Essay on Summer Season in English for Students (310 Words)

summer season essay

Whenever the scene of summer comes into our mind, we started hating as well as liking. It is said to be the hottest season of the year. It is too hot and sultry during this season. However, it is also an enjoyable season since we will be on vacation and there will be lots of plans for vacation during this time. During this season, we mostly got too cold areas. During this time, we go to a hill station, swimming, etc. Due to high environmental temperature, all the colleges and schools declare holidays during this time after conducting final exams. Besides this, many schools conduct vacation crash courses like Swimming, Horse Riding, sword fight, Karate, etc. in their schools.

During this season, days are longer than nights. This season comes before Spring and after Autumn. The weather is dry during this season. Northern hemisphere faces the Summer season, the southern hemisphere faces the Winter season and when the northern hemisphere faces the Winter season, it is vice versa in the Southern hemisphere.

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Most of the popular holidays fall in this season. Besides this, all Indian schools declare their annual holidays during this season. There are many additional classes held by schools, in order to make free time useful for children. The students plan for activities like picnics, outing etc. Kids enjoy visiting beaches, during this season. The International game, ‘Olympic’, is also organized during the summer season once every four years. This is peak time in hill stations when people come from different parts of the country.

In spite of an increase in temperature and humidity, during this season, most of the people from different age groups enjoy this season a lot because during this season they get a chance to spend time with their family. We also get a lot of time to learn something new besides our main work, which is useful in the near future.

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