100+ Important Ancient Indian History Objective Questions and Answers

The topic of Ancient India is very important for all competitive exams. In upcoming competitive examinations such as Civil Services, NDA, CDS and other examinations, often questions are asked on Ancient India. Therefore it is very necessary to understand and prepare this subject. Important 100 questions related to the history of Ancient India, which is frequently asked in the examinations. They have been collected here. Through all these studies you can make 5 numbers in a History paper.

1. Which rulers built the Ellora temples? [SSC CGL 2003]
(A) Chalukya (B) Sunga
(C) Rashtrakuta ✔ (D) Pallava

2. The subject matter of Ajanta Paintings pertains to : [SSC CGL 2003]
(A) Jainism (B) Buddhism
(C) Vaishnavism (D) Shaivism

3. The Religious lessons of ‘Jews’ are called : [SSC CHSL 2014]
(A) Gnome Collection (Sukti Sangraha) (B) Musa Sanhita (Torah)
(C) Tripitaka (D) Tend Alesta

4. Mahabhasya was written by : [SSC FCI 2012]
(A) Gargi (B) Manu
(C) Bana (D) Patanjali

5. Idol of dancing girl (Bronze) is found in which of the following civilzation? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Mesopotamian Civilization (B) Indus Valley Civilization
(C) Persian Civilization (D) Egyptian Civilization

6. Shatughai (Indus Valley Civilization site) is in which country? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) India (B) Pakistan
(C) Afghanistan ✔ (D) Tibet

7. Which inscription mentions about the village administration under the Cholas? [SSC MTS 2013]
(A) Junagarh (B) Uttaramerur
(C) Aihole (D) Nasik

8. How many spokes are there in the Dharma Chakra of the National flag? [SSC MTS 2013]
(A) 22 (B) 18
(C) 24 ✔ (D) 14

9. Which script was used in Ashoka’s inscriptions? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Brahmi ✔ (B) Devanagiri
(C) Gurmukhi (D) Sanskrit

10. During the reign of which dynasty was the Great Wall of China constructed? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Sung (B) Tang
(C) Han (D) China

11. Who established Mahabalipuram? [SSC CGL 2002, SO 2005]
(A) Pallava ✔ (B) Pandya
(C) Chala (D) Chalukya

12. Gandhara school of art came into existence in : [SSC CPO 2003]
(A) Hinayana sect (B) Mahayana sect
(C) Vaishnava sect (D) Shaiva sect

13. The famous Jain centre in South India is situated at : [SSC CGL 2014]
(A) Rameshvaram (B) Kanchi
(C) Madurai (D) Shravanbelgola

14. In India, Ancient Iron Age is attached with : [SSC CHSL 2008]
(A) Gray pottery ✔ (B) Black and Red Pottery
(C) Ocher Coloured Pottery (D) Northern Black Polish Pottery

15. In Indus Valley Civilization, Dholavira is famous for which of the following? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Rock cut architecture (B) Sea port
(C) Water Conservation ✔ (D) Pottery

16. The Vijaynagar ruler Krishna Dev Raya’s work ‘Amuktamalayada’ was written in which language? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Tamil (B) Malayalam
(C) Kanada (D) Telugu

17. Who built Brihadeshwara Temple at Tanjore? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Aditya Chola (B) Raja Raj Chola
(C) Rajendra Chola (D) Karikala Chola

18. Most of the Chola temples were dedicated to : [SSC DEO 2008]
(A) Vishnu (B) Shiva
(C) Brahma (D) Durga

19. Gandhara Art is the combination of : [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Indo Roman (B) Indo Greek
(C) Indo Islamic (D) Indo China

20. What is the Mehrauli Pillar in the complex of Qutub Minar primarily famous for? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Proverbial height (B) Skilful stone cutting
(C) Excellent quality steel ✔ (D) Statue of Buddha on top

21. The Ajanta Paintings belong to the : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Harappan period (B) Mauryan period
(C) Buddhist period (D) Gupta period

22. The paintings in the Ajanta and Ellora caves are indicative of development of art under the : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Rashtrakutas (B) Pallavas
(C) Pandyas (D) Challukyas

23. Vikram Shila University was founded by : [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Chandra Gupta Maurya (B) Kanishka
(C) Dharampala ✔ (D) Pulakesin II

24. Who is the author of Meghdoot? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Shundraka (B) Vishakhadatta
(C) Kalidasa ✔ (D) Chanakya

25. The caves and rock-cut temples at Ellora are : [SSC CGL 2008]
(A) Hindu and Buddhist (B) Buddhist and Jain
(C) Hindu and Jain (D) Hindu, Buddhist and Jain

26. The seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram are a witness to the art patronised by the : [SSC CGL 2008]
(A) Pallavas ✔ (B) Pandyas
(C) Chalas (D) Cheras

27. Where is the longest corridor of the temple? [SSC CHSL 2005]
(A) Shreerangam (B) Madurai
(C) Tiruchendur (D) Rameshwaram

28. Who constructed the Khajuraho temples? [SSC CGL 2001]
(A) Halkar (B) Sindhiya
(C) Bundela Rajput (D) Chandel Rajput

29. According to the categories of land mentioned in the Chola inscriptions ……………. was known as the land of non-Brahmana peasant proprietors? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Vellanvagai ✔ (B) Brahmadeya
(C) Shalabhoga (D) Devadana

30. According to the categories of land mentioned in the Chola inscriptions ……………….. was known as the land gifted to Brahmanas? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Vellanvagai (B) Brahmadeya
(C) Shalabhoga (D) Devadana

31. The art style which combines Indian and Greek features is called : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Sikhara (B) Verna
(C) Nagara (D) Gandhara

32. Greek-Roman Art has found a place in : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Ellora (B) Gandhara
(C) Kalinga (D) Bhuddhist Art

33. What is the popular name of Monolithic rock shrines at Mahabalipuram? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Rathas ✔ (B) Prasadas
(C) Mathika (D) Gandhakuti

34. Chalukya temples (Jain temples) at Dilwara are situated in : [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Rajasthan ✔ (D) Haryana

35. The famous rock-cut temple of Kailash is at : [SSC CPO SI 2003]
(A) Ajanta (B) Badami
(C) Mahabalipuram (D) Ellara

36. Most of the Chola temples were dedicated to : [SSC CPO SI 2006]
(A) Ganesh (B) Shiva
(C) Durga (D) Vishnu

37. What was the suitable language for source material in Ancient Times? [SSC CPO 2016]
(A) Sanskrit ✔ (B) Pali
(C) Brahmi (D) Kharoshthi

38. Which one of the following famous ruler is called as ‘Father of Inscriptions’? [SSC CHSL 2014]
(A) Samudra Gupta ✔ (B) Chandragupta Maurya
(C) Ashoka (D) Kanishka

39. Which among the following metal was not found in Harappan civilization? [SSC CPO 2017]
(A) Gold (B) Copper
(C) Silver (D) Iron

40. According to the categories of land mentioned in the Chola inscriptions …………………. was known as the land donated to Jain institutions? [SSC CGL 2017]
(A) Vellanvagai (B) Brahmadeya
(C) Shalabhoga (D) Pallichchhandam

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