Reasoning Questions Asked in IBPS PO Pre 2018 PDF Solved Papers

IBPS Reasoning Questions
IBPS Probationary Officers (Pre.) Exam, 2018 held on dated 14 October 2018. We are giving questions of Reasoning of this exam with answers. Reasoning questions are quite easy. You just need correct practice and hardwire your brain to quickly make decisions of what to attempt and what to leave. And for same we are providing you questions of Reasoning Question and Answers. Solve these to Practice latest pattern reasoning question for bank exams.

Reasoning Solved Question Paper PDF

1. If it is possible to make only one meaningful English word with the first, the sixth, the ninth and the tenth letters. (When counted from left to right) of the word-‘JUNCTIONAL’, using each letter only once, which would be the third letter of that word from the left end ? If more than one such word can be formed, give ‘X’ as the answer. If no such word can be formed, give Z as your answer.
(A) Z (B) I
(C) X (D) L
(E) A
Ans : (B)

Directions-(Q. 2 to 6) Study the given information carefully to answer the given question :
Ten boxes are kept in a stack one above the other but not necessarily in the Same order. Only five boxes are kept between M and N. Only three boxes are kept between N and Q. As many boxes are kept between M and Q as between M and S. W is kept immediately above S. The number of boxes kept above W is one less than the number of boxes kept below T. T is not kept at the top of the stack. V is kept immediately above P. Only two boxes are kept between P and O. R is kept at one of the positions above O.

2. Which of the following boxes is kept immediately above and immediately below box O respectively?
(A) P and Q (B) M and W
(C) M and Q (D) Wand N
(E) N and P
Ans : (C)

3. Which of the following statements is not true as per the given arrangement?
(A) All the given statements are true
(B) Only two boxes are kept between V and N
(C) R is kept immediately above M
(D) Only one box is kept above S
(E) P is kept at the third position from the bottom of the stack
Ans : (A)

4. Which is the position of O in the given stack of boxes?
(A) Fourth from the top
(B) Second from the bottom
(C) Fifth from the top
(D) Fifth from the bottom
(E) Fourth from the bottom
Ans : (C)

5. T is related to V and O is related to R following a certain pattern based on the given arrangement. To which of the following is Q related to following the same pattern?
(A) N (C) M
(C) W (D) T
(E) P
Ans : (B)

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6. How many boxes are kept between R and S?
(A) Four (B) One
(C) Three (D) Two
(E) None
Ans : (E)

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