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General Awareness Quiz 6

1. Which of the following groups have only output devices?
(A) Scanner, Keyboard, Printer (B) Mouse, Printer, Monitor
(C) Keyboard, Monitor, Printer (D) Plotter, Printer, Monitor
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2. Which one of the following languages is a programming language that allows control of one or more applications?
(A) Scripting language (B) Assembler language
(C) Mainframe language (D) None of these
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3. What does the term Dolby B and Dolby C printed on the tape-recorders and other sound systems refer to?
(A) Frequency modulated system (B) Amplitude modulated system
(C) Noise reduction circuit (D) Both DC and AC power can be used
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4. Who is entitled to initiate a Bill for Constitutional Amendments?
(A) State Legislative Assemblies (B) Only Lok Sabha
(C) Either House of Parliament (D) Only Rajya Sabha
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5. A Constitutional Amendment Bill passed by both Houses of Parliament–
(A) does not need the assent of the President (B) does need the assent of the President
(C) does not need the assent of the President if passed by ratification of States (D) None of the above
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6. By which Amendment, the power to amend the Constitution was specifically conferred upon the Parliament?
(A) 24th (B) 56th
(C) 52nd (D) 42nd
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7. How many hours of daylight does the equator experience on September equinox?
(A) 8 hours (B) 9 hours
(C) 10 hours (D) 12 hours
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8. Horse latitudes lie within the atmospheric pressure belts of–
(A) Polar high (B) Equatorial low
(C) Sub-tropical high (D) Sub-polar low
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9. Indian Green Revolution started from–
(A) Pantnagar (B) Bengaluru
(C) Kanpur (D) Delhi
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10. The importance of agriculture in Indian economy is indicated by its contribution to which of the following?
(A) National income and employment (B) Industrial development and international trade
(C) Supply of food grains (D) All of the above
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11. If a dicot stem is stained with safranin and fast green, the phloem will pick up–
(A) orange colour (B) green colour
(C) yellow colour (D) red colour
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12. The Maratha artillery in the third battle of Panipat was commanded by–
(A) Viswas Rao (B) Sadashiv Rao Bhau
(C) Ibrahim Khan Gardi (D) Malhar Rao Holkar
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13. the district with highest propotion ST and ......... is the district with the highest pro potions of SC.
(A) Koch-Bihar, Sarchhip (B) Hathras, Lawngtlai
(C) Sarchhip, Koch-Bihar (D) Lawgtlai, Hathras
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14. What is meant by "Pietra dura"?
(A) A fusion of Persian and Indian features
(B) Construction of building with glazed tiles and marbles
(C) Decorated ceiling with miniature paintings
(D) Decorating walls with floral designs made up of semi-precious stones
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15. The founder of Boy Scouts and Civil Guides movement in India was–
(A) Charles Andrews (B) Baden Powell
(C) Richard Temple (D) Robert Montgomery
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16. The hill station of Coonoor is located in which one of the following States?
(A) Karnataka (B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Kerala (D) Tamil Nadu
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17. A permanent memory, which holds data and instruction for start up the computer and does not erase data after power off is–
(C) ROM (D) Network interface card
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18. The image form by an object of a compound microscope is–
(A) virtual and enlarged (B) virtual and diminish
(C) real and diminish (D) real and enlarged
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19. Hair of a shaving brush cling together when the brush is removed from water due to–
(A) viscosity (B) elasticity
(C) friction (D) surface tension
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20. The Amendment regarding the formation of a new State by separating territory from any other State must be passed by–
(A) Only Lok Sabha
(B) Only Rajya Sabha
(C) Both the Houses of Parliament
(D) Both the Houses of Parliament and before that the opinion of that State is to be ascertained by the President
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21. Which one of the following is not related to the Constitutional Government?
(A) Coalition Government (B) Presidential Government
(C) Hierarchy Government (D) Federal Government
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22. In a Presidential Government–
(A) the President is responsible to the legislature
(B) the Cabinet is collectively responsible to the Lower House of the legislature
(C) the Cabinet is responsible to both houses of legislature
(D) the President is responsible to the people
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23. When we consider 15° meridian on a world map or globe and count them in an Eastward direction starting with Greenwich Meridian (0°), we find that the time of this meridian is–
(A) same as Greenwich (B) 1 hour fast
(C) 1 hour slow (D) 12 hours fast
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24. Which one of the following projects of the NHPC (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation) has the largest power generation capacity (installed)?
(A) Baira-Siul (B) Chamera-I
(C) Loktak (D) Salal
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25. The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act was legislated in–
(A) 1974 (B) 1976
(C) 1977 (D) 1978
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