100+ Physical Education Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answer

Physical Education Question

Physical Education MCQ - Here we are presenting the most important physical education questions for competitive examinations and interviews for TGT, PGT, UGC etc. to be held in the year 2020. All the questions are being given as a single line for easy memorization and making notes. So that you can easily succeed in the upcoming exams.

Physical Education a set of 50 questions with solution is given below.

51. Sigmund Freud is known to be the Father of the–
(A) Theory of Motivation (B) Theory of Psychoanalysis
(C) Theory of connectionism (D) Theory of parallelism (Ans : B)

52. The number of bones in the Cranium is–
(A) 4 (B) 6 (C) 8 (D) 10 (Ans : C)

53. Ball and Socket types of Joint is–
(A) Fixed joint (B) Uniaxial joint (C) Bi - axial joint (D) Tri-axial joint (Ans : D)
54. During exercise, the Cardiac Minute Volume in the average man may rise from four (4) litres to–
(A) 10 litres (B) 15 litres (C) 20 litres (D) 25 litres (Ans : B)

55. Increase in muscle mass due to heavy weight training is called–
(A) Muscular Hypotrophy (B) Muscular Hypertrophy (C) Muscular Atrophy (D) Haematoma (Ans : B)

56. The richest source of protein is–
(A) Pulses (B) Groundnut (C) Soya bean (D) Egg (Ans : C)

57. Who amongst the following are found to be most agile?
(A) High Jumper Athlete (B) Gymnasts (C) Swimmers (D) Divers (Ans : B)

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58. Which of the following systems of the body is the focal point in movement?
(A) Circulatory system (B) Nervous system (C) Respiratory system (D) Muscular system (Ans : D)

59. Which of the following are considered as the Social Inheritance of Man?
(A) Traditions (B) Habits (C) Conditional reflexes (D) Religious practices (Ans : C)

60. Which one of the following concepts reflects the true nature of Modem Physical Education?
(A) Physical training (B) Science of Movement (C) Movement Education (D) Athleticism (Ans : A)

61. How many major Salivary glands are there in the human body?
(A) Two (B) Four (C) Six (D) Eight (Ans : C)

62. Administration and organization of Physical Education should be based on the principles of–
(A) Activity (B) Bio-mechanics (C) Humanity (D) Teaching (Ans : D)

63. In comparison to the Greeks, the Romans were more–
(A) Authoritarian (B) Utilitarian (C) Democratic (D) Aristocratic (Ans : B)

64. Which artery carries the supply of blood towards heart?
(A) Carotid artery (B) Coronary artery (C) Pulmonary artery (D) Radial artery (Ans : C)

65. Scoliosis is a postural deformity related with–
(A) foot (B) leg (C) vertebral column (D) hand (Ans : C)

66. The Law of acceleration is also known as–
(A) Law of inertia (B) Law of action and reaction (C) Law of momentum (D) Boyle's law (Ans : C)

67. Which of the following factors is considered to be most important in the construction of an indoor gymnasium ?
(A) Direction (B) Light (C) Ventilation (D) Floor (Ans : C)

68. Ultra Microscopic viruses are the main cause of–
(A) Malaria (B) Measles (C) Mumps (D) Cholera (Ans : C)

69. Sphygmomanometer is used to measure–
(A) Blood Haemoglobin (B) Blood Cholesterol (C) Blood Pressure (D) Blood Volume (Ans : C)

70. Which of the following is a two Joint muscle?
(A) Bicep brachii (B) Deltoid (C) Iliopsoas (D) Sartorius (Ans : D)

71. Harvard step test is a test for measuring–
(A) Leg strength (B) Cardio vascular endurance (C) Agility (D) Speed of movement (Ans : B)

72. The back thigh muscles are also known as–
(A) Hamstring (B) Gluteal (C) Gastro enemius (D) Quadricep (Ans : A)

73. The blood vessel which brings blood to the heart from the lower part of the body is known as–
(A) Inferior vena cava (B) Superior vena cava (C) Pulmonary vein (D) Pulmonary artery (Ans : A)

74. Which of the following activities measures dynamic strength ?
(A) Vertical Jump (B) Short distance run (C) Forward Roll (D) Rope climbing (Ans : D)

