63th BPSC Prelims Exam 2018 Solved Question Paper & PDF Download

63th BPSC Prelims Exam 2018 Solved Question Paper

BPSC 63rd Preliminary Exam 2018 held on dated 16 December 2018 at various examination centres on its scheduled day. This was the 64th BPSC Preliminary Examination, in which total 150 questions were asked. Here are the answers to all the questions that are being provided to you right now. With this study, you can understand the pattern of the BPSC Prelims examination. These questions not only develop of your I.Q. but will use for upcoming BPSC examination also.

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76. What is the nature of the Indian Constitution?
(A) Federal (B) Unitary
(C) Parliamentary (D) Federal in nature but unitary in spirit✓
(E) None of the above

77. Who appoints the Judges of the Supreme Court of India?
(A) The Prime Minister (B) The President✓
(C) The Chief Justice of India (D) The Ombudsman
(E) None of the above

78. Who is the Ex Officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
(A) The President (B) The Vice President✓
(C) The Prime Minister (D) None of the above
(E) More than one of the above

79. The Prime Minister of India is responsible to whom?
(A) The Cabinet (B) The President
(C) The Lok Sabha✓ (D) The Rajya Sabha
(E) None of the above

80. What is the minimum age for a Member of the Parliament?
(A) 18 years (B) 21 years
(C) 25years✓ (D) 30 years
(E) None of the above

81. What is the retirement age of the Judges of the Supreme Court?
(A) 60 years (B) 62 years
(C) 65 years✓ (D) 70 years
(E) None of the above

82. Who is the highest Civil Service Office of the Central Government?
(A) The Attorney General India (B) The Cabinet Secretary✓
(C) The Home Secretary (D) The Finance Secretary
(E) None of the above

83. One of the problems calculating National Income India is–
(A) underemployment (B) inflation
(C) low level of savings (D) non-organized sector✓
(E) None of the above

84. The apex bank for providing agricultural refinance in India–
(C) SBI (D) Imperial Bank
(E) None of the above

85. According to the 14th Finance Commission, the per cent share of States in the proceeds of the share central tax revenue should be
(A) 32 per cent (B) 35 per cent
(C) 40 per cent (D) 42 percent✓
(E) None of the above

86. Which sector in India attracts the highest FDI equity flow?
(A) Construction Sector (B) Energy Sector
(C) Automobile Sector (D) Service Sector
(E) None of the above✓

87. Who amongst the following is the present Governor of the RBI?
(A) Bimal Jalan (B) Arvind Subramanian
(C) Raghuram Rajan (D) Urjit Patel✓
(E) None of the above

88. The size of the marginal landholding in India is–
(A) more than 5 hectares (B) 2 hectares to 4 hectares
(C) 1 hectare to 2 hectares (D) less than 1 hectare✓
(E) None of the above

89. Globalization does not include–
(A) reduction in import duties (B) abolition of import licensing
(C) free flow of FDI (D) disinvestment of Public Sector Equity✓
(E) None of the above

90. The Prevention of Laundering Act came into in India during–
(A) 1998 (B) 1999
(C) 2001 (D) 2005✓
(E) None of the above

91. TRIMS stands for–
(A) Trade-Related Income Measures
(B) Trade-Related Incentive Measures
(C) Trade-Related Investment Measures✓
(D) Trade-Related Innovative Measures
(E) None of the above

92. NITI Aayog came into existence on–
(A) 1st January 2014 (B) 1st June 2014
(C) 1st January 2015✓ (D) 1st June 2015
(E) None of the above

93. ‘Gullak Bachcha Bank’ is a bank based in
(A) Agra (B) Delhi✓
(C) Bhopal (D) Jaipur
(E) None of the above

94. The base year for All-India Wholesale Price Index [WPI] has been changed by the Government of India from 2004 – 05 to
(A) 2010-11 (B) 2011-12✓
(C) 2012-13 (D) 2013-14
(E) None of the above

95. According to Indian Population Census, 2011, the percentage of literacy among males and females both is lowest for the State of
(A) Arunachal Pradesh (B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Bihar✓ (D) Jammu and Kashmir
(E) None of the above

96. The average size of landholdings in Bihar in comparison with other States is–
(A) Lowest (B) second lowest
(C) highest (D) second highest✓
(E) None of the above

97. The latest per capita income at current prices is the lowest for the Indian State of–
(A) Bihar✓ (B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Odisha (D) Nagaland
(E) None of the above

98. The latest annual per capita consumption of electricity in Bihar is–
(A) Lowest✓ (B) second lowest
(C) highest (D) second highest
(E) None of the above

99. The average yield of cotton is highest in India for the State of–
(A) West Bengal (B) Bihar
(C) Assam (D) Andhra Pradesh
(E) None of the above✓

100. The road length per lakh of population in Bihar is–
(A) lowest (B) second lowest✓
(C) highest (D) second highest
(E) None of the above

