100+ Physical Education Objective Type Question and Answer

physical education question answer

Under the important questions of Physical Education a set of 50 questions with solution is given below.

1. Which organ of the Alimentary canal is known as 'Graveyard of Red Blood Cells' ?
(A) Liver (B) Pancreas
(C) Spleen (D) Duodenum (Ans : A)

2. The longest muscle in the body is–
(A) Deltoid (B) Iliopsoas
(C) Pectoralis Major (D) Sartorius(Ans : D)

3. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
(A) Mass (B) Weight
(C) Velocity (D) Gravity (Ans : A)

4. White muscle fibers are better adopted to perform–
(A) Slow contraction (B) Fast contraction
(C) Medium contraction (D) No contraction (Ans : A)

5. In a cardiac cycle what is the ratio of ventricle systole and ventricle diastole?
(A) 0.1 sec/0.7 sec (B) 0.2 sec/0.6 sec
(C) 0.3 sec/0.5 sec (D) 0.4 sec/0.4 sec (Ans : C)

6. Which one of the following is not considered as an organisation?
(A) Clubs (B) Schools
(C) Associations (D) Society (Ans : A)

7. The camp crafts involve–
(A) Motor skills (B) Racial skills
(C) Mental skills (D) Mechanical skills (Ans : C)

8. Which one of the following is not connected with the concept of motivation?
(A) Drive (B) Sympathy |
(C) Need (D) Motive (Ans : A)

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9. The another name for percussion manipulation is–
(A) Petrissage (B) Kneeding
(C) Pressure (D) Tapotment (Ans : D)

10. Trypsin helps in the digestion of–
(A) Vitamins (B) Fats
(C) Protein (D) Carbohydrates (Ans : C)

11. For effective administration, the physical education teacher must possess–
(A) High qualification (B) Good personality
(C) Technical Knowledge and skills (D) Teaching ability (Ans : C)

12. Adrenalin, which is an excitatary hormone is secreted by–
(A) Pancreas (B) Gonads
(C) Thyroid (D) Suprarenal glands (Ans : A)

13. The degree of uniformity with which various tester score the same test is found through–
(A) Validity (B) Objectivity
(C) Reliability (D) Norms (Ans : D)

14. The National Malaria Eradicating Programme was launched in India in the year–
(A) 1973 (B) 1963
(C) 1953 (D) 1951 (Ans : C)

15. Structural and functional unit of kidney is–
(A) Nephron (B) Neuron
(C) Mitochondria (D) Epidermis (Ans : A)

16. The most suitable class formation for teaching shotput is a–
(A) Circle (B) Triangle
(C) Semicircle (D) Square (Ans : C)

17. Top spin causes–
(A) Higher rebound (B) Lower rebound
(C) Rebound to the left (D) Rebound to the right (Ans : B)

18. 'ATLAS OF MAN' which describes the body types was written by–
(A) Heath (B) Carter
(C) Kretchmer (D) Sheldon (Ans : D)

19. Upto the age of Puberty the sex hormones are secreted by–
(A) Pituitary gland (B) Adrenal gland
(C) Testes (D) Ovaries (Ans : A)

20. Dynamometer is used to measure–
(A) Flexibility (B) Agility
(C) Strength (D) Speed (Ans : C)

21. Bhartiyam' was conducted to promote–
(A) Indigenous games (B) Dands and Baithaks
(C) Free hand exercises (D) Mass rhythmic activities (Ans : D)

22. The knot used to tie a bandage is known as–
(A) Clove hitch (B) Granny knot
(C) Half hitch (D) Reef knot (Ans : D)

23. Organisation means 'Planning the work' and administration means–
(A) Controlling (B) Processing information
(C) Decision-making (D) Working the plan (Ans : A)

24. Which country is said to be the pioneer in starting the Recreation movement in the world?
(A) USA (B) England
(C) China (D) Germany (Ans : A)

25. Which deficiency in the blood causes inflammation in body parts?
(A) White Blood Cells (B) Red Blood Cells
(C) Platelets (D) Antibodies (Ans : B)

