250+ Famous Authors and their works in English Literature

famous authors and their works
Famous Authors and their works: Here, we are giving the list of some important and famous Indian Writers and Authors with their published Books which is very useful for the preparation of the competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc.

Adiga, Arvind  – The White Tiger; Between the Assassinations; Last Man in Tower.
Ali, Syed Ameer  – The Spirit of Islam.
Ambedkar, B. R.  – Thoughts on Pakistan
Amis, Kingsley  – Lucky Jim.
Anand, Mulk Raj  – The Coolie; The Golden Breath; The Village; Two Leaves and A Bud; The Road; Confessions of a lover; Untouchable.
Aristotle  – Athenian Constitution; Ethics; Politics.
Aristophanes  – The Peace; The Clouds.
Arnold, Edwin  – Light of Asia.
Arnold, Matthew  – Culture and Anarchy; Essays in Criticism; God and the Bible; Rugby Chapel; Scholar Gypsy; Sohrab and Rustam.
Austen, Jane  – Emma; Mansfield Park; Northanger Abbey; Persuasion; Pride and Prejudice; Sense and Sensibility.
Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam  – India Wins Freedom.
Bachchan, Harivansh Rai  – Madhushala.
Balzac, Honore de  – Black Sheep; Lost Illusion; Murky Business; Old Goriot; Wild Ass's Skin; Eugenie Grandet; Harlot High and Low.
Barrie, Sir J. M.  – Admirable Crichton; Dear Brutus; Peter Pan; Old Lady Shows Her Medals; Twelve Pound Look; What Every Woman Knows; Quality Street.
Bellow, Saul  – Dangling Man; Henderson the Rain King; Humboldt's Gift; Last Analysis; The Victim; To Jerusalem and Back.
Besant, Annie  – Birth and Evolution of the Soul; Christianity; Death and After; Doctrine of the Heart; Karma; Laws of Higher Life; Man and His Bodies; Path of Discipleship; Reincarnation; Seven Principles of Man; Thought Power; The Theosophy; Wake Up India.
Bharat Muni  – Natya Shastra.
Bhatia, Prem  – All My Yesterdays.
Bhattacharya, Bhabani  – Music for Mohini; He Who Rides Tiger.
Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali  – If I Am Assassinated.
Boccaccio, Giovanni  – Decameron; Forty-six Lives from De Claris Mulieribus Nymphs of Fiesole.
Bond, Ruskin  – A Handful of Nuts; The Angry River; Island of Trees; Strangers in the night.
Boris, Pasternak  – Dr. Zhivago.
Bose, Subhash Chandra  – The Indian Struggle.
Bourvoir, Simone de  – The Second Sex.
Bowles, Chester  – Africa's Challenge to America; The New Dimensions of Peace; Promises to Keep; View from New Delhi.
Bronte, Charlotte  – Jane Eyre; Shirley; Villette; The Professor.
Bronte, Emily  – Wuthering Heights; Peculiar Music.
Buck, Pearl S.  – All Under Heaven; Child Who Never Grew; China Past and Present; Death in the Castle; East Wind  West Wind; The Good Earth; Imperial Woman; Letter From Peking; Man Who Changed China; The Mother; My Several Worlds; Pavilion of Women; The Patriot.
Bunyan, John  – Pilgrim's Progress.
Burke, Edmund  – Reflections on the Revolution in France; On Government, Politics and Society.
Burton, Sir Richard  – Nile Basin; Arabian Nights; Book of the Sword; City of Saints; Vikram and the Vampire.
Butler, Samuel  – Erewhon; Essay on Life; Art and Science; The Way of All Flesh.
Byron, Lord  – Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and Other Romantic Poems; Don Juan.
Camus, Albert  – Exile and the Kingdom; The Fall; Happy Death; The Possessed; Myths of Sisyphus; Outsider; The Plague; The Rebel.
Carlyle, Thomas  – French' Revolution; On Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History; Past and Present; Reminiscences; Sartor Resartus.
Carroll, Lewis  – Alice in Wonderland; Alice Through the Looking Glass; Nursery Alice; Pillow Problems and Tangled Tales.
Cervantes, S. Miguel de  – Don Quixote.
Chatterjee, Bankim Chandra  – Anand Math; Krishnakanter Will.
Chaucer, Geoffrey  – Canterbury Tales; Prologue to Canterbury Tales.
Chaudhuri, Nirad C.  – Autobiography of an Unknown Indian; A Passage to England.
Chekhov, Anton  – The Seagull; Three Sisters; The Wedding; Cherry Orchard; Ivanov; Lady with the Lapdog.
