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Agricultural Engineering Questions and Answers MCQ

Agricultural Engineering Questions MCQ
- Dear Aspirants, Most important Agricultural Engineering Objective Questions and Answers useful for General Agriculture for preparation of SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc. IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD, SSC, Banks, IBPS, CAT-MAT, Railways, Police & many more competitive examinations & entrance tests.

1. Tractor operation in a lower gear causes–
(A) More pull✓ (B) Reduced pull
(C) Less torque (D) All of these

2. The dynamometer required for indoor testing is–
(A) Absorption (B) Torsion
(B) Brake (D) Chasis✓

3. The length of Engineer's chain (Ramsden's chain) is–
(A) 33 ft. (B) 66 ft.
(C) 50 ft. (D) 100 ft.✓

4. Valve timing diagram is a function of–
(A) Engine speed✓ (B) Torque
(C) Compression ratio (D) B. M. E. P.

5. Best speed to get minimum brake specific fuel consumption is–
(A) Minimum (B) Maximum✓
(C) Average (D) None

6. The maximum overall efficiency of a hydrostatic drive is–
(A) 60 % (B) 70 %
(C) 80 %✓ (D) 90 %

7. Brake testing is done at–
(A) Maximum speed (B) Minimum speed
(C) 25 kmph✓ (D) None of the above

8. Land plane is ideally suited for–
(A) Land levelling (B) Earth moving
(C) Final grading (D) Top finishing✓

9. Negative slip of tractor is obtained in field operation of–
(A) ploughing (B) interculture
(C) spraying (D) rota tilling✓

10. Calorific value of high speed diesel is kcal/ kg–
(A) 9,500 (B) 10,550✓
(C) 11,550 (D) 12,500

11. Vertical suction of plough influences–
(A) Pulverization (B) Depth of cut✓
(C) Width of cut (D) Direction of pull

12. In a forced feed lubrication system of an Ie engine, the oil pump is operated by–
(A) Cam shaft✓ (B) Crank shaft
(C) Transmission shaft (D) Fan belt

13. The choke in carburettor is provided to–
(A) cut off fuel supply (B) control air supply✓
(C) cut off air fuel mixture (D) control fuel mixture

14. Tractive and transmission co-efficient is–
(A) Ratio of bhp and Ihp (B) dbhp and Ihp
(C) Drawbar power to PTO power✓ (D) None of the above of these

15. The temperature (in DC) within the cylinder of an internal combustion engine of a tractor ranges between–
(A) 800 to 1200 (B) 1200 to 1600
(B) 1650 to 2200✓ (D) 2200 to 2800

16. Standard PTO speed is–
(A) 536 rev/min. (B) 1000 rev/min.✓
(C) 1440 rev/min. (D) 2000 rev/min.

17. Most mechanized crop in India is present–
(A) Paddy (B) Wheat✓
(C) Maize (D) Sugarcane

18. LVDT can be used to measure–
(A) Torque✓ (B) Displacement
(C) Acceleration (D) Velocity

19. The undamped natural frequency of wheel of tractors lies in the range of–
(A) 5 to 10 Hz✓ (B) 10 to 15 Hz
(C) 15 to 20 Hz (D) 20 to 25 Hz

20. Photovoltaic solar cells are made of –
(A) Gun metal (B) Carbon
(C) Silicon✓ (D) Aluminium

21. Land scraper is an equipement best used for–
(A) Reclamation (B) Cultivation
(C) Soil movement✓ (D) None

22. The throat of a reaper cutter bar is–
(A) 5 cm✓ (B) 6 cm
(C) 7.5 em (D) 10 cm

23. Disc angle in disc plough is–
(A) 30 - 35 (B) 34 - 37
(C) 38 - 40 (D) 42 - 45✓

24. If size of a seed drill is doubled and speed is' halved, then coverage will be–
(A) Doubled (B) Halved
(C) Unchanged✓ (D) None of the above

25. BHP of an engine indicates–
(A) Power in cylinder (B) Power on flywheel✓
(C) Frictional power (D) Power at PTO pulley

