Commerce Questions with Answers (700 Objective Questions)

Commerce Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with PDF : Commerce MCQ questions give a wide range of accounting, economics, taxation and other basic questions and answers related to the commerce topic with a simple and logical explanation.

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Commerce Questions with Answers 
1. Who is Father of Scientific Management ?
(A) Henry Fayol (B) Elton Mayo (C) Chester Bernard (D) F. W. Taylor
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2. Appointment of a Company Secretary is made by–
(A) Promoters (B) Board of Directors (C) Debenture holders (D) Government
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3. Bonus Shares are issued to–
(A) Equity Shareholders (B) Preference Shareholders (C) Debenture Holders (D) Secured Creditors
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4. Liability of a Company Secretary is–
(A) Contractual only (B) Statutory only (C) Civil only (D) Both contractual and statutory
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5. The Life Insurance in India was nationalised in the year–
(A) 1870 (B) 1956 (C) 1960 (D) 1966
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6. Memorandum of Association contains–
(A) Objective clause (B) Name clause (C) Capital clause (D) All of the above
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7. Which is the oldest form of organisation ?
(A) Line (B) Line and staff (C) Functional (D) Matrix
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8. In ‘Direction’ who is given importance ?
(A) To machines (B) To paper work (C) To man (D) To production
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9. Standard costing is a technique of–
(A) Planning (B) Organising (C) Coordination (D) Control
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10. How is profit prior to incorporation treated as ?
(A) Revenue reserve (B) Secret reserve (C) Capital reserve (D) General reserve
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