Clarke, Arthur C.  – A Space Odyssey
Coetzee, J. M.  – Life and Time of Michael K.; Disgrace.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor  – Rime of the Ancient Mariner; Biographia Literaria; Confessions of An Inquiring Spirit; The Friend; Kublai Khan; Christabel.
Conrad', Joseph  – Arrow of Gold; Chance; Mod Classics; Heart of Darkness; Lord Jim; Mirror of the Sea; The Rescue; Secret Agent; Shadow Line; Typhoon; Under Western Eye; Victory; Youth.
Corbett, Jim  – Man Eaters of Kumaon; Jungle Lure; Temple Tiger.
Dante, Alighiere  – Divine Comedy; Inferno; Paradise; Purgatory.
Darwin, Charles  – The Descent of Man; The Origin of Species; Power of Movement in Plants; Voyage of the Beagle.
Das, Durga  – India from Curzon to Nehru and After.
Dayanand, Swami  – Saryarth Prakash
De Quincey, Thomas  – Confessions of an Opium Eater; English Mailcoach and Other Essays; Political Economy and Politics.
Defoe, Daniel  – Adventures of Robinson Crusoe; Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders; A Journal of the Plague Year.
Dickens, Charles  – Oliver Twist; Bleak House; Christmas Tales; Cricket on the Hearth; David Copperfield; Great Expectations; Hard Tunes; The Magic Fishbone; icholas Nickelby; Pickwick Papers; Old Curiosity Shop; A Tale of Two Cities.
Dinkar, Ramdhari Singh  – Sanskriti ke Char Adhyaye; Urvashi; Rashmirathi
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor M.  – Crime and Punishment; House of the Dead; Idiot; Brothers Karamazov; Devils; The Gambler; Honest Thief and Other Stories; Insulted and the Injured.
Doyle, Arthur Conan  – The Advenrures of Sherlock Holmes; Poison Belt; Tales of Sherlock Holmes.
Drabble, Margret  – Garrick Year; Jerusalem the Golden; Millstone; eedle's Eye; Summer Bird Cage; Waterfall.
Dryden, John  – Absalom and Achitophel; All for Love; Aurengzeb.
Dumas, Alexander  – Black Tulip; Count of Monte Cristo; Forty Five; Man in the Iron Mask; Money Question; Three Musketeers.
Durant, Will  – The Story of Civilization; The Story of Philosophy.
Dutt, R Palme  – India Today; Weird Politics.
Eliot, George  – Adam Bede; Daniel Deronda; Middlemarch; Mill on the Floss; Romola; Scenes of Clerical Life; Silas Marner.
Eliot, T. S.  – Cocktail Party; Confidential Clerk; Family Reunion; Four Quartets; Murder in the Cathedral; Sacred Wood; The Wasteland.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo  – Self Reliance.
Epicurus  – Letters to Herodotus
Faulkner, William  – Absalom, Absalom; As I Lay Dying; Big Woods; Flags in the Dust; Go Down Moses; Intruder in the Dust; Knight's Gambit; Light in August; Mansion; Requiem for a Nun; Sanctuary; Sartoris; Sound and the Fury; Town; Wild Palms; Wishing Tree.
Fazl, Abul  – Akbarnarna; Ain-i-Akbari
Fielding, Henry  – Amelia; Author's Farce; Grub-Street; Jonathan Wild; Joseph Andrew; Tom Jones; The True Patriot.
Fischer, Louis  – Gandhi, Great Challenge; Life of Lenin; Life of Mahatma Gandhi; Men and Politics; Road to Yalta; Soviet Journey; This is Our World.
Fitzgerald, Edward  – The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Translated)
Forster, E. M.  – Aspects of the Novel; Longest Journey; Maurice; A Passage to India; Room with a View; Two Cheers for Democracy.
Forsyth, Frederick  – The Day of Jackal; Avenger.
France, Anatole  – Revolts of Angels; Literary Life, The Governor of India.
Frank, Anne  – The Diary Of a Young Girl.
Franz, Kafka  – The Trial.
Freud, Sigmund  – Delusion and Dream.
Frost, Robert  – A Further Range; A Boy's Will; Leaf-Treader; West Running Brook.
Galbraith, John K.  – Affluent Society; Ambassador's Journal; American Capitalism; A China Passage; Liberal Hour; Economics of Public Purpose; Economics of Peace and Laughter; New Industrial State; Scotch; Triumph.

Galsworthy, John  – Forsyte Saga; Strife; Justice; Escape; Loyalties; Man and Property; Beyond; Caravan; Dark and Flower; End of the Chapter; Fraternity.
Gandhi, M. K.  – My Experiments with Truth.