26. Turbo chargers are driven by–
(A) Engine (B) Dynamo
(C) Exhaust gas✓ (D) PTO

27. The water horse power required to discharge the liquid through a sprayer at 30 lit/min. rate and 30 kg Zcm 2 pressure will be–
(A) 3.5 hp (B) 3 hp
(C) 2 hp✓ (D) 1.5 hp

28. Power sprayers are operated at a pressure of–
(A) 5 - 10 kg/m2 (B) 10 - 20 kg/m2
(C) 20 - 55 kg/m2✓ (A) > 55 kg/m2

29. A reaper is used for–
(A) cutting crop✓ (B) cutting and windrowing
(C) cutting and threshing (D) None

30. The upper safe noise level for machine operator is–
(A) 85 db✓  (B) 100 db
(C) 110 db  (D) 115 db

31. Sub soiler plough is best suited for–
(A) Deep ploughing (B) Breaking hard fan✓
(C) Making ditches (D) Inter cultivation

32. In check rowing, the seed spacing is–
(A) Constant (B) Continuous
(C) Same as rows✓ (D) None of the above

33. Sub soilers are operated at maximum depth of–
(A) 30 - 40 cm (B) 45 - 75 cm✓
(C) 75 - 90 cm (D) 10 - 20 cm

34. In electrostatic spraying, the total volume of liquid to be sprayed over one hectare is–
(A) < 1 Iitres✓ (B) 50 litres
(C) 100 litres (D) > 100 litres

35. Gears 'commonly used on fuel injection pumps are–
(A)' Spur gears (B) Helical gears
(C) Rack and pinion✓ (D) Spiral

36. % of wheel slip allowed for field operation of steel is in the range of–
(A) 5 - 10✓ (B) 10 - 15
(C) 15 - 20 (D) 20 - 25

37. DrillabiIity of fertilizers is proportional to the kinetic angle of repose–
(A) Inversely✓ (B) Directly
(C) Unaffected (D) None of the above of these

38. To overcome rearward deflection the load given to outer end of the cutter bar is about–
(A) 1'5 cm/m (B) 2'0 cmy m✓
(C) 3'0 cm/m (D) 3'5 cmy m

39. The ratio of reel peripheral speed to forwarding speed of combine is called–
(A) Velocity index (B) Angular velocity index
(C) Reel speed index✓ (D) Kinematic index

40. Kinematic index of straw walker should lies between for minimum straw walker losses
(A) 1.2 - 2.2 (B) 2.2 - 2.6✓
(C) 2.6 - 3.2 (D) 3.2 - 3.6

41. A combine harvestor with 4 m cutter bar and 4 km/hr speed of operation will harvest ha/hr.
(A) 1.2 (B) 1.5
(C) 1.6✓ (D) 1.7

42. Rotavator working in reverse direction for compacting the soil and giving a good touch to inter culturing is called–
(A) Rotary tiller (B) Power tiller
(C) Power harrow (D) Treader✓

43. The rotary or oscillating tool which does not turn the soil upside down is–
(A) Power tiller (B) Rotavator
(C) Power harrow✓ (D) Treader or rotary tiller

44. Maximum noise level from a tractor near the operator's ear should not exceed–
(A) 85 dB✓ (B) 90 dB
(C) 95 dB (D) 100 dB

45. Thermal efficiency of a diesel engine varies between–
(A) 18-24% (B) 25-31%
(C) 32-38%✓ (D) 38-45%

46. The PTO HP of a tractor is–
(A) Less than drawbar horsepower (B) More than engine hp
(C) More than drawbar hp✓ (D) Less than friction hp

47. The most commonly used pumps in tractor hydraulic system are–
(A) Piston type (B) Gear type✓
(C) Vane type (D) Centrifugal type

48. The purpose of registration in a mower is–
(A) To get the uniform length of cut of grass
(B) To run the mower at uniform torque
(C) To run the mower at minimum power✓
(D) To reduce the occurence of overload

49. The use of tractor is considered economical when it is utiIised for–
(A) 800 hrs/year (B) 1000 hrs/year✓
(C) J200 hrs/year (D) 1400 hrs/year

50. Specific gravity of fully charged battery is–
(A) 0. 95 (B) 1.10
(C) 1. 28✓ (D) 1.32

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