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mcq questions on rivers of india

100+ MCQs Questions on Rivers of India: Dear aspirants, We are presenting you a 50 GK Questions based on the Rivers of India. In this Objective Questions on Indian Rivers we have selected only those questions which are already being asked in several exams and further may be asked in the upcoming exams. So try this quiz and evaluate your preparation for the upcoming exams.

1. Of which rivers system does the Koyna river form a part?
(A) The Cauvery (B) The Krishna
(C) The Godavari (D) The Mahanadi

2. With which one of the following rivers does Chambal river merge?
(A) Banas (B) Ganga
(C) Narmada (D) Yamuna

3. Which is the largest of the peninsular rivers?
(A) Godavari ✔ (B) Mahanadi
(C) Krishna (D) Cauvery

4. The Baglihar Hydropower Project, very frequently in the news, is located on which one of the following rivers?
(A) Beas (B) Chenab
(C) Ravi (D) Sutlej

5. The Jog waterfalls are on the river–
(A) Tunga Bhadra (B) Sharavathi
(C) Koyna (D) Netravathi

6. Recently Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the linking of two rivers as a link project. Which are these two rivers?
(A) Betwa and Chambal (B) Betwa and Ken
(C) Chambal and Son (D) Ken and Narmada

7. Which of the following rivers has the largest catchment areas?
(A) Narmada (B) Mahanadi
(C) Godavari ✔ (D) Krishna

8. Which one of the following rivers originates at Amarkantak?
(A) Damodar (B) Mahanadi
(C) Narmada ✔ (D) Tapti

9. Some of the rivers of peninsular India are non-perennial mainly because :
(A) Rainfall is seasonal
(B) Rainfall is low
(C) Rainfall varies from year to year
(D) Water is derived to tanks

10. Through which one among the following groups of states does the river Narmada flow?
(A) Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh
(B) Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
(C) Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
(D) Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

11. The second largest river basin in India is that of–
(A) Mahanadi (B) Godavari
(C) Narmada (D) Krishna

12. The Narmada and Tapti rivers of peninsular India flow westwards–
(A) Along with old river courses
(B) Along valleys carved by erosion
(C) Along through bounded by faults
(D) Along joints

13. Which one of the following rivers flows into the Arabian Sea?
(A) Indravati (B) Godavari
(C) Cauveri (D) Narmada

14. Which one of the following states has built the famous Gandhi Sagar across the Chambal river?
(A) Rajasthan (B) Maharashtra
(C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Madhya Pradesh

15. Which one of the following rivers originates in Brahmagiri range of Western Ghats?
(A) Pennar (B) Cauveri
(C) Krishna (D) Tapti

16. In the Cauvery river water dispute, which one of the following groups of states is concerned?
(A) Kerala and Karnataka
(B) Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra
(C) Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Puducherry
(D) Kerala, Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

17. Which one of the following rivers flows between the Vindhya Range and the Satpura Range of mountains?
(A) Narmada ✔ (B) Tapti
(C) Son (D) Chambal

18. Tapti rivers are in–
(A) Satpura range ✔ (B) Vindhyachal range
(C) Western Ghats (D) the Eastern Ghats

19. Which one is the correct sequence of the following topographical features found from upper to lower course of a river?
(A) Ox-bow lake-Rapids-Estuary
(B) Rapids-Estuary-Ox-bow lake
(C) Rapids-Ox-bow lake-Estuary
(D) Estuary-Ox-bow lake-Rapids

20. At which one of the following places do the rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi merge to form Ganga?
(A) Devprayag ✔ (B) Rudraprayag
(C) Karnaprayag (D) Vishnuprayag

21. Damodar river rises in–
(A) Chota Nagpur plateau ✔ (B) Naga hills
(C) Satpura range (D) Himalaya range

22. The reservoir GB Pant Sagar is located on which river?
(A) Betwa (B) Ghaghara
(C) Kosi (D) Rihand

23. River Luni originates near Pushkar and drains into which one of the following?
(A) Rann of Kachchh (B) Arabian Sea
(C) Gulf of Cambay (D) Lake Sambhar

24. Mahanadi river rises in–
(A) Amarkantak (B) Satpura
(C) Vindhyachal (D) Sihava

25. Which of the following three rivers of Peninsular India have the Amarkantak region as their source?
(A) Narmada, Krishna, Godavari
(B) Son, Mahanadi, Narmada
(C) Godavari, Krishna, Cauveri
(D) Chambal, Betwa, Luni

