Agronomy related Questions Answers for Competitive Exams & Interview

Most important Agronomy related Questions and Answers useful for General Agriculture for ICAR and other JRF, SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc. IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD Agri Competitive exams and Tests.

1. Raising of crop with the least tillage operations is called–
(A) Zero tillage (B) Minimum tillage✓
(C) No tillage (D) Heavy tillage

2. Which is generally used for correcting soil acidity?
(A) Gypsum (B) Lime✓
(C) Iron pyrites (D) Both (A) and (B)

3. Which one of the following micronutrients is a constituent of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase?
(A) Zinc✓ (B) Copper
(C) Iron (D) Chlorite

4. Atrazine' effectively control grasses in maize field without causing harm to the crop plants, as degradation of the chemical in maize plant occurs due to the presence of–
(A) R- Q enzyme (B) Amylases
(C) Aryl acyl amidase (D) GSH enzyme✓

5. Epricania ntelanoleuca is a parasitoid effective against–
(A) Sugarcane scale (B) Rice mealy bug
(C) Sugarcane pyrilla✓ (D) Rice leaf hopper

6. Most serious disease of sugarcane is–
(A) Red stripe (B) Red rot✓
(C) Wilt (D) Smut

7. Which element is essential for sugar translocation in sugarcane?
(A) P (B) K✓
(C) B (D) Mo

8. AICRP on sugarcane was started in
(A) 1959 (B) 1960
(C) 1970 - 71✓ (D) 1985 - 86

9. Which state has the highest productivity of sugarcane?
(A) U. P. (B) W. B.
(C) Karnataka (D) Tamil Nadu✓

10. Phalaris minor in wheat can be controlled by using–
(A) 2, 4 - D (B) lsoproturon✓
(C) Atrazine (D) Gramaxone

11. Indian dwarf wheat belongs to–
(A) T. durum (B) Triticum aestiuum
(C) T. spherococcum✓ (D) T. spelta

12. Kent, Coachman and Fleming Gold are the varieties belongs to–
(A) Lucerne (B) Oat✓
(C) Tobacco (D) Berseern

13. Dead heart and white head damage to rice is caused by–
(A) Gall midge (B) Leafroller
(C) Armyworm (D) Stem borer✓

14. Propanil (Stamp F-34) herbicides should be applied in rice after transplanting–
(A) 2 - 4 OAT (B) 6 - 8 DAT✓
(C) 10 - 14 DAT (D) 2 weeks

15. The seed rate of rice cultivation in broadcasting and drilling method respectively should be–
(A) 100, 60 kg/ha✓ (B) 60, too kg/ha
(C) 45, 100 kg/ha (D) 100, 45 kg/ha

16. The sowing time of boro or value rice is–
(A) Nov. - Dee✓ (B) June - July
(C) May - June (D) March - April

17. For ripening of rice, the temperature should lie between–
(A) 21 - 37°C (B) 26.5 - 29.5°C
(C) 20 - 25°C✓ (D) 15 - 20°C

18. Rice grown in Indonesia belongs to–
(A) O. glaberrima (B) O. sativa indica
(C) O. sativa Japonica (D) O. sativa Jauanica✓

19. India has the largest area in rice cultivation in the world, which is about–
(A) 26 mha (B) 36 mha
(C) 45 mha✓ (D) 50 mha

20. Which country rank second in wheat production ?
(A) India✓ (B) USA
(C) Russia (D) China

21. The first wheat variety having short plant height, lodging resistance and higher grain yield was–
(A) Dee - gee - woo - gen (B) Norin-10✓
(C) Lerma Rojo 64A (D) Sonara - 64

22. The inflorescence of wheat is known as–
(A) Ear✓ (B) Raceme
(C) Panicle (D) Umbel.

23. N, P2O5 and K2O contents of DAP are–
(A) 46 - 18 - 0 (B) 18 - 46 - 0✓
(C) 0 - 18 - 46 (D) 0 - 46 - 18

24. Headquarter of Rainfed Authority of India is located at–
(A) New Delhi✓ (B) Bikaner
(C) Hyderabad (D) Indore

25.  How much quantity of true potato seed is required for one hectare planting ?
(A) 100 g✓ (B) 200 g
(C) 300 g (D) 400 g

