Top 20 Inspirational Quotes by Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare
(Born. 1937) : Kisan Baburao Hazare (Full Name) resident of village Relegan Siddhi, distt. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra is a social activist and leader of various movements to uphold rural development, government transparency, fight against corruption. In April 2011 was in prominence to promote Jan Lokpal Bill, led through fast a nation-wide protest, that led to government issuing a gazzatte notification of formation of joint committee consisting of civil society representatives and government to draft a legislation.

In so many competitive examinations, the quotes related  questions of great persons are being asked frequently. Having this in the mind, here the collection of 20 quotes from the quotations of Anna Hazare is given below.

1. I have lost 5 and a half kg, nothing big, I am fine.
2. I have lost three kgs but I am getting energy from my supporters across the country.
3. Lakhs of people sacrificed their lives for freedom but due to selfishness of some people we have not got the right freedom.
4. This government doesn’t have the will to setup an effective Lokpal.
5. Those who live for themselves die, those who die for the society live.
6. When government refused to take the Jan Lokpal Bill we went to people’s Parliament and now we will not move.
7. I feel a little weak. But there is nothing to worry about it. The fight will go on till we get a strong Lokpal.

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8. My demands will not change. You can cut off my head but not force me to bow down.
9. The countrymen should not lose this spirit, this is our fight against corruption.
10. The government’s money is the people’s money. Make effective policies for the benefit of the people.
11. I am worried what will happen to a country that is governed by some who are insensitive. But we can change them by Jan Shakti.
12. After Lokpal, we will also have to fight for farmers’ rights, bring a law that ensures permission of gram sabhas before land acquisition.
13. The same loot, same corruption, same rowdyism still exists.
14. Khazane ko choro se nahin pehredaro se dokha hain. Is desh ko sirf dushmano se nahin, in gaddaro se dhokha hai. Yeh gaddar baithe hain.
15. The treasuries are not threatened by thieves but by those who guard it. The country is not betrayed by enemies but by these traitors.
16. Is this democracy? All have come together to make money.
17. Request the people of my country to continue this kranti. People should continue to fight even if I am not there.
18. The country did not get actual freedom even after 64 years of independence and the only change was that the whites have been replaced by the blacks.
19. Yesterday my Blood Pressure was down, but today it is back in control because the strength of the nation is behind me.
20. I’m not saying all corruption will end, but at least it will reduce by 40-50 percent… the poor will benefit. (on Lokpal Bill.)