26. The city of Nasik is situated on the banks of which one of the following rivers?
(A) Krishna (B) Mandovi
(C) Godavari ✔ (D) Tapi

27. Which is the largest river in south India?
(A) Cauvery (B) Krishna
(C) Godavari ✔ (D) Tapti

28. Which one of the following places is not located on the banks of river Ganga?
(A) Uttarkashi (B) Kanpur
(C) Fatehpur ✔ (D) Bhagalpur

29. The river Godavari rises in the–
(A) Vindhyas (B) Satpura range
(C) Sahyadri (D) Naga hills

30. Deltas are common in India for the East-flowing river systems, whereas they are nearly absent on the West Coast, because of West-flowing rivers :
(A) are few
(B) have lesser water volume and carry less run-off silt
(C) originate in dry areas
(D) originate largely in the Western Ghats and have a short distance to cover the sea

31. Which is the correct arrangement of the following rivers from North to South?
(A) Godavari, Pennar, Cauveri, Periyar
(B) Pennar, Godavari, Periyar, Cauveri
(C) Godavari, Cauveri, Pennar, Periyar
(D) Cauveri, Godavari, Periyar, Pennar

32. River Indus originates from–
(A) Hindukush range (B) Himalayan range
(C) Karakoram range (D) Kailash range

33. Which among the following is the correct sequence of rivers starting from North to South?
(A) Bhima – Godavari – Penganga – Tungabhadra
(B) Godavari – Penganga – Bhima – Tungabhadra
(C) Penganga – Godavari – Bhima – Tungabhadra
(D) Penganga – Bhima – Godavari – Tungabhadra

34. Which one among the following rivers does not flow into the Bay of Bengal?
(A) Mahanadi (B) Cauveri
(C) Tapti ✔ (D) Godavari

35. The river with highest tidal bore in India is :
(A) Cauvery (B) Mahanadi
(C) Hoogli ✔ (D) Krishna

36. Which one of the following river flows between Vindhya and Satpura ranges?
(A) Narmada ✔ (B) Son
(C) Mahe (D) Netravati

37. Amravati, Bhavani, Hemavati and Kabini are tributaries of which one of the following rivers?
(A) Mahanadi (B) Godavari
(C) Cauveri ✔ (D) Krishna

38. Who is the largest river in India?
(A) Ganga ✔ (B) Brahmaputra
(C) Yamuna (D) Godavari

39. Which among the following statements provides the best evidence that a river is flowing through a rift valley?
(A) The Chambal Valley is marked by bad land topography
(B) River Tapi does not have delta but estuary
(C) River Mahanadi flows through a gorge at Satkosia
(D) River Colorado has the Grand Canyon along its valley

40. Shimsha, Hemavati, Arkavati are the tributaries of which one of the following rivers?
(A) Tapti (B) Tungabhadra
(C) Cauveri ✔ (D) Krishna

41. which one of the rivers forms an estuary in India?
(A) Narmada ✔ (B) Cauvery
(C) Krishna (D) Mahanadi

42. Chambal river is a part of :
(A) Sabarmati basin (B) Ganga basin
(C) Narmada basin ✔ (D) Godavari basin

43. The river with highest tidal bore in India is–
(A) Cauveri (B) Mahanadi
(C) Hoogli ✔ (D) Krishna

44. An important river of the Indian desert is–
(A) Luni ✔ (B) Narmada
(C) Krishna (D) Beas

45. What is the correct sequence of the rivers Godavari, Mahanadi, Narmada and Tapi in the descending order of their lengths?
(A) Godavari – Mahanadi – Narmada – Tapi
(B) Godavari – Narmada – Mahanadi – Tapi
(C) Narmada – Godavari – Tapi – Mahanadi
(D) Narmada – Tapi – Godavari – Mahanadi

46. The Nagarjunasagar dam is constructed on the river–
(A) Krishna ✔(B) Chambal
(C) Kosi (D) Sutlej

47. Which one of the following East flowing rivers of India has rift valley due to down warping?
(A) Damodar ✔ (B) Mahanadi
(C) Son (D) Yamuna

48. The river also known as Tsangpo is Tibet is–
(A) Ganga  (B) Brahmaputra
(C) Indu (D) Teesta

49. On which one of the following rivers is located Indo-Pak Bagalihar Project?
(A) Sutlej (B) Jhelum
(C) Beas (D) Chenab

50. The Alamatti is on the river–
(A) Godavari (B) Cauveri
(C) Krishna ✔ (D) Mahanadi

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