26. The highest production of mustard in India is in, the state of–
(A) Gujarat (B) U. P.
(C) Punjab (D) Rajasthan✓

27. Potato is a–
(A) Modified stem✓ (B) Modified root
(C) Modified leaf (D) Modified flower

28. Biuret content in urea should not exceed ...... according to fertilizer control order, 1957.
(A) 1.0% (B) 1.5%✓
(C) 2.0% (D) 2.5%

29. A device for measuring percolation and leaching losses from a column of soil under controlled conditions is known as–
(A) Infiltrometer (B) Evaporimeter
(C) Psychrometer (D) Lysimeter✓

30. The seed rate of hybrid maize is–
(A) 20 - 25 kg/ha✓ (B) 18 - 20 kg/ha
(C) 30 - 35 kg/ha (D) 10 - 15 kg/ha

31. For which type of fertilizer India is fully dependent on imports–
(A) N-fertilizer (B) P-fertilizer
(C) K-fertiIizer✓ (D) None of these

32. Which of the following elements is not considered as fertilizer nutrient?
(A) C✓ (B) N
(C) S (D) Zn

33. Sesamum belongs to the family–
(A) Chenopodiaceae (B) Papilionaceae
(C) Leguminosae (D) PedaIiaceae✓

34. The insect bollworm is commonly found on
(A) Maize (B) Wheat
(C) Cotton✓ (D) Rice

35. The relationship between water and fertilizer as production factors in crops is–
(A) Additive (B) Synergetic✓
(C) Antagonistic (D) None of these

36. Botanical name of Sewan grass is
(A) Lasiurus sindicus✓ (B) Panicum maximum
(C) Csmodon dactijlon (D) Cenchrus ciliaris

37. The term "Evergreen Revolution" has been given by
(A) Dr. AS Faroda (B) Dr. MS Swaminathan✓
(C) Dr. VL Chopra (D) Dr. RS Paroda

38. Which one of the following nutrients is constituent of the cell wall in the plants?
(A) Phosphorus (B) Calcium✓
(C) Sulfur (D) Potassium

39. If a plant shows extensive interveinal chlorosis of the older leaves and late this reaches the younger leaves, the symptoms is due to lack of–
(A) Magnesium✓ (B) Calcium
(C) Phosphorus (D) Copper

40. If on a 20 acre farm, crops are raised on 15 acres in rabi, 15 acres in kharif and 20 acres in zaid in a year, what shall be the cropping intensity–
(A) 300% (B) 400%
(C) 250%✓ (D) 150%

41. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
(A) Paddy gall fly : Silver leaf
(B) Rice bug : Repugnant smell
(C) Rice stem borer : Black ears✓
(D) Rice zig-zag leaf hopper : Orange leaf

42. Which one of the following diseases of pigeonpea is transmitted by Eryophid mite?
(A) Phytophthora stem rot (B) Cercospora leaf spot
(C) Yellow mosaic (D) Sterility mosaic✓

43. Which one of the following causes more wastages of herbicide by drift ?
(A) High volume sprayer (B) Ultra-low volume sprayer✓
(C) Hand sprayer (D) Low volume sprayer

44. UG - 99 is a stem rust causing fungi in wheat was reported first time from–
(A) Uganda✓ (B) Pakistan
(C) America (D) Ukraine

45. Which one of the following is relay cropping system ?
(A) Maize - mustard - pearlmillet + cowpea (B) Maize - potato - wheat - greengram✓
(C) Blackgram- wheat- greengram(D) Pearlmillet- mustard- greengram

46. In dwarf wheat, sowing depth is related to–
(A) Length of radicle (B) Length of coleoptile✓
(C) Temperature (D) Humidity

47. The concept of Q/ I relationship was developed by–
(A) Mitscherlich (B) Beckett✓
(C) Schofield (D) Martin

48. The origin place of potato is–
(A) China (B) South America✓
(C) Tropical America (D) Africa

49. At permanent wilting point (PWP) the pF value is–
(A) 0.0 (B) 2.5
(C) 4.2✓ (D) 6.0

50. A fertilizer which supplies three essential plant nutrients is–
(C) SSP✓ (D) SOP

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