Gargi, Balwant  – Rang Manch; Loha Kut,
Gavaskar, Sunil  – Sunny Days; Idols.
Ghalib, Mirza  – Diwani-e-Ghalib.
Ghose, Aurobindo  – The Life Divine; Savitri.
Ghosh, Amitav  – Circle of Reason; Shadow Lines; Glass Palace; The Hungry Tide; The Calcutta Chromosome; Sea of Poppies; River of Smoke.
Gibbon, Edward  – Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; History of Christianity.
Goethe, J. W. Von  – Egmont; Kindred by Choice; Sorrows of Young Werder; Ironhand; Faust.
Goldsmith, Oliver  – Citizen of .the World; She Stoops to Conquer; The Vicar of Wakefield; Traveller; Deserted Village.
Gorky, Maxim  – Childhood; Children of the Sun; City of the Yellow Devil; Enemies; Life of a Useless Man; The Mother; Lower Depths.
Gunther, John  – Alexander the Great; Death, Be Not Proud; Inside Europe Today; Inside Asia Today; Inside South America; Inside Australia; Meet Soviet Russia; Twelve Cities.
Gupr, Maithilisharan  – Saket; Bharat Bharti.
Hardy, Thomas  – Dynasts; Far from the Madding Crowd; Jude the Obscure; Under the Greenwood Tree; Tess of D'Urbervilles; The Mayor of Casterbridge; A Pair of Blue Eyes; The Return of the Native.
Hazlitt, William  – The Spirit of Age; Table Talks; The Plain Speakers.
Hemingway, Ernest  – A Farewell to Arms; For Whom the Bell Tolls; The Sun Also Rises; The Old Man and the Sea; Death in the Afternoon; Fiesta; Fifth Column; Islands in the Stream; Men Without Women; The Snows of Kilimanjaro.
Henrik, Ibsen  – Ghosts; A Doll's House; The League of Youth.
Hesse, Herman  – Siddhartha.
Hobbes, Thomas  – Leviathan
Homer  – Illiad; Odyssey.
Hugo, Victor  – Hunchback of Notre Dame; Les Miserables.
Huxley, Aldous  – Along the Road; Ape and Essence; Ends and Means; Antic Hay, Mod Classics; Grey Eminence; Travel Book; Brave New World; Eyeless in Gaza; Point Counter Point; Time Must Have a Stop.
James, Boswell  – The Life of Samuel Johnson
James, Henry  – The Portrait of a Lady.
Jeans, James  – The Mysterious Universe; The Universe Around Us.
Johnson, Samuel  – The Vanity of Human Wishes; The Lover of the Poets; The Rambler.
Jonathan, Swift  – Gulliver's Travels; A Tale of a Tub.
Joyce, James – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Ulysses.
Kabir, Humayun  – Our Heritage; Glimpses of India.
Kalidasa  – Abhijnana Shakuntalam; Raghuvarnsa; Kumarsambhava; Ritusamhar; Meghadooram; Malavikagnimitra; Vikramorvashiya.
Kant, Immanuel  – A Critique of Pure Reason.
Khair, Tabish  – My World.
Khan, Ayub  – Friends, not Masters.
Khan, Syed Ahmad  – Causes of Indian Mutiny.
Khayyam, Omar  – Rubaiyat.
Kipling, Rudyard  – Jungle Book; Kim; The Light That Failed.
Koestler, Arthur  – Arrival and Departure; Arrow in the Blue; Call Girls; Darkness at Noon; Dialogue with Death; Ghosts in the Machine; Gladiators; Heel of Achilles; Sleepwalkers; Roots of Conscience; Thieves at Night; Watershed.
Lahiri,.Jhumpa  – Interpreter of Maladies; The Namesake; Unaccustomed Earth.
Lamb, Charles  – Essays of E1ia; Tales from Shakespeare.
Laski, H. J.  – Grammar of Politics; Liberty in the Modern State; The Dilemma of Our Times.
Lawrence; D. H.  – Sons and Lovers; Women in Love; The Rainbow; Lady Chatterley's Lover; Kangaroo.
Locke, John  – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.
Machiavelli, Niccolo  – On the Art of War; The Prince.
Manchester, William  – Death of the President; Portrait of a President.
Mankekar, Dr.  – Guilty Men of 1962; Decline and Fall of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
Marlowe, Christopher  – Dr. Faustus; Edward II; T amberlaine; The Massacre of Paris.
Mathai, M. O.  – Reminiscences of the Nehru Age.
Maugham, Somerset  – Of Human Bondage; The Razor's Edge; The Moon and Six Pence; The Painted Veil.