75. First step of Budget preparation is–
(A) To search income (B) Estimate Expenditure (C) Planning (D) Facilities and personnel (Ans : C)

76. The literal meaning of the word Philosophy is–
(A) Love of criticism (B) Love of wisdom (C) Love of knowledge (D) Love of God (Ans : B)

77. Resolution of National Sports Policy was laid in both Houses of the Indian Parliament on–
(A) November 19,1982 (B) August 21, 1984 (C) May 1, 1987 (D) June 20, 1991 (Ans : B)

78. Physical activity is basically a–
(A) Social attribute (B) Psychological tendency
(C) Biological necessity (D) Philosophical concept (Ans : C)

79. According to the German Concept of Physical Education, the Mother of all Games and Sports is–
(A) Swimming (B) Gymnastic (C) Athletics (D) Combatives (Ans : B)

80. In the technical terms, muscle pull is known as–
(A) Sprain (B) Strain (C) Abrasion (D) Contusion (Ans : B)

81. The 50th percentile is also known as–
(A) Mean (B) Median (C) Mode (D) Standard Deviation (Ans : A)

82. The total number of officials required for a kho-kho match is–
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7 (Ans : C)

83. Schiller and Spancer are associated with one of the following theories of play–
(A) Anticipation (B) Surplus energy (C) Recapitulation (D) Recreation (Ans : C)

84. One of the following is an excellent example of Condyloid Joint–
(A) Shoulder Joint (B) Hip Joint (C) Wrist Joint (D) Neck Joint (Ans : C)

85. In which activity Lactic acid system activated?
(A) 100 mts (B) 400 mts (C) 10,000 mts (D) 20 km walk (Ans : A)

86. In the Childhood, individual's behaviour is mostly influenced by–
(A) Community (B) School (C) Peer Group (D) Family (Ans : D)

87. One deformity may lead to the development of another, knock knees may be caused as a result of–
(A) Flat foot (B) Bow Legs (C) Genu Legs (D) Scoliosis (Ans : B)

88. Which is not a Primary Motive?
(A) Affection (B) Hunger (C) Sex (D) Love (Ans : C)

89. Which is the smallet bone in the human body?
(A) Pisiform (B) Scaphoid (C) Stapes (D) Malleus (Ans : C)

90. The most important factor in the organisation of recreation is–
(A) Materials (B) Leadership (C) Facilities (D) Planning (Ans : C)

91. The amount of blood pumped by heart in one beat is called–
(A) Tidal volume (B) Stroke volume (C) Blood volume (D) Residual volume (Ans : B)

92. Who is said to be the Father of Philosophy of Idealism?
(A) Plato (B) Socrates (C) Aristotle (D) Galan (Ans : B)

93. A Physical Education Teacher now-a-days is essentially–
(A) An Instructor (B) A Movement Educator (C) A Drill Master (D) All of the above (Ans : D)

94. Which of the following terms denotes the 'Toughening of body' as its major objectives?
(A) Physical culture (B) Play (C) Drill (D) Physical training (Ans : D)

95. The Instrument to measure height is called–
(A) Vernier caliper (B) Dynamometer (C) Stadiometer (D) Goniometer (Ans : C)

96. Supination and Pronation are the movements of–
(A) Tibia – Febula Joint (B) Carpal – Metacarpal Joints
(C) Radio – Ulnar Joint (D) Tarcel – Metatarcel Joint (Ans : B)

97. Geographical and climatic conditions should be considered when planning–
(A) Indoor activities (B) Outdoor activities (C) Child activities (D) Old people activities (Ans : B)

98. The duration of Russel-Launge Volleyball test is–
(A) 15 sec (B) 30 sec (C) 45 see (D) 60 see (Ans : C)

99. Recreation Movement in India was started by–
(A) De Mellow (B) G. D. Sondhi (C) H. C. Buck (D) Vaidya P.R. (Ans : B)

100. The name of valve between left atrium and left ventricle is–
(A) Tricuspid valve (B) Aortic valve (C) Pulmonary valve (D) Mitral valve (Ans : D)