101. During 10000 BC, the population of the world was–
(A) 2 million (B) 3 million
(C) 4 million (D) 5 million✓
(E) None of the above

102. Cocos Plate lies between–
(A) Central America and Pacific Plate✓ (B) South America and Pacific Plate
(C) Red Sea and Persian Gulf (D) Asiatic Plate and Pacific Plate
(E) None of the above

103. ‘Rust Bowl’ of the USA is associated with which one of the following regions?
(A) Great Lakes region (B) Alabama region✓
(C) California region (D) Pittsburg region
(E) None of the above

104. Which one of the following approaches is associated with Prof. Amartya Sen?
(A) Basic needs Approach (B) Capability Approach✓
(C) Income Approach (D) Welfare Approach
(E) None of the above

105. Which one of the following is known as the ‘Coffee Port’ of the world?
(A) Sao Paulo (B) Santo✓
(C) Rio de Janeiro (D) Buenos Aires
(E) None of the above

106. Which one of the following States has the highest percentage of area under forests?
(A) Himachal Pradesh (B) Assam
(C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Arunachal Pradesh✓
(E) None of the above

107. Which one of the following soils is deposited by rivers?
(A) Red Soil (B) Black Soil
(C) Alluvial Soil✓ (D) Laterite Soil
(E) None of the above

108. What is the share of hydroelectric power in the total electricity produced in India?
(A) 10 per cent (B) 12 per cent
(C) 20 per cent (D) 22 per cent
(E) None of the above✓

109. Which Census year is called ‘Demographic Divide’ in the population study of India?
(A) 1911 (B) 1921✓
(C) 1931 (D) 1941
(E) None of the above

110. The largest number of cotton mills in Tamil Nadu are found in–
(A) Chennai (B) Coimbatore✓
(C) Madurai (D) Salem
(E) None of the above

111. Which one of the following States is the leading producer of rubber in India?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Kerala✓
(C) Karnataka (D) Andhra Pradesh
(E) None of the above

112. National Waterway-1 connects
(A) Kottapuram to Kollam (B) Sadiya to Dhubri
(C) Haldia to Allahabad (D) Haldia to Kolkata✓
(E) None of the above

113. Khetri Belt of Rajasthan State is famous for
(A) Copper mining✓ (B) Gold Mining
(C) Mica mining (D) Iron ore mining
(E) None of the above

114. Which one of the following rivers join the Ganga at Fatuha?
(A) Son (B) Punpun✓
(C) Sakri (D) Balan
(E) None of the above

115. According to Koppen's climatic classification, the climate of North Bihar may be explained as
(A) Cwg✓ (B) Aw
(C) CA’w (D) CB’w
(E) None of the above

116. Which soil is predominantly found in the districts of Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Champaran?
(A) Black soil (B) Newer alluvium✓
(C) Older alluvium (D) Red soil
(E) None of the above

117. The largest jute-producing district of Bihar is–
(A) Siwan (B) Gaya
(C) Vaishali (D) Purnia✓
(E) None of the above

118. Triveni Canal has been constructed on the river–
(A) Kosi (B) Son
(C) Gandak✓ (D) Kamla
(E) None of the above

119. The salvation place of Mahavirji, the originator of Jain religion, is located at–
(A) Maner (B) Rajgir
(C) Pavapuri✓ (D) Jalan Fort
(E) None of the above

120. Kaimur Plateau is famous for–
(A) copper (B) limestone✓
(C) lithium (D) bauxite
(E) None of the above

121. Swami Sahajanand Saraswati published a journal named–
(A) Jankranti (B) Hunkar
(C) Krishak Samachar (D) Vidrohi
(E) None of the above✓

122. Who established a branch of Anushilan Samiti at Patna in 1913?
(A) Rewati Nag (B) Yadunath Sarkar
(C) Sachindra Nath Sanyal✓ (D) Mazharul Haque
(E) None of the above

123. Who organized Kisan Sabha at Munger in 1922-23?
(A) Swami Sahajanand Saraswati (B) Shri Krishna Singh
(C) Mohammed Jubair✓ (D) K.N.Singh
(E) None of the above

124. Bihar Socialist Party was born in 1934 with its Secretary–
(A) Acharya Narendra Dev (B) Jayaprakash Naryan✓
(C) Rambriksh Benipuri (D) Kapoor Thakur
(E) None of the above

125. Who was the member of the Constituent Assembly of India from Bihar?
(A) A.N.Sinha (B) Rajendra Prasad✓
(C) Jagjivan Ram (D) Shyam Nandan Prasad Mishra
(E) None of the above

126. The first Indian Ministry in Bihar in 1937 came into existence under whose leadership?
(A) Shri Krishna Singh (B) Md.Yunu✓
(C) G.S. Lal (D) Wahab Ali
(E) None of the above