Mayo, Katherine  – Mother India.
Menon, K. P. S.  – Many Words.
Mill, John Stuart  – On Liberty.
Milton, John  – L'Allegro; Camus; Lycidas; Paradise Lost; Paradise Regained.
Mitchell, Margaret  – Gone with the Wind.
Mitchener, James  – Voice of Asia.
Moliere  – Le Misanthrope; Tartuffe; The Miser.
Moraes, Dom  – My Son's Father.
Moraes, Frank  – Witness to an Era.
More, Thomas  – Utopia; Richard III.
Mullick, B. N.  – Asian Drama.
Myrdal, Dr. Gunnar  – The Challenge of World Poverty.
Nabakov, Vladimir  – Lolita.
Naidu, Sarojini  – The Song of India; Golden Threshold; The Seepfred Flute.
Naipaul, V. S.  – Area of Darkness; India- A Wounded Civilisation; A House for Mr. Biswas; Middle Passage; A Flag on the Island; Half a Life; A Bend in the River; Mystic Masseur; In a Free State; Magic Seeds.
Naoroji, Dadabhai  – Poverty and Un-British Rule in India.
Narayan, R. K.  – Malgudi Days; The Guide; Mr. Sampath; The Printer of Malgudi; The Vendor of Sweets; The Painter of Signs; The Bachelor of Arts; Swami and Friends.
Nayar, Kuldip  – The Judgement; Between the Lines; Distant Neighbours.
Nehru, Jawaharlal  – The Discovery of India; Glimpses of World History.
O'Neill, Eugene  – Long Day's Journey into ight; Desire Under the Elms.
Orwell, George  – Nineteen Eighty-Four; Animal Farm; Burmese Days; Decline of the English Murder.
Pant, Sumitranandan  – Gunjan, Jyotsana Vina, Chidambra.
Pasternak, Boris  – Doctor Zhivago; Last Summer; Blind Beauty.
Patel, Tara  – Single Woman.
Plato  – The Republic.
Plincy, The Elder  – Natural History.

Pope, Alexander  – The Rape of the Lock; Essay on Criticism,
Prem Chand  – Godan; Kaya Kalp, Soz-i-waran
Pritam, Amrita  – The Revenue Stamp; Kagaz Te Kanwas; Pinjar.
Radha krishnan, Dr. S.  – Hindu View of Life; Indian Philosophy; Religion and Society.
Rahman, Sheikh Mujibur  – Friends, Not Foes; The Great Betrayal.
Rai, Lala Lajpat  – Unhappy India.
Rajgopalachari, C.  – The Nation's Voice; The Fatal Carr, Reconciliation-Why and How.
Ray, Saryajit  – Our Films, Their Films; The Adventures of Feluda.
Remarque, Eric Maria  – All Quiet on the Western Front; Full Circle; Heaven Has No Favourites; Night in Lisbon; Shadows in Paradise; Three Comrades; Time to Love and Time to Die.
Ricardo, David  – Principles of Political Economy and Taxation.
Rolland, Romain" – Mahatma Gandhi; Ramakrishna; Jean Christopher.
Rousseau, Jean Jacques  – Confessions; The Social Contract.
Rowling, J. K.  – Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Rushdie, Salman  – The Satanic Verses; Midnight's Children; The Ground Beneath Her Feet; Shalimar the Clown; The Enchantress of Florence; Joseph Anton.
Ruskin, John  – Unto This Last; Seven Lamps of Architecture; Modern Painters.
Russell, Bertrand  – Justice in Wartime; New Hopes for a Changing World; Principles of Social Reconstruction; Unarmed Victory; Conquest of Happiness; History of Western Philosophy; Human Knowledge; Education and the Social Order; Free Man's Worship; S Has a Man Future? Impact of Science on Society; In Praise of Idleness and Other Essays.
Sa'adi, Sheikh  – Gulistan; Bostan,
Sartre, Jean Paul  – Age of Reason; Intimacy; Iron in the Soul; Reprieve; Being and Nothingness.
Savarkar, V. D.  – The War of Indian Independence.
Schumacher, E. F.  – Age of Plenty; People's Power; Small is Beautiful.
Scott, Walter  – Abbot; Ivanhoe; Kenilworth; Red Gauntlet; Talisman; The Lady of the Lake; S The Pirate; Monastery; Old Mortality; S Woodstock. SP1
Sehgal, Mrs. Nayantara  – The Prisoner and Ste the Chocolate, Cake; This Time of the St
Morning  – Day in Shadow; Rich Like Us.
Sen, Sudeep  – The Lunar Visitations.
