Latest GK Objective Questions with Answers

1. The main body of the United Nations organization is the–
(A) Trusteeship Council (B) General Assembly (C) Security Council (D) Secretariat
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2. Where did the Tebhaga Movement occur in 1946 ?
(A) Bihar (B) Punjab (C) Gujarat (D) Bengal
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3. The first Indian Factory Act (1881) was passed by–
(A) Lord Curzon (B) Lord Wellesley (C) Lord Cornwallis (D) Lord Ripon
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4. Panchet Hydro-electric power scheme is in–
(A) West Bengal (B) Jammu and Kashmir (C) Gujarat (D) Himachal Pradesh
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5. The number of atomic power plants existing in India today is–
(A) 6 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 9
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6. Which part of a computer helps to store information?
(A) Disk drive (B) Keyboard (C) Monitor (D) Printer
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7. What are the ‘Core Industries’ in India?
(A) Electricity (B) Coal (C) Petroleum Products (D) All of these
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8. Swamjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana came into being in–
(A) April, 1995 (B) April, 1997 (C) April, 1999 (D) July, 2001
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9. Finance Bill of Indian Government is presented in–
(A) Upper House (B) Lower House (C) Legislative Council (D) Legislative Assembly
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10. A wide variety of industrial products are made from
(A) Wheat (B) Corn (C) Barley (D) Oats
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11. Melbourne is the important centre of–
(A) New Zealand (B) Tasmania (C) Victoria (D) Australia
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12. When is World Day of Social Justice observed?
(A) January 22 (B) December 30 (C) October 27 (D) February 20
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13. When is Data Protection Day observed?
(A) January 28 (B) December 30 (C) October 27 (D) February 20
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14. When is National girl child day of India Day?
(A) January 25 (B) January 24 (C) October 24 (D) November 14
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15. Sirajuddaulah was defeated by Lord Clive in the battle of–
(A) Plassey (B) Buxar (C) Munger (D) Wandiwash
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16. One ‘megabyte is equal to approximately–
(A) 1000 bits (B) 1000 bytes (C) 1 million bytes (D) 1 million bits
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17. In which year was High Court in Madras established?
(A) 1862 (B) 1871 (C) 1881 (D) 1891
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18. Pediplains occur in–
(A) Glaciated regions (B) Humid regions (C) Semi-arid regions (D) Coastal regions
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19. Pyrometer is used to measure–
(A) Air pressure (B) Humidity (C) High temperature (D) Intensity of earth quake
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20. The lowest temperature is recorded by–
(A) Maximum thermometer (B) Mercurial thermometer (C) Alcohol thermometer (D) None of these
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21. The Heavy Chemical Industry in–
(A) Delhi (B) Sindri (C) Sonipat (D) Howrah
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22. Allows you to print–
(A) Ribbon (B) Monitor (C) Go now (D) Ctrl+ P
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23. The challenger rise is located in–
(A) The pacific ocean (B) The Indian ocean (C) The Atlantic ocean (D) The Arctic ocean
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24. Which of the following is a current?
(A) Kuroshio (B) Benguela (C) Brazil (D) Gulf stream
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25. Cold currents have cooling effect on the shore of–
(A) Peru (B) Japan (C) Western Europe (D) Alaska
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