West Bengal General Knowledge (GK) Question Answer 2017

1. State Animal of West Bengal?
(A) Asian golden cat (B) Fishing cat
(C) Prionailurus (D) Rusty‑spotted cat
Ans : (B)

2. Total Number of Rajya sabha seats in West Bengal?
(A) 12 (B) 16 (C) 10 (D) 13
Ans : (B)

3. Total Number of Lok sabha seats in West Bengal?
(A) 25 (B) 35 (C) 41 (D) 28
Ans : (C)

4. Who is the Current Chief Minister of West Bengal?
(A) Jyoti Basu (B) Mamata Banerjee
(C) Buddhadeb Bhattacharya (D) Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee
Ans : (B)

5. Who is the Current Governor of West Bengal?
(A) C. Vidyasagar Rao (B) M. Fathima Beevi
(C) Marri Chenna Reddy (D) Keshari Nath Tripathi
Ans : (D)
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6. Who was the first Chief Minister of West Bengal?
(A) Bidhan Chandra Roy (B) Prafulla Chandra Ghosh
(C) Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee (D) Jyoti Basu
Ans : (B)

7. Total Number of districts in West Bengal ?
(A) 23 (B) 19 (C) 20 (D) 18
Ans : (C)

8. Who was the first person from West Bengal to win Bharat Ratna Award?
(A) Aruna Asaf Ali (B) Ravi Shankar
(C) Satyajit Ray (D) Bidhan Chandra Roy
Ans : (D)

9. Which of the Following City is Second largest City in West Bengal ?
(A) Asansol (B) Malda (C) Siliguri (D) Bardhaman
Ans : (A)

10. In India, West Bengalis the largest producer of–
(A) Wheat (B) Rice (C) Barley (D) Mango
Ans : (B)

11. Which of the following Corporate headquarters is located in Kolkata ?
(A) Britannia Industries (B) ITC Limited
(C) Bata India (D) All of these
Ans : (D)

12. Which of the following bridge is called as Second hooghly bridge ?
(A) Nivedita setu (B) Vivenkananda setu
(C) Vidyasagar Setu (D) none of these
Ans : (C)

13. The West Bengal Partition took place in which year ?
(A) 1905 (B) 1913 (C) 1909 (D) 1910
Ans : (A)

14. Which Vegetable is produced largely in West Bengal ?
(A) Tomato (B) Brinjal (C) Potato (D) Carrot
Ans : (C)

15. In Which year Cooch behar merged with West Bengal ?
(A) 1948 (B) 1950 (C) 1954 (D) 1971
Ans : (B)

16. Which of the following River is Once known as “Sorrow of Bengal” ?
(A) Ajay (B) Teesta (C) Jaldhaka (D) Damodar
Ans : (D)

17. Who is first British Governor General of West Bengal ?
(A) John Adam (B) Warren Hastings
(C) John Shore (D) Edward Law
Ans : (B)

18. Which nawab transferred Capital from Dacca (Now Dhaka) to Murshidabad ?
(A) Sarfaraj Khan (B) Alvardi Khan
(C) Siraj-ud-daula (D) Murshid Quli khan
Ans : (D)

19. Which state is to the north of West Bengal?
(A) Sikkim (B) Odisha (C) Nagaland (D) Haryana
Ans : (A)

20. Which coalition came to power in West Bengal in 1977?
(A) NDA (B) UNPA (C) Left Front (D) National Front
Ans : (C)

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