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General Awareness Quiz 5

1. The Rani Jhansi Regiment, the Women's Regiment of Azad Hind Fauj, was under whose command?
(A) Usha Mehta (B) Anne Mascarene
(C) Aruna Asaf Ali (D) Lakshmi Sehgal
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2. The highest body that approves Five Year Plans in India is–
(A) Planning Commission (B) National Development Council
(C) Interstate Council (D) Union Cabinet
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3. Economic Planning is in–
(A) Union List (B) State List
(C) Concurrent List (D) None of these
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4. Relics of Buddha are preserved in a–
(A) Vihara (B) Chaitya
(C) Stupa (D) Monastery
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5. The part of Delhi where Qutbuddin Aibak laid the foundation of the first so-called "Seven cities" of medieval Delhi was–
(A) Siri (B) Tughlaqabad
(C) Mehrauli (D) Hauz Khas
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6. Venugopal Dhoot is associated with which one of the following?
(A) Suzlon (B) Videocon
(C) Ranbaxy (D) Maruti Udyog
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7. When Raja Wodeyar founded the Kingdom of Mysore, who was the ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire?
(A) Sadasiva (B) Tirumala
(C) Ranga II (D) Venkata II
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8. The foreign traveller whose account does not throw light on the history of the Sultanate is–
(A) Ibn Batuta (B) Marco Polo
(C) Abdur Razzaq (D) Athanasius Nikitin
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9. For which one of the following is Lamba in Gujarat, famous?
(A) Cultivation of oil yielding plants (B) Wind power plant
(C) Oil refinery (D) Uranium enrichment plant
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10. The most advanced evolutionary influorescent is found in–
(A) Dahlia (B) Calotropis
(C) Salvia (D) Yucca
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11. The ratio of organic matter to inorganic matter in the cell is–
(A) 1 : 9 (B) 10 : 5
(C) 9 : 1 (D) 5 : 10
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12. Which of the following could be Digital input devices for computers?
(A) Digital camcorder (B) Microphone
(C) Scanner (D) All of these
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13. Under the Indian Constitution, the Comptroller and Auditor General is–
(A) responsible only to the executive head (B) responsible to both Parliament and the executive
(C) responsible to only Parliament (D) independent of both Parliament and the executive
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14. Which one of the following commissions recommended the setting up of a Public Service Commission (PSC) for recruitment of personnel to the Public Service in India?
(A) Simon Commission (B) Lee Commission
(C) Atlee Commission (D) Radcliff Commission
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15. The provision of amending the Constitutional Provision is given in–
(A) Part XIX Article 356 (B) Part XX Article 356
(C) Part XX Article 368 (D) Part XIX Article 368
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16. June 21 is the longest day of the year for those living in the Northern hemisphere. What is the shortest day of the year for those living in the Southern hemisphere?
(A) March 21 (B) September 21
(C) December 21 (D) June 21
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17. Which one of the following is correct?
Great bear is a
(A) galaxy (B) planet
(C) star (D) constellation
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18. The practice of monoculture is not favoured in farming because–
(A) it leads to a glut in production (B) it causes a fall in prices of farm produce
(C) it is susceptible to diseases (D) it is not suited for small holdings
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19. Which among the following is not a 'geographical indicator'?
(A) Kani Shawl (B) Naga Mircha
(C) Mysore Silk (D) Darjeeling Basmati
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20. Fawazil in the Sultanate period means–
(A) extra payment made to the nobles(B) revenue assigned in lieu of salary
(C) excess amount paid to the exchequer by the iqtadars (D) illegal exactions extracted from the peasants
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21. Which one of the following Indian States does not share border with Bhutan?
(A) Sikkim (B) Meghalaya
(C) Paschim Banga (D) Arunachal Pradesh
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22. The decadal growth of population for India as whole declined from ..... in 1981-91 to ..... in 2001-11–
(A) 23. 87, 17. 61 (B) 17. 61, 10. 61
(C) 20. 87, 10. 61 (D) 17. 00, 9. 61
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23. The immediate political factor which gave way to the rise of the Marathas was–
(A) Aurangzeb's viceroyalty in the Deccan (B) Mughal offensive against Bijapur and Golconda
(C) annexation of Ahmadnagar by the Mughals (D) repeated failures of the Mughals against the Deccani states
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24. Which one among the following parts of castor seed yields oil?
(A) Nucellus (B) Ccaruncle
(C) Endosperm (D) Cotyledon
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25. Pattadakal group of monuments are located in which one of the following States?
(A) Bihar (B) Odisha
(C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Karnataka
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