UPSSSC Junior Assistant/Junior Clerk Solved Question Papers PDF

UPSSSC Junior Assistant Question Paper

UPSSSC Junior Assistant Question Papers - Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission (UPSSSC) has Recently Uploaded Answer Key, Question Paper for the Post of Junior Assistant 2016. This examination was held on May 31, 2019. In which total 80 questions were asked. Read at all these questions with explanation. Click the link below to download PDF.

General Awareness Solved Question
1. Gautam Buddha preached the Dharmmacakkappavattana Sutta (Dharmacakrapravartana Sutra) at :
(A) Kapilavastu (B) Lumbini
(C) Bodhgaya (D) Samath✓

2. Before the opening of Pakyong, the nearest airport to Sikkim's state capital of Gangtok was
(A) Bagdogra✓ (C) Umroi
(B) Lilabari (D) Dimapur

3. Arms crossed across the chest would signify
(A) Patience (B) Confidence
(C) A defensive attitude✓ (D) Insecurity

4. What would be the best approach if your mistake at work has caused a loss to your organisation?
(A) Call in sick (B) Blame it on a colleague
(C) Own up and resolve it before it becomes a bigger problem✓ (D) Tell a lie to hide the mistake

5. The Statue of Unity is a tribute to
(A) Mahatma Gandhi (B) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel✓
(C) Pandit Nehru (D) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

6. Which of the following should not form a part of your introduction when you meet someone professionally?
(A) Your role or title (B) Your likes and dislikes✓
(C) Your business, trade, or industry (D) A brief description of your business

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7. Which Washington Post columnist was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istambul on October 2, 2018?
(A) Daniel Pearl (B) Khaled AI Maeena
(C) Jamal Khashoggi✓(D) Charles Lane

8. Which of the following is one of the two official languages of Uttar Pradesh?
(A) Urdu✓ (B) Awadhi
(C) Bundeli (D) Bagheri

9. The Battle of Plassey was fought between the British and :
(A) Siraj Ud Daulah✓ (B) Habibullah Khan
(C) Osman Ali Khan (D) Mir Muhammed Yusuf Khan

10. Kartchenjunga, the third tallest mountain in the world, lies on the border between
(A) India and Bhutan (B) India and China
(C) India and Nepal✓ (D) India and Tibet

11. An institution of self-government for rural areas, constituted under article-243B of the Indian Constitution, is called
(A) Gram Sabha (B) Pimchayat✓
(C) Gramin Sabha (D) Gram Seva

12. The Negotiable Instruments Act is an act to define and amend the law relating to :
(A) Bitls of excjlange, promissory notes, cheques✓
(B) Bills of lading, bills of exchange promissory notes
(C) Promissory notes, hundis, cheques
(D) Promissory notes, bills of lading hundis

13. Which of the following states is the largest producer of food grains in India?
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Punjab
(C) Uttar Pradesh✓ (D) Karnataka

14. Which of these is not a computer progranuTringlanguage?
(A) C+ + (B) Objective-C
(C) C# (D) C@✓

15. Which of the following is not a task performed by a CPU of a computer?
(A) Fetching instructions (B) Interpreting instructions
(C) Storing data permanently (D) Processing data✓

16. The Indian Constitution promises its citizens equality of :
(A) expression and belief (B) status and opportunity✓
(C) thought and expression (D) opportunity and expression

17. Ray Tomlinson is credited for :
(A) Sending the first e-man ever✓  (B) Building the first computer
(C) Inventing the calculator (D) Development of the Internet

18. Uttar Pradesh is famous for :
(A) Chunar black clay pottery✓ (B) Hassuna pottery
(C) Halaf pottery (D) Ubaid pottery

19. The three brothers of Nathuram Godse who were members of RSS were :
(A) Dattatraya, Govind, Gopal✓
(B) Gopal, Govind, Vinayak
(C) Govind, Vinayak, Dattatraya
(D) Vinayak, Dattatraya, Gopal

20. Which of the following Indian batswoman's brother is a district level cricketer?
(A) Harmanpreet Kaur (B) Smriti Mandhana✓
(C) Mithali Raj (D) Poonam Yadav

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