Current GK Objective Questions with Answers

1. The Earth makes one complete revolution in–
(A) 365 days (B) 360 days (C) 365 1/2 days (D) 1 day
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2. Which is the largest Gulf in the World?
(A) The Gulf of Cambay (B) The Gulf of Mexico (C) The Persian Gulf (D) The Strait of Hormuz
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3. The canal joining Baltic Sea to North Sea is–
(A) Kiel Canal (B) Suez Canal (C) Panama Canal (D) Bass Strait
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4. Jamini Roy was a famous–
(A) Actor (B) Producer (C) Dancer (D) Painter
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5. Who was the first Chairman of the SAARC ?
(A) Mr. Zia ur Rehman (B) Lt. Gen. H.M. Ershad (C) King Birendra (D) Mrs. Indira Gandhi
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6. Which river has no mention in Rigaveda?
(A) Sindhu (B) Saraswati (C) Yamuna (D) Periyar
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7. The subject-matter of Ajanta painting pertains to–
(A) Jainism (B) Buddhism (C) Vaishnavism (D) Shavism
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8. The Aravalli hills are located in–
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Rajasthan (C) Assam (D) Jharakhand
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9. Mahanadi river rises in–
(A) Amarkantak (B) Satpura (C) Vindhyachal (D) Sihava
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10. The pattern of printed lines on most products are called–
(A) prices (B) OCR (C) scanners (D) barcodes
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11. Which one of the following is a private bank?
(A) Allahabad Bank (B) Punjab and Sind Bank (C) Punjab National Bank (D) Punjab Bank
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12. Central Co-operative Banks work at–
(A) District level (B) State level (C) National level (D) Block level
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13. Andhra Pradesh was created as a linguistic State in–
(A) 1950 (B) 1953 (C) 1956 (D) 1961
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14. Fishing, hunting and food gathering activities are carried out by–
(A) Semangs of Malaysia (B) Masais of East Africa (C) Bedouins of Arabia (D) Kirghiz of Central Asia
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15. Adelaide is situated in–
(A) Congo basin (B) Amazon basin (C) Danube basin (D) Murray basin
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16. Chanda Kochhar leads to which of the organisation?
(A) HDFC Bank (B) ICICI Bank (C) Dabur (D) ACC Cement
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17. The first cotton mill in India established?
(A) Surat (B) Mumbai (C) Ahmedabad (D) Coimbatore
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18. Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa in–
(A) 1914 (B) 1915 (C) 1916 (D) 1917
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19. R-12 structure oil field is near–
(A) Mumbai (B) Machalipatnam (C) Vishakhapatnam (D) Naharkatia
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20. Tuticorin port is located in the state of–
(A) Odisha (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Kerala (D) Tamil Nadu
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21. The only film-maker to get Bharat Ratna was–
(A) Raj Kapoor (B) G.P. Sippy (C) Satyajit Ray (D) S.S. Yasan
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22. When was Niger Basin Authority established–
(A) 1983 (B) 1981 (C) 1980 (D) 1982
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23. The Poona pact was signed in–
(A) 1930 (B) 1931 (C) 1932 (D) 1933
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24. In which field of Art did Jamini Roy make his name?
(A) Sculpture (B) Music (C) Painting (D) Drama
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25. The Railway wheel axile is manufactured by–
(A) BEML (B) HMT (C) BHEL (D) None of these
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