127. Whom did Rajendra Prasad consider as the father of Pakistan?
(A) Md. Jinnah✓ (B) Lord Mountbatten
(C) Lord Minto (D) Liaquat Ali Khan
(E) None of the above

128. When was Patna Lawn renamed as Gandhi Maidan?
(A) During Quit India Movement (B) During Anti-Simon Commission Rally
(C) During Champaran Satyagrah✓ (D) On the eve of Independence
(E) None of the above

129. Bombay Presidency Association was established by–
(A) Ferozshah Mehta✓ (B) K.T. Tailang
(C) W.C. Banerjee (D) Tayabjee
(E) None of the above

130. Who established Imperial Commission Corps?
(A) Lord Minto (B) Lord Curzon✓
(C) Lord Lytton (D) Lord Ripon
(E) None of the above

131. The Declaration of Partition of Bengal was done on–
(A) 19th July, 1905✓ (B) 7th August, 1905
(C) 15th August, 1905 (D) 16th October, 1905
(E) None of the above

132. Who was given life punishment for the murder of Colonel Wyllie?
(A) Madan Lal Dhingra✓ (B) Udham Singh
(C) Bhagat Singh (D) Manmathanath
(E) None of the above

133. The post of the Indian High Commission was created by which Act?
(A) The Indian Councils Act, 1909 (B) The Government of India Act, 1919✓
(C) The Government of India Act, 1935 (D) The Indian Independence Act, 1947
(E) None of the above

134. The Indian National Congress did not take part in which of the following Round Table Conferences?
(A) First (B) Second
(C) Third (D) Participated in all
(E) None of the above✓

135. Mahatma Gandhi presided over which Session of the Indian National Congress?
(A) 1922 (B) 1924✓
(C) 1928 (D) 1930
(E) None of the above

136. Who was not a member of the Cabinet Mission?
(A) Pethick – Lawrence (B) Wavell✓
(C) Stafford Cripps (D) A.V. Alexander
(E) None of the above

137. Who wrote the pamphlet ‘However’?
(A) Md. Jinnah (B) Md. Iqbal
(C) Rahmat Ali✓ (D) Khafi Khan
(E) None of the above

138. Who declared ‘Sati’ illegal?
(A) Warren Hastings (B) William Bentinck✓
(C) Cornwallis (D) Curzon
(E) None of the above

139. When was the Punjab Land Alienation Act passed?
(A) 1850 (B) 1895 (C) 1900✓ (D) 1905
(E) None of the above

140. The Department of State was established under whose headship?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi (B) J.L. Nehru
(C) G.B. Pant (D) Sardar Patel✓
(E) None of the above

141. A number when divided by 342 gives a remainder 47. When the same number is divided by 19, what would be the remainder?
(A) 0 (B) 9✓ (C) 18 (D) 8
(E) None of the above

142. A person who spends 66 2/3 % of his income is able to save Rs.1,200 per month. His monthly expenses (in Rs.) are–
(A) 2,400✓ (B) 3,000 (C) 2,000
(D) 3,600 (E) 2,800

143. A man gains 20% by selling an article for a certain price If he sells it at double the price, the percentage of profit will be–
(A) 140✓ (B) 200 (C) 100
(D) 160 (E) 120

144. 10 women can complete a work in 7 days and 10 children take 14 days to complete the work. How many days will 5 women and 10 children taken to complete the work?
(A) 6 (B) 5 (C) 3 (D) 7✓ (E) 4

145. How many numbers between 11 and 90 are divisible by 7?
(A) 10 (B) 9 (C) 13 (D) 12 (E) 11✓

146. A man can row 7.5 Km per hours in still water. If in a river running at 1.5 Km an hour, it takes him 50 minutes to row to a place and back, how far off is the place?
(A) 3 Km✓ (B) 4 Km (C) 2 Km
(D) 5 Km (E) 7 Km

147. A sum of money invested at compound interest amounts to Rs 4624 in 2 years and to Rs 4913 in 3 years. The sum of money is
(A) Rs 4240 (B) Rs 4280 (C) Rs 4096✓
(D) Rs 4346 (E) Rs 4406

148. A man buys Rs 20 shared paying 9% dividend. The man wants to have an interest of 12% on his money. The market value of each share is
(A) Rs 18 (B) Rs 15✓ (C) Rs 21
(D) Rs 25 (E) Rs 20

149. The following pie chart shows the spending of the country on various sports during the particular year. Study the chart carefully and answer the question (Note: Refer your question paper for chart)
How much pepper cents is spent on football than that of cricket?
(A) 35.5 (B) 29 (C) 32.5
(D) 31 (E) 33.33✓

150. A invested Rs 76,000 in a business. After few months, B joined him with Rs 57, 000. At the end of the year, the total profit was divided between them in the ratio 2:1, After how many months did B join?
(A) 6 (B) 4✓ (C) 3 (D) 8 (E) 5

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