the Non-Cooperation Movement
(E) None of the above

69. Bihar Provincial Kisan Sabha was formed in–
(A) 1929✓ (B) 1930
(C) 1931 (D) 1932
(E) None of the above

70. By which Act, Bihar became separate province?
(A) The Government of India Act of 1935✓ (B) The Government of India Act of 1919
(C) The Indian Councils of 1909 (D) The Indian Independence Act of 1947
(E) None of the above

71. Which one of the following Committees / Commissions recommended the creation of Nyaya Panchayats?
(A) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee (B) Ashok Mehta Committee✓
(C) G.V.K. Rao Committee (D) Sarkaria Commission
(E) None of the above

72. Which one of the following functions is not the concern of Local Self-Government?
(A) Public Health (B) Sanitation
(C) Public Utility Services (D) Maintenance of Public Order✓
(E) None of the above

73. The system of Panchayati Raj is mentioned in–
(A) the Union List (B) the State List✓
(C) the Concurrent List (D) None of the above
(E) None of the above

74. 50% reservation for women Panchayati Raj Institutions is legalized in certain States such as–
I. Bihar II. Uttarakhand III. Madhya Pradesh IV. Himachal Pradesh
(A) Only III (B) Only II and III
(C) II, III and IV (D) I, II, III and IV✓
(E) None of the above

75. Money Bill can be presented–
(A) only in the Lok Sabha✓ (B) only in the Rajya Sabha
(C) in both the Houses (D) in joint meeting of both the Houses
(E) None of the above

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