26. Action Research in Physical Education is concerned with–
(A) Immediate class-room problems (B) Experimental studies
(C) Correlation studies (D) Descriptive studies (Ans : A)

27. A test is considered to be reliable if it has–
(A) Comparability (B) Continuity
(C) Commonality (D) Consistancy (Ans : D)

28. Standard Deviation represents spread of scores around–
(A) Mode (B) Medium
(C) Mean (D) Range (Ans : C)

29. Of the given, which protein filament is 50 to 55% in the muscle?
(A) Actin (B) Myosin
(C) Tropomyosin (D) Actomyosin (Ans : B)

30. Which of the endocrine gland disappears or is reduced to a very small size after maturity?
(A) Gonads (B) Pituitary
(C) Thymus (D) Thyroid (Ans : C)

31. All reflex activities are controlled by–
(A) Pons (B) Spinal cord
(C) Cerebellum (D) Cerebrum (Ans : B)

32. Who considered Psychology as the "Science of activities for an individual in relation to his environment" ?
(A) Woodworth (B) William James
(C) Watson (D) Robert Singer (Ans : A)

33. Posture is an index of–
(A) Personality (B) Health
(C) Character (D) Fitness (Ans : A)

34. Goniometer is an equipment which is used to measure–
(A) Strength of Muscle (B) Angle of Joint
(C) Blood Glucose level (D) Blood Lactate (Ans : B)

35. Profuse sweating, during strenuous physical activity causes the loss of–
(A) Sodium chloride (B) Potassium
(C) Calcium (D) Glycogen (Ans : A)

36. In which Olympic did women participate for the first time?
(A) 1896 Athens (B) 1900 Paris
(C) 1920 Antwerp (D) 1928 Amsterdam (Ans : B)

37. The earliest person known to have invented the system of body classification was–
(A) Sheldon (B) Kretchmer
(C) Hall (D) Hippocrates (Ans : A)

38. Pre-school children learn things by–
(A) Imitation (B) Practice
(C) Watching T.V. (D) Repetition (Ans : A)

39. The two great dangers of wounds are–
(A) Bleeding and infection (B) Pain and swelling
(C) Shock and shivering (D) Burnign and loss of tissue (Ans : A)

40. In the school setting the major channel of publicity for the physical education programmes is–
(A) Teachers (B) Students
(C) Advertisement (D) Intramurals (Ans : D)

41. Who said 'Recreation is not a matter of motions but emotions' ?
(A) Joseph Lee (B) Ramney
(C) John Dewey (D) John Hizinga (Ans : B)

42. The functional efficiency of a muscle depends upon its–
(A) Nerve stimulation (B) Girth
(C) Fibre quality (D) Tonus (Ans : C)

43. If the mean of five scores is 25 and standard deviation is 0, what will be the value of fifth score?
(A) 22 (B) 23
(C) 24 (D) 25 (Ans : D)

44. Which of the following conditions is not a cause for the occurrence of plateau in learning?
(A) Fatigue (B) Monotony
(C) Distraction (D) Physiological limit (Ans : D)

45. From the view point of Sociology, which of the following factors is the most important one in the development of human personality ?
(A) Money (B) Art
(C) Literature (D) Culture (Ans : D)

46. The most important consideration in selecting the Sports equip-mentis–
(A) Price (B) Source
(C) Utility (D) Quality (Ans : D)

47. Hypothalamus is associated with the control of–
(A) Motor actions (B) Thinking
(C) Glands (D) Emotions (Ans : C)

48. Which of the following game was developed from 'The English Rounders' by Abner Daubleday in New York in 1839 ?
(A) Basketball (B) Volleyball
(C) Netball (D) Baseball (Ans : D)

49. Cognitive process is concerned with–
(A) Knowing Experience (B) Feeling Experience
(C) Striving Experience (D) Thinking Experience (Ans : A)

50. From the viewpoint of Psychology, 'Sympathy' is–
(A) An instinct (B) An emotion
(C) A general innate tendency (D) A reflex action (Ans : A)