Most Important Ancient Indian History Objective Questions and Answers

Ancient India topic is very important for all competitive exams. In upcoming exams 2019 such as UPSC, PSC, IAS, IBPS, SSC, NDA, CDS and other examinations, often questions are asked on Ancient India. Therefore it is very necessary to understand and prepare this subject. Important 100 questions related to the history of Ancient India, which is frequently asked in the examinations. They have been collected here. Through all these studies you can make 5 numbers in a History paper.

1. Mahabalipuram is an important city that reveals the interest of arts of : [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999]
(A) Pallavas ✔ (B) Chalas
(C) Pandyas (D) Chalukyas

2. Where is the Lingaraja Temple located? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2000]
(A) Madurai (B) Tiruchendur
(C) Bhubaneswar ✔ (D) Ujjain

3. Ramcharitmanas is an epic poem written in which language?
(A) Santali (B) Munda
(C) Awadhi ✔ (D) Sanskrit

4. Oil paint was first used for Buddhist paintings by Indian and Chinese painters in western …………… sometime between the fifth and tenth centuries.
(A) Iraq (B) Afghanistan
(C) Pakistan (D) India

5. Who wrote ‘Nyaya Sutra’? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Vyasa (B) Gautam
(C) Kapila (D) Charaka

6. Which queen of the Kakatiya dynasty ruled over Warangal, part of modern Andhra Pradesh? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Rudramadevi ✔ (B) Ahilyadevi
(C) Bhagwati (D) Bhanumati

7. Who composed the Allahabad Pillar inscription? [SSC CHSL 2015]
(A) Harisena ✔ (B) Mahasena
(C) Veerasena (D) Vishnusena

8. What was Hampi known for? [SSC MTS 2017]
(A) It was the capital of Golconda (B) It had the largest stable in medieval India
(C) It had the translation of the Indian epics to Persian (D) It was the capital of Vijayanagar

9. Which of the following Vedas is not a part of Vedatrayi? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Rig Veda (B) Yajur Veda
(C) Sama Veda (D) Atharva Veda

10. Magical charms and spells are given in which of the following Vedas? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Rig Veda (B) Sarna Veda
(C) Yajurveda Veda (D) Atharva Veda

11. The paintings of Ajanta depict the stories of : [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999]
(A) Ramayana (B) Mahabharata
(C) Jataka ✔ (D) Panchatantra

12. The famous Kailashnath Temple at Kanchi was built by : [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999]
(A) Mahendravarman I (B) Narasimhavarman II
(C) Nandivarman II (D) Dantivarman

13. Who established the four monasteries Sringeri, Badrinath, Dwarka & Puri? [SSC CHSL 2011]
(A) Ramanuj (B) Ashoka
(C) Shankaracharya ✔ (D) Madhav Vidhyaranya

14. Name the Muslim Invader who destroyed Nalanda University? [SSC CGL (T-I) 2011]
(A) Allaudin Khilji (B) Muhammad Bin Tuglaq
(C) Muhammad Bin Bakhtiyar ✔ (D) Muhammad Bin Qasim

15. According to the categories of land mentioned in the Chola inscriptions …………… was known as the land gifted to temples? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Vellanvagai (B) Brahmadeya
(C) Shalabhoga (D) Devadana

16. In which city of India is Dhamek Stupa located? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Pune (B) Delhi
(C) Varanasi ✔ (D) Hyderabad

17. Who built the famous Vaikunta Perumal temple at Kanchipuram? [SSC CHSL 2014]
(A) Narasiman Yerman II (B) Parmeshvara Yerman II
(C) Nandi Yerman II ✔ (D) Aparajita Yerman

18. Who was the author of Telugu Work Amuktamalyada? [SSC Constable (GD) 2015]
(A) Harihara (B) Devaraya
(C) Krishnadevaraya ✔ (D) Bukka

19. In Indus Valley Civilization, Kalibangan is famous for which of the following? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Rock cut architecture (B) Sea port
(C) Cotton cultivation (D) Pottery

20. All souls day is a ……….. festival. [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Buddhism (B) Jainism
(C) Christian ✔ (D) Muslim

21. Which one of the following was the book written by Amoghvarsha the Rashtrakuta King? [SSC CGL 2014]
(A) Adipurana (B) Ganitasara Samgraha
(C) Saktayana (D) Kavirajamarg

22. The land measures of the Second Pandyan Empire was mentioned in : [SSC CG 2014]
(A) Thalavaipuram Copper Plates ✔ (B) Uttirameru Inscription
(C) Kudumiyammalai Inscription (D) Kasadudi Copper Plates

23. What is ‘Patriarchic Society’? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) System that values women more than men (B) System that values men more than women
(C) System that values both men and women equally (C) System that values elders

24. Which of the following civilization is famous for its city/town planning? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Indus Valley Civilization ✔ (B) Mesopotamian Civilization
(C) Persian Civilization (D) Egyptian Civilization

25. The Virupaksha Temple was built by the : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2000]
(A) Chalukyas ✔ (B) Pallavas
(C) Kakatiyas (D) Satavahans

26. Taxila was a famous site of : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Early Vedic art (B) Mauryan art
(C) Gandhara art ✔ (D) Gupta art

27. Odisha’s World famous Konark Sun Temple was built by :
(A) Krishnadev Rai (B) Ashoka
(C) Chandragupta (D) Narasimhadeva

28. Which is representative of Dravida style of temple architecture?
(A) Viman ✔ (B) Shikhara
(C) Mandapa (D) Gopuram

29. Who is the most prominent god of ‘Rig Veda’? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Indra ✔ (B) Agni
(C) Pashupati (D) Vishnu

30. The queen with the title Didda ruled over which part of India between 980 - 1003? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Avadh (B) Kashmir
(C) Sindh (D) Bengal

31. Which one of the following inscriptions related to the Chalukya king, Pulakesin II? [SSC CHSL 2013]
(A) Maski (B) Hathigumpha
(C) Aihole ✔ (D) Nasik

32. Which of the following does not have a Stupa? [SSC CGL 2014]
(A) Ranchi ✔ (B) Sanchi
(C) Barhut (D) Dhamek

33. Where is the Brihadeshwar temple built during the Chola period located? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Mysore (B) Mahabalipuram
(C) Tanjavur ✔ (D) Kanyakumari

34. Who among the following was the first grammarian of the Sanskrit language? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Kalhana (B) Maitreyi
(C) Kalidasa (D) Panini

35. Which Rashtrakuta ruler built the famous Kailash temple of Siva at Ellora? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2000]
(A) Dantidurga (B) Amoghvarsha-I
(C) Krishan-I (D) Vatsraja

36. Which museum houses the largest collection of Kushan sculptures? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2000]
(A) Mathura Museum ✔ (B) Bombay Museum
(C) Madras Museum (D) Delhi Museum

37. Who was the first Indian astronomer to calculate the time taken by earth to orbit the sun?
(A) Aryabhatta (B) Ved Bhatnagara
(C) Bhaskaracharya ✔ (D) Bishu devtamapi

38. …………. comprises the archaeological remains of a monastic and scholastic institution.
(A) Nalanda ✔ (B) Rani ki vav
(C) Hill Forts of Rajasthan (D) Fatehpur Sikri

39. Which emperor wrote the play ‘Nagananda’ in Sanskrit language? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Prabhakara vardhana (B) Harshavardhana
(C) Chandragupta II (D) Bindusara

40. Taxila University was located between which two rivers? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Indus and Jhelum ✔ (B) Jhelum and Ravi
(C) Beas and Indus  (D) Satluj and Indus

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