IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Social Science Solved Question Paper

IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Exam of the year 2015 held on dated 20 September, 2015. We are giving 20 questions of Social Science of this exam with answers

IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Exam., 2015 Social Science Solved Question Paper 

121. Entry for normal loss is recorded in the–
(A) Balance Sheet (B) Profit and Loss Account (C) Trading Account (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

122. New capital issue is placed in the–
(A) Secondary Market (B) Primary Market (C) Black Market (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

123. Which Article of the Constitution provides the Parliament the power to amend the Constitution ?
(A) 376 (B) 370 (C) 368 (D) 390 (Ans : C)

124. Who is generally acknowledged as the pioneer of Local Self-Government in modem India ?
(A) Rippon (B) Mayo (C) Lytton (D) Curzon (Ans : A)

125. Where was the Arya Samaj set up for the first time in 1875 ?
(A) Amritsar (B) Lahore (C) Bombay (D) Delhi (Ans : C)

126. Alauddin Khilji captured the Delhi throne after securing fabulous wealth from–
(A) Chanderi (B) Gujarat (C) Devagiri (D) Madurai (Ans : C)

127. The tropical grassland is called–
(A) Pampass (B) Llanos (C) Savannah (D) None of these (Ans : C)

128. Which is the largest river system of the Peninsular region?
(A) Godavari (B) Kaveri (C) Narmada (D) Mahanadi (Ans : C)

129. Buland Darwaza is associated with–
(A) Shershah (B) Babur (C) Akbar (D) Jahangir (Ans : C)

130. Malik Kafur was the General of which Sultan?
(A) Balban (B) Alauddin Khilji(C) Mohammad Bin Tughlaq (D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq (Ans : B)

131. The Indian sub-continent was originally a part of–
(A) Jurassicland (B) Angaraland (C) Aryavarta (D) Gondwanaland (Ans : D)

132. Suez National Canal links up Mediterranean Sea with the–
(A) Atlantic Ocean (B) Pacific Ocean (C) North Sea (D) Red Sea (Ans : D)

133. Karl Marx's book Das Kapital was published in–
(A) 1857 (B) 1862 (C) 1867 (D) 1872 (Ans : C)

134. Who propounded the market law?
(A) Adam Smith (B) J. B. Say (C) T. R. Malthus (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

135. The Doctrine of Lapse owed its origin to–
(A) Lord William Bentinck (B) Lord Dalhousie (C) Lord Rippon (D) Lord Curzon (Ans : B)

136. In Economics, the terms 'Utility' and 'Usefulness' have–
(A) Same meaning (B) Different meaning (C) Opposite meaning (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

137. Who among the following was the first female Governor of a State in free India?
(A) Mrs. Sarojini Naidu (B) Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani (C) Mrs. Indira Gandhi (D) Mrs. Vijaya Laxmi Pandit (Ans : A)

138. Which one of the following represents the lines joining the places of equal rainfall ?
(A) Isohypes (B) Isohalines (C) Isobars (D) Isohyets (Ans : D)

139. In Faizabad, the Revolt of 1857 was led by–
(A) Ahmadullah (B) Bakht Khan (C) Khan Bahadur Khan (D) Nana Saheb (Ans : A)

140. The relationship between the 'value of money' and the 'price lever in an economy is–
(A) Direct (B) Inverse (C) Proportional (D) Stable (Ans : B)

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