List of 20 Most Important Lakes in India (State Wise) for UPSC, SSC, Bank Exams

Questions asked on Lakes in India –

Which is the largest freshwater lake in India? – Wular Lake
Which is the largest salt lake in India? – Sambhar Salt Lake
Which is the largest artificial lake in India? – Dhebar Lake
Which is the largest lake in India? – Wular Lake
Which is the smallest lake in India? – Wular Lake 
Which is the deepest lake in India? – Wular Lake
Which is the longest lake in India? – Wular Lake
Which is the highest lake in India? – Tso Lhamo Lake

1. WULAR It is a tectonic lake in Kashmir, one of the largest fresh-water lakes in India. Some geographers call it an Oxbow lake of river Jhelum. River Jhelum makes its temporary delta in it. Srinagar is situated on its bank. Teen Chinar and Char Chinar are its islands. Its area is shrinking very fast.

2. DAL India’s largest freshwater lake, in Kashmir. It suffers from intensive pollution.

3. JANSAR It is a freshwater lake on Jammu-Katra road. It is a natural lake in which fishing is possible. To facilitate tourism, hotels, Dak Bungalows and restaurants have been built on its banks.

4. SAMBHAR India’s largest salt water lake, in Rajasthan. ‘Sambhar Salt Project’ is going on for the production of salt in this lake. It is badly affected by pollution and its area is shrinking very fast.

5. NAINI It is a freshwater lake in Uttarakhand, famous as a tourist spot. Nainital city has developed/grown around it. The river originating from the Cheena Hills discharges its water in this lake that is why its depth is decreasing.

6. PACHPADRA It is a freshwater lake in Barmer, (Rajasthan). Lake of rainfall hampers the production of salt from this lake. Its area is shrinking due to pollution.

7. PUSHKAR It is a freshwater lake in Pushkar (Ajmer-Rajasthan). It has religious importance. The ‘Pushkar Festival’ is celebrated every year near it which is attended by lakhs of pilgrims not only from India but from countries of the world.

8. NEKKI It is a bowl-shaped lake situated at the maximum height in Rajasthan. Probably, it was the part of a volcano. It lies in Mt. Abu (Udaipur).

9. NALSAROVER It is a freshwater lake in Gujarat. Different facilities for tourists have been developed around this lake in the process of tourism promotion. Due to increasing pollution level the quality of water in this lake is deteriorating.

10. RAJSAMAND It is a freshwater lake in Udaipur, Rajasthan. There is an island in this lake on which cultivation activities take place. After constructing a dam its water has been developed into a pond. A major tourist centre for those who visit Udaipur.

11. DHEBER It is a salt water lