Uttarakhand PSC General Studies Solved Question Paper

Uttarakhand P.C.S. (Pre.) EXAM., 2012 (Held on 30-11-2014)
General Studies (Paper-I) Solved Paper 

( See Question No. 1- 50 )
51. Who among the following has been the first African U.N. Secretary General?
(A) Ban Ki Moon (B) Javier Perez De Cuellar
(C) Boutros-Boutros Ghali (D) U-Thant (Ans : C)

52. Which one of the following surface to air missiles was success-fully testfired in May 2014 from Chandipur (Odisha) ?
(A) Prithavi (B) Aakash (C) Trishul (D) Brahmos (Ans : B)

53. What is the name of the new museum that was inaugurated in the Rashtrapati Bhawan on July 25, 2014 ?
(A) Glimpses of History (B) Toshakhana (C) The Stables (D) Indradhanush (Ans : C)

54. Who among the following won the Asian Billiard Championship in June 2014 ?
(A) Alok Kumar (B) B. Bhaskar (C) Dhruv Sitwala (D) Saurav Kothari (Ans : D)

55. Which of the following has won gold medal of Wimbledon Under-19 Gold-tournament of 2014 ?
(A) Unmukta Chand (B) Leander Paes (C) Lakshya Sen (D) Saina Nehwal (Ans : C)

56. Which of the following state / states will be benefitted by the proposed ‘Kishau Dam’ Project?
(A) Haryana (B) Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh
(C) Jammu-Kashmir (D) Assam (Ans : B)

57. Who has been appointed the new National Security Advisor of India?
(A) Dalbir Singh (B) Amit Shah (C) K. P. S. Menon (D) Ajit Kumar Doval (Ans : D)

58. Who was the Chief Guest at the Republic Day parade 2014 of India?
(A) Nawaz Sharif (B) Shinzo Abe (C) Hu Jinto (D) Sheikh Hasina (Ans : B)

59. Who is India’s women Parliamentarian to win election for the eight consecutive times from the same Lok Sabha Constituency?
(A) Sushma Swaraj (B) Sumitra Mahajan (C) Maneka Gandhi (D) Savitri Jindal (Ans : B)

60. Who is the author of the book "Out of Print – Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age" ?
(A) Professor George Brock (B) Rabbin Jafferey (C) Nic Newman (D) Mark Tully (Ans : A)

61. Who has been appointed as the ‘Horticulture Ambassador of Maharashtra’ ?
(A) Akshay Kumar (B) Ranbir Kapoor (C) Ranveer Singh (D) Amitabh Bachchan (Ans : D)

62. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Report of July 2014 which one of the following countries has effectively reduced its stockpile of enriched Uranium ?
(A) North Korea (B) Iran (C) Iraq (D) Libya (Ans : B)

63. Who was nominated as ‘Good Will Ambassador’ by ‘U.N. Women’ - a forum of the United Nations, for its ‘He for She’ campaign in July 2014 ?
(A) J. K. Rowling (B) Julia Roberts (C) Maria Sharapova (D) Emma Watson (Ans : D)

64. Which of the following won the first medal for India at the 17th Asian Games organised in South Korea?
(A) Shweta Choudhari (B) P. Kashyap (C) Sanjita Chanu (D) Deepika Kumari (Ans : A)

65. According to Fortaleza Declaration (Brazil 2014) of Sixth BRICS Summit what is the initial subsidized capital to be equally shared among founding members to establish new development bank and for addressing infra- structure gaps and sustainable development needs?
(A) 200 billion U.S. dollars (B) 150 billion U.S. dollars (C) 100 billion U.S. dollars (D) 50 billion U.S. dollars (Ans : C)

66. Which one of the following organizations has officially declared India as a Polio free country in March 2014 ?
(A) W.H.O. (B) U.N.O. (C) Red Cross Society (D) None of these (Ans : A)

67. Which of the following is presently the Chairperson of Rashtriya Mahila Ayog ?
(A) Lalitha Kumaramangalam (B) Girija Vyas (C) Mamta Sharma (D) Nazma Heptullah (Ans : A)

68. The famous Nanda Rajjat of Uttarakhand took place during which period in 2014?
(A) From 4 August to 6th September (B) From 16 August to 16th September
(C) From 18 August to 6th September (D) From 21 August to 10th September (Ans : C)

69. Who was known as ‘Nakati Rani’ in the history of Garhwal ?
(A) Guleria Rani (B) Kamavati Rani (C) Nepalia Rani (D) Kamlendumati Rani (Ans : B)

70. Garhwal Sarvadalita Board was constituted in 1928 A.D. by–
(A) Mohan Singh Mehta (B) Badri Dutt Pande (C) Jayananda Bharti (D) Hargovind Pant (Ans : C)

71. ‘Praja Mandal’ was established at Dehradun with the objective–
(A) To get freedom from British rule (B) To get freedom from Gurkha rule
(C) To organize people for social reforms (D) To free the people from misrule of Tehri-Rajya (Ans : D)

72. Read the statements (A) and (B) and choose the correct answer from the codes given below–
(a) The sixth century B.C. was a period of great religious upheaval in all parts of the world.
(b) The Vedic religion had become very complex.
(A) Both (a) and (b) are false. (B) Both (a) and (b) are true.
(C) (a) is true, while (b) is false. (D) (a) is false, while (b) is true. (Ans : B)

73. The earliest known epigraphic evidence of Bhagvatism is–
(A) Prayag Prashasti of Samudra Gupta (B) Nasik inscription of Gautami Balshri
(C) Garuda column at Besnagar (D) Ayodhya inscription of Dhanadeva (Ans : C)