Seth, Vikram  – The Golden Gates; A, Suitable Boy; Two Lives; An Equal Music,
Shah, Waris  – Heer,
Shakespeare, William  – As You Like In Antony and Cleopatra; Julius Caesar; Hamlet; Othello; Romeo and Juliet; King Lear; The Merchant of Venice; Macbeth; The Comedy of Errors; The Tempest; Twelfth Night; Much Ado About Nothing; A Midsummer Night's Dream; The Merry Wives of Windsor; Henry V,
Sharma, Vishnu  – Panchatantra.
Shaw, George Bernard  – Apple Cart; Arms and the Man; Candida; The Doctor's Dilemma; Major Barbara; Saint Joan; Pygmalion; Man and Superman; Androcles and the Lion; The Devil's Disciple; Back to Methuselah; Too True to be Good; The Man of Destiny; Caesar and Cleopatra.
Shelley, P. B.  – Ode to the West Wind; Alaster; The Cenci; Prometheus Unbound; Adonais.
Sheridan, R. B.  – The Rivals; The School for Scandal; The Critic,
Singer, Issac Bashevis  – Enemies; The Estate; Family Moskat; The Manor; Passions; Short Friday; The Slave,
Singh, Khushwant  –TraintoPakisran; The Company of Women; Truth, Love and a Little Malice.
Smith, Adam  – Wealth of nations,
Snow, C. P.  – The Affairs; Corridors of Power; Death Under Sail; Conscience of the Rich; Hamsters; Homecomings; Last Things; The . Masters, In Their Wisdom; New Men; The Search; Strangers and Brothers Omnibus; Two Cultures; Variety of Men.
Snow, Edgar  – Far East Front; Living China; Red Star Over China; The Bartle for Asia; People on Our Side; Journey to the Beginning; Red China Today,
Solzhenitsyn, Alexander  – August 1914; Cancer Ward; Candle in the Wind; First Circle; Gulag Archipelago; Lenin in Zurich; Lover Girl and the Innocent; One World of Truth; Warning of the Western World; From Under the Rubble.
Sophocles  – Antigone, Oedipus,
Speer, Albert  – Inside the Third Reich.
Spenser, Edmund  – The Faerie Queene,
Steele, Richard  – The Conscious Lovers,
Stevenson, Robert Louis  – Kidnapped; An Apology for Idlers; Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; The Black Arrow; The Treasure Island,
Stone, Irving  – Adversary in the House, Agony and the Ecstasy; Immortal Wife; Love is Eternal; Lust for Life; The Passionate Journey; President's Lady; They Also Ran; Those Who Love,
Stowe, H. B.  – Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Tennyson, A.  – The Lotus Eaters; Idylls of a King; In Memoriam; The Charge of the Light Brigade,
Thackeray, W. M.  – Vanity Fair; The Virginians; Henry Esmond; The ewcomers.
Todd, Lord  – Annals of Rajasthan,
Tolstoy, Count Leo  – War and Peace; Anna Karenina; Resurrection,
Toynbee, Arnold J.  – A Study of History (10 Volumes).
Twain, Mark  – Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Tom Sawyer; Birds and Beasts; Innocents Abroad; Jumping Frog; Mysterious Stranger; Roughing It; War Prayers,
Voltaire  – Candide,
Wallace, Lewis  – Ben Hur.
Wells, H. G.  – The Shape of Things to Come; The Invisible Man; The Time Machine; Kipps; Oudine of the World History.
White, Patrick  – Eye of the Storm.
Whitman, Walt  – Leaves of Grass; Drum Tops,
Wilde, Oscar  – Importance of Being Earnest; An Ideal Husband; De Profundis; A Woman of 0 Importance,
Wodehouse, P. G. – Adventures of Sally; Bachelors Anonymous; Big Money; Bill the Conqueror; Cocktail Time; Code of the Woosters; Damsel in Distress; French Leave; Frozen Assets; Full Moon; Girl in Blue; Gold Bat; Girl on the Boat; Heavy Weather; Hot Water; If I Were You; Inimitable J elves; Jill the Reckless; Laughing Gas; Little Nugget; Mating Season; Money for nothing; Nothing Serious; Old Reliable; Pigs Have Wings; Quick Service; Service with a Smile; Summer Lightning,
Woolf, Virginia  – The Light House; Jacob's Room; A Haunted House; Mrs Dolloway.
Wordsworth, William  – The Prelude; Solitary Reaper; Tintern Abbey,
Zola, Emile  – Therese Raquin, Nana; The Debacle; Germinal Beast in Man; Drunkard; Earth; The Kill; His Excellency; Love Affair; The Masterpiece; Priest in the House; Savage Paris; Zest for Life,

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