Environmental Science GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Dear Aspirants, Simply learn Environmental Science Objective type MCQ Questions, overall knowledge online evaluation to get e-learning, free online lessons evaluation. Practice ozone layer depletion multiple choice questions (MCQs), ecological science quiz questions and responses. Environmental Science Objective questions for interview and Competitive Exams preparation.

1. The most commonly used method for desalination of water is–
(A) Distillation (B) Reverse osmosis✓
(C) Electrodialysis (D) Flash evaporation

2. Vehicular pollution emits mainly–
(A) S02 (B) CO✓
(C) NO (D) Ozone

3. Air pollution can be controlled & reduced considerably, but which one of the following factors comes in its way ?
(A) Politics (B) Economics✓
(C) Ma~power (D) Geography

4. When was Ganga action plan launched?
(A) June 1985✓ (B) December 1985
(C) May 1984 (D) July 1984

5. In which Biodiversity act was year Proposed?
(A) 2000✓ (B) 2002
(C) 2004 (D) 1998

6. How many agro-climatic zones are found in India ?
(A) 15✓ (B) 16
(C) 17 (D) 18

7. Indian Institute of Petroleum in situated at–
(A) New Delhi (B) Goa
(C) Dehradun✓ (D) Mumbai

8. Which were the first living beings to establish themselves on rocky slopes ?
(A) Toads (D) Grasses
(C) Lichens✓  (D) Frogs

9. The ministry of Environment was set up in–
(A) 1970 (B) 1975
(C) 1980✓ (D) 1985

10. The residence time of N20 in atmosphere is approximately–
(A) 15 years (B) 150 years✓
(C) 15 weeks (D) 15 days

11. 1 Dobson unit at standard temperature and pressure is equal to ozone column thickness of–
(A) 1 mm (B) 10 mm
(C) 100 mm (D) 0.01 mm✓

12. Among the following which gas is found in maximum concentration in atmosphere?
(A) Rn (B) Xe
(C) Kr (D) Ar✓

13. Solubility of gases in water can be calculated by using–
(A) Darcy's law (B) Henry's law✓
(C) Avagadro's law (D) Stoke's law

14. The origin of simplest life is attributed to–
(A) Proteozoic Era (B) Cambrian Era
(C) Archaezoic Era✓ (D) None of the above

15. Which forest area in India was first brought under control & protection ?
(A) Malabar✓  (B) Konkan
(C) Garhwal (D) Sunderbans

16. The process used for removal of water hardness is–
(A) Zeolite process✓ (B) Haber's process
(C) Ostwald process (D) None of the above

17. The normal lapse rate of temperature per kilometer is–
(A) 6.4°C✓ (B) 4.6 °C
(C) 10°C (D) 9°C

18. Which of the following enzymes is involved in the primary carboxylation in C4 plants?
(A) RUBP Carboxylase (B) PEP✓
(C) Oxygenase (D) None of the above

19. The specific heat of water is–
(A) 1 call/gml/ ° C✓ (B) 4.18cal/gm/° C
(C) 1 Ioule/gml/ ° C (D) 10 call/gml/° C

20. What is the studies of trees as individuals in relation to their environment known as ?
(A) Forest ecology (B) Forest Synecology
(C) Forest Autecology✓ (D) All of the above

21. Which term represents the sum total of life on earth ?
(A) Biomass (B) Gaia
(C) Biosphere✓ (D) Biome

22. What is a chemical substance or physical agent capable of inducing inheritable genetic change called ?
(A) Carcinogen (B) Mutagen✓
(C) Teratogen (D) Tumorogen

23. Which is the most abundant of all the hydrocarbon pollutants in the atmosphere ?
(A) Propane (B) Methane✓
(C) Butane  (D) Benzene

24. In which of the following, inverted pyramid of biomass is found?
(A) Grassland ecosystem (B) Pond ecosystem✓
(e) Desert ecosystem (D) Forest ecosystem

25. Which type of symbiosis is obligatory ?
(A) Mutualism✓ (B) Protocooperation
(C) Commensalism (D) Amensalism

26. Who formulated the ecological concept of the pyramid of numbers ?
(A) Charles Elton✓  (B) Paul R.. Ehrlich
(C) Paul Colivaux (D) All of the above

27. When did the Three mile island disaster occur?
(A) 1972 (B) 1979✓
(C) 1980 (D) 1976

28. When was project tiger launched in India?
(A) 1972 (B) 1973✓
(C) 1978 (D) 1974

29. When was the use of DOT banned for agricultural purposes in India ?
(A) 1962 (B) 1985✓
(C) 1974 (D) 1971

30. The process of preparing compost with the help of earth worm is known as–
(A) Composting (B) Bioslury
(C) Vermi composting✓ (D) Maturing

31. Lambert's & Beer's law is used in–
(A) Spectrophotometer✓  (B) Chromatography
(C) Potentiometer (D) pH meter

32. Which category of wastewater dosen't require seeding during a BOD test ?
(A) Distillery spentwash (B) Dyeing unit effluent
(C) Domestic sewage✓  (D) Pulp & Papermill effluent

33. Who coined the term symbiosis ?
(A) A. G. Tansley (B) De Bary✓
(C) Clements (D) McDougall

34. The main pollutant of London smog was–
(A) S02✓ (B) N02
(C) PAN (D) Ozone

35. Which harmful gas is emitted by masonry building materials, even ground water?
(A) H2S (B) Radon✓
(C) Ammonia (D) CO2

36. Which of the following is known as liquid gold ?
(A) Water (B) Petroleum✓
(C) Mercury (D) Mustard oil

37. About 50% of the atmosphere lies below–
(A) 5.6 km✓ (B) 10 km
(C) 15 km (D) 30 km

38. Which of the following is mainly responsible for eutrophication ?
(A) Phosphate✓ (B) Nitrate
(C) Carbonate (D) Sulphate

39. The dominance of a new genetic form as a result of environment change is called–
(A) Adaptation (B) Natural selection✓
(C) Succession (D) Synergism

40. Which region of the seas & oceans are the most polluted ?
(A) Estuarine (B) Coastal✓
(C) Sea depths (D) Coral

41. At which temp. density of water is found maximum?
(A) 00 C (B) 100 ° C
(C) 15°C (D) 4°C✓

42. Who gave the term ecosystem and when?
(A) 1978 (B) 1968
(C) 1988✓ (D) 1998

43. The single largest class of insecticides of total registered pesticides in the world is–
(A) Organochlorine (B) Organophosphate✓
(C) Carbamate (D) Pyrethroids

44. After methane and carbon dioxide which gas in found in highest concentration in biogas ?
(A) CO (B) H2✓
(C) N2 (D) H2S

45. Mycorrhiza help in the uptake of–
(A) Potassium (B) Phosphorus✓
(C) Nitrate (D) Boron

46. Muscovite is example of which group of 24. minerals?
(A) Feldspar (B) Ferromagnesium
(C) Quartz (D) Mica✓

47. Which CFC was discovered first?
(A) CFC - 11 (B) CFC - 12✓
(C) CFC - 114 (D) CFC - 115

48. Mosquito repellent coils/mats contain–
(A) Paraquat (B) BHC
(C) Toxaphene (D) Derivatives of Allethrin✓

49. Chaparral vegetation is found in which area?
(A) Deccan plateau (B) Coastal India
(C) Mediterranean areas✓ (D) Between equator & temperate

50. Nalgonda technique is used for–
(A) Chloride (B) Fluoride✓
(C) Bromide (D) Cadmium

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