74. Buddhist text ‘Milindapanho’ throws light on which Indo- Greek ruler?
(A) Diodorus II (B) Demetrius (C) Minender (D) Strato I (Ans : C)

75. In which Vedic text the term ‘Varna’ is found referred for the first time?
(A) Rigveda (B) Atharvaveda (C) Samveda (D) Yajurveda (Ans : A)

76. There were different causes for the downfall of the Gupta empire. Which one was not the cause among the statements given below?
(A) Huna invasion (B) Feudal set-up of administration
(C) Acceptance of Buddhism by the later Guptas (D) Arab invasion (Ans : D)

77. Almora coins bear the names–
(A) Sivapala, Sivapalita and Haripal (B) Sivapalita, Siva and Hari
(C) Sivadatta, Sivapalita and Haridatta (D) Sivadatta, Sivapalita and Hari (Ans : C)

78. Tick out the correctly matched option out of the following combination of king and his capital–
(A) Somchand – Raj Bunga (B) Kankapal – Devalgarh
(C) Ajaypal – Tehri (D) Man Singh – Chand pur garh
(Ans : A)

79. Match the following monuments with their concerned ruler and select the correct code given below–
(a) Double dome (b) Octagonal tomb (c) True arch tomb (d) Gol Gumbad
1. Sher Shah 2. Muhammad Adil Shah 3. Balban 4. Sikandar Lodi
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 4 3 1 2
(B) 4 1 3 2
(C) 1 3 4 2
(D) 2 3 1 4 (Ans : B)

80. Which monument is not at Fatehpur Sikri?
(A) Golden Palace (B) Panch Mahal (C) Jodha Bai Palace (D) Akbari Mahal (Ans : D)

81. Which one of the following Ashrams related to Mahatma Gandhi, is the oldest?
(A) Sabarmati (B) Phoenix (C) Wardha (D) Sadaqat (Ans : B)

82. The first Chief Justice of Supreme Court established by the East India Company was-
(A) Elijah Impey (B) Courtney Ilbert (C) Phillip Francis (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

83. Who was the author of ‘Neel-Darpan’ ?
(A) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (B) Bankim Chandra Chatterji
(C) Nabagopal Mitra (D) Dinabandhu Mitra (Ans : D)

84. Azimullah Khan was an advisor to–
(A) Nana Saheb (B) Tantya Tope (C) Rani Laxmi Bai (D) Kunwar Singh (Ans : A)

85. Who established ‘Satya Sodhak Samaj’ ?
(A) B.R. Ambedkar (B) Santram (C) Jotiba Phule (D) Bhaskar Rao Jadhav (Ans : C)

86. Muzaffar Ahmad, S.A. Dange, Shaukat Usmani and Nalini Gupta were jailed for which conspiracy ?
(A) Kakori train heist (B) Chittagong Armoury raid (C) Meerut conspiracy case (D) Kanpur Bolshevik conspiracy case (Ans : D)

87. The longest glacier in Uttara-khand is–
(A) Pindari Glacier (B) Chorabari Glacier (C) Yamunotri Glacier (D) Gangotri Glacier (Ans : D)

88. The earliest reference of ‘Magnetic Compass’ is found in–
(A) Miftahul Fuzala (B) Chachnama (C) Ranazatu’s Safar (D) Jawamiul Hikayat (Ans : D)

89. After the downfall of the Delhi Sultanate, who was the first ruler to issue the gold coin?
(A) Akbar (B) Humayun (C) Shahjahan (D) Sher Shah (Ans : A)

90. In which of the following river’s confluence is Gobindghat located?
(A) Alaknanda and Bhagirathi (B) Alaknanda and Khirongad
(C) Alaknanda and Laxman Ganga (Bhyundar Gad) (D) Alaknanda and Dhauli Ganga
(Ans : C)

91. Which of the following is a bio-sphere reserve in Uttarakhand ?
(A) Gobind (B) Corbett
(C) Rajaji (D) Nanda Devi (Ans : D)

92. Which one is the most extensive part of the oceanic floor?
(A) Ocean Deeps (B) Continental Slope
(C) Continental Shelves (D) Deep Sea Plains (Ans : D)

93. Grenada is located in–
(A) Pacific Ocean (B) Indian Ocean (C) Caribbean Sea (D) Mediterranean Sea (Ans : C)

94. A telegram was sent from Greenwich at 12.00 Noon. The time for transmission was 12 minutes. It reached a town at 6.00 p.m. The longitude of the town will be–
(A) 97° E (B) 87° E (C) 87° W (D) 97° W (Ans : B)

95. Which one of the following is not a member of ‘BRICS’ ?
(A) India (B) China (C) Saudi Arabia (D) Brazil (Ans : C)

96. Which one of the following is not associated to the ‘group’ ?
(A) Gneiss (B) Sandstone (C) Limestone (D) Shale (Ans : A)

97. The state having highest literacy rate as per 2011 Census is–
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Manipur (C) Rajasthan (D) Mizoram (Ans : D)

98. Which of the following is not properly matched?
Biosphere Reserve State
(A) Similipal – Odisha
(B) Nokrek – Meghalaya
(C) Agasthya malai – Kerala
(D) Kanchen junga – Himachal Pradesh (Ans : D)

99. According to 2011 Census, which of the following districts of Uttarakhand had negative population growth-rate?
(A) Pithoragarh (B) Almora (C) Rudraprayag (D) Uttarkashi (Ans : B)

100. Which are called ‘Duns’ in Uttarakhand ?
(A) Structural valleys (B) River valleys (C) Alpine grasslands (D) Narrow valleys (Ans : A)

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