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General Awareness Quiz 15

1. Chief Ministers of all the States are ex-officio members of the–
(A) Finance Commission (B) Planning Commission
(C) National Development Council (D) Inter State Council
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2. Chief Minister of a State is responsible to–
(A) Governor (B) Legislative Assembly
(C) Prime Minister (D) Rajya Sabha
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3. The salary and allowances of the Governor are charged to–
(A) Consolidated Fund of the State (B) Consolidated Fund of India
(C) Contingency Fund of India (D) Both 'a' and 'b'
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4. Volcanic eruptions do not occur in the–
(A) Baltic Sea (B) Black Sea
(C) Caribbean Sea (D) Caspian Sea
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5. Which one of the following countries does not border the Caspian Sea?
(A) Armenia (B) Azerbaijan
(C) Kazakhstan (D) Turkmenistan
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6. Which of the following is an indirect tax?
(A) Corporation tax (B) Capital gains tax
(C) Excise duty (D) Wealth tax
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7. Which of the following taxes is not levied by the Union Government?
(A) Wealth tax (B) Profession tax
(C) Excise duty (D) Income tax
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8. The Gadkari uprising of 1844-45 was directed against the–
(A) Money-lenders (B) British Government
(C) Maharaja of Kolhapur (D) Both 'a' and 'b'
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9. Where is the Indian Railway's Factory- Diesel Component Works (DCW), located?
(A) Varanasi (B) Patiala
(C) Perambur (D) Kapurthala
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10. The TEAM-9 initiative is a techno-economic cooperation venture between India and eight countries of–
(A) West Africa (B) East Africa
(C) North Africa (D) Central Africa
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11. While delivering the presidential address, the Congress President who advocated the introduction of Roman script for Hindi language was–
(A) Mahatma Gandhi (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Abul Kalam Azad (D) Subhash Chandra Bose
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12. Mahatma Gandhi undertook 'fast unto death' against the Communal Award. He, however, discontinued the fast, because–
(A) the Congress leaders successfully prevailed upon Mahatma Gandhi to accept the Award
(B) the British Government withdrew the Communal Award
(C) of the conclusion of the Poona Pact
(D) the weaker classes openly opposed the Award
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13. In which one of the following is higher percentage of carbon found?
(A) Lignite coal (B) Peat coal
(C) Bituminous coal (D) Anthracite coal
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14. Which of the following phases is the longest phase in the meiotic cell division?
(A) Anaphase II (B) Telophase I
(C) Prophase I (D) Metaphase I
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15. Which one of the following organelles is the smallest membrane bound organelle?
(A) Ribosomes (B) Golgi bodies
(C) Lysosome (D) Nucleolus
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16. Which one among the following is true about' 'Ginger and Sweet potato?
(A) Homologous and root and stem respectively (B) Homologous and stem and root respectively
(C) Analogous and root and stem respectively (D) Analogous and stem and root respectively
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17. The posting of an IAS probationer is decided by–
(A) Director of LBS National Academy of Administration (B) Central Ministry of Personnel
(C) Chief Minister of state (D) Chief Secretary of state
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18. The Central Administrative Tribunal deals with–
(A) recruitment matters (B) promotion matters
(C) disciplinary matters (D) recruitment and all service matters
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19. Which of the following can provide for the appointment of a Joint Public Service Commission?
(A) President of India (B) Parliament of India
(C) UPSC (D) State Governors
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20. Where are the Balearic Islands located?
(A) Mediterranean Sea (B) Black Sea
(C) Baltic Sea (D) North Sea
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21. Which one of the following separates North and South Islands of New Zealand?
(A) Foveaux Strait (B) Bass Strait
(C) Cook Strait (D) Torres Strait
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22. The first estimate of national income in India was made by–
(A) VKRV Rao (B) Mahalanobis
(C) Professor Sheroi (D) Dadabhai Naoroji
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23. National income in India is compiled by–
(A) Central Statistical Organization (B) Indian Statistical Institute
(C) Finance Commission (D) NDC
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24. Who served as a member of the Central Legislative Assembly for 26 years and called the father of the Assembly?
(A) Tej Bahadur Sapru (B) MR Jayakar
(C) Narayan Malhar Joshi (D) Madan Mohan Malaviya
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25. Which one among the following is not a Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations?
(A) Eradicate extreme poverty (B) Reduce birthrate and death rate
(C) Reduce birthrate (D) Promote gender equality
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