List of Recent Books and Authors for Competitive Exams 2018

Dear Aspirants, We collected the list of recent released Books name and it’s authors from the month of January to December 2017. You may be interested in knowing the new and latest books or May be aspirants applied for the competitive exams like private banks, IBPS or SBI any exam will find this usefull. The General Awareness section plays a major role in the competitive exams.

Books and Authors

1. Borderlands —By Pradeep Damodaran
2. The Ring of Truth : Myths of Sex and Jewelry —By Wendy Doniga
3. Moments of Truth : My Life with Acting —By Roshan Taneja
4. Life Among the Scorpions–Memoirs of a Woman in Indian Politics —By Jaya Jaitly, former President of Samata Party
5. Where India Goes —By Diane Coffey & Dean Spears
6. The Goat Thief —By Perumal Murugan
7. My Life, Our Times —By Gordon Brown former British Prime Minister
8. The Perils of Being Moderately Famous —By Soha Ali Khan, Bollywood Actres
9. The Last Vicereine —By Rhianon Jenkins Tsang
10. Tidings of Troubled Times —By Manish Tiwari, a Senior Congress Leader and former Union Minister
11. Memoirs of My Body —By Shreya Sen-Handley
12. The Book of Chocolate Saints —By Jeet Thayil
13. The Sleep Walker's Dream —By Dhrubajyoti Borah
14. Beyond the Dream Girl —By Hema Malini, renowned Bollywood Film Actress
15. The Coalition Years : 1996-2012 —By Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India
16. I Do What I Do —By Raghuram Rajan, former governor, RBI
17. The Golden House —By Salman Rushdie
18. Empire —By Devi Yeshodharan
19. India's Most Fearless : True Stories of Modern Military Heroes —By Shiv Aroor, Rahul Singh

20. 30 Second Thrillers —By KV Sridhar
21. Who Me Poor? —By Gayatri Jayaraman
22. Immune : How Your Body Defends and Protects You —By Cathreen Carver
23. CLICK! The Amazing Story of India's E-commerce Boom and Where It's Headed —By Jagmohan Bhanver and Komal Bhanver
24. Reflective Shadows —By Nagesh Prabhu
25. Indira Gandhi : A Life in Nature —By Jairam Ramesh
26. India After Gandhi —By Ramachandra Guha
27. The Red Haired Woman —By Orhan Pamuk
28. Jasmine & Jinns —By Sadia Dehlvi
29. The Guilty Secret —By Liu Yongbiao
30. Antarctica, The Frozen Continent's Environment, Changing Logistics and Relevance to India —By Dr. Jagadish P. Khadilkar
31. Boom Country : The New Wave of Indian Enterprise —By Alan Rosling
32. Marriage and its Discontents; Women, Islam and the Law in India —By Sylvia Vatuk
33. Indira : India's Most Powerful Prime Minister —By Sagarika Ghose
34. Why Scams Are Here to Stay —By N. Ram
35. The Making of a Legend —Dr. Bindeshwari Pathak
36. The Great Game in Afghanistan : Rajiv Gandhi, General Zia and the Unending War —By Kollol Bhattacherjee
37. Women at War : Subhash Chandra and the Rani of Jhansi Regiment —By Vera Hildebrand
38. A Horse Walks Into a Bar —By David Grossman, the recipient of Man Booker International Prize, 2017
39. Love Fox Dancing —By Ruskin Bond, Speaking Tiger Books
40. Baaz —By Anuja Chauhan
41. Maid in India —By Tripti Lahiri
42. Numbers Do Lie —By Aakash Chopra