Short Essay on Bhai Dooj | Bhaiya Dooj -300 Words

Short Essay on Bhai Dooj

According to a famous Hindu mythology, long ago Surya, the Sun God was married to beautiful princess Samjna. They were blessed with twins Yama and Yamuna who grew together. After some time, Samjna was unable to bear the brilliance of her husband and decided to go back to earth. Samjna left Chaya, her shadow, the exact replica of her. Chaya became cruel step mother and gave birth to her own children after few days. Chaya convinced Surya to drive out twins from the heaven. Yama became the King of death and Yamuna became river. Yamuna married a beautiful prince and was happy. Both siblings were missing each other, one day Yama decided to meet her sister Yamuna. After hearing this news, Yamuna prepared a feast and decorated the house. While returning Yama told her that you gave me a great hospitality but I didn’t bring you any gift. For that Yamuna said, on this day all brothers should meet their sisters if possible, and sisters should pray for their brothers’ happiness.

Another myth is that, Lord Krishna after assassinating the Narakasura, goes to his sister Subhadra welcomed him with the lamp, flowers, sweets, and mark his forehead with holy protective spot on this day.

Bhai Dooj is celebrated after two days of Diwali. The festival is known with different names like Bhai Dooj in North India, Bhai Tika in Nepal, Bhai Phota in West Bengal, Bhai Bij, Bhau Beej, or Bhav Bij in Gujarati, Marathi and Konkani speaking region.

On this day, sisters invite their brothers for lunch and prepare their favorite dishes. The significance of this festival is that brothers have to protect their sisters and sisters should bless their brothers. In Bihar sisters load curses on their brothers and then they pierce their tongue as a punishment and ask for forgiveness from their brothers. In West Bengal, Sisters fast in the morning until the traditional ceremonies are completed and prepare Tilak which is made of ghee, sandalwood and kohl.