Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge (GK)

Governor Kalyan Singh
Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh
Established 25 January, 1971
Location Between 30°12' North latitude and 75°47' to 79°04' East longitude.
Boundaries In the East Himachal Pradesh forms India's border with Tibet, to its North lies the state of Jammu and Kashmir, to the south-East is Uttarakhand, to the West is Punjab, while to its South is situated Haryana.
Length and Breadth The maximum length to the state, from the north-western corner of Chamba to the Southern and of Kinnaur is 355 km. Its maximum breadth from the South-Western corner of Kangra to the North-Eastern corner of Kinnaur is 270 km.
Area 5,56,73 sq km
Population (2011) 6,856,509
Official Language Hindi
State Day 15th April
Legislature Unicameral
Representation in Lok Sabha 4 Members
Representation in Rajya Sabha 3 Members
State Assembly 68 Members
State Animal Snow Leopard
State Bird Jujurana (Western Tragopan)
Capital Shimla
High Court Shimla
State Public Service Commission Head Quars. Shimla
Divisions 3
Districts 12 (Bilaspur, Chamba, Hamirpur, Kangra, Kinnaur, Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti, Mandi, Shimla, Sirmaur, Solan and Una)
Radio Station Shimla
Ed. Institutions 15,000
First Governor S. Chakravarti
First Lt. Governor Himmat Singh
First Chief Commissioner N.C. Mehta
First Chief Minister Y.S. Parmar
First Chief Justice of High Court Justice Mirza Hamudullah Beg
First Chairman of State Public Service Commission Lt. Gen. K.S. Kachot
First Vice-Chancellor (HP University) Dr. Ram Karan Singh
Largest district (Area) Lahaul-Spiti (13835 sq km)
Largest district (Population 2011) Kangra (15,07,223)
Largest city
Largest river (Qty. of water) Chenab
Largest lake (Natural)
Surajtal (2100 sq km)
Largest lake (Man-made) Gobind Sagar (168 sq km)
Largest irrigation project Shah Canal Project
Largest fish-farm Dayoli (Largest  in Asia)
Smallest district (Area) Hamirpur (1118 sq km)
Smallest district (Population) Lahaul-Spiti (31,528)
Longest highway Hindustan-Tibet Road (335 Km) from Parwanoo to Kaurik
Longest river Sutlej
Highest peak Shilla (7026 Mt.) Zaskar Mountain Range
Highest pass
Parangla (5544 Mt.)
Highest dam Bhakra Dam (226 Mt.) at Bilaspur (highest in Asia)
Highest bridge Kandor bridge over river Sutlej
Highest density of Population Hamirpur district (406 persons per sq km)
Highest rain Dharmshala
Highest cricket ground Chail (highest in the world)
Highest district head quar. Keylong (165 Mt.) in Lahaul-Spiti
Highest number of populated villages Kangra (3869 villages)
Lowest rain Spiti subdivision
Lowest density of Population Lahaul-Spiti (Two persons per sq km)
Lowest Number of Populated villages Kullu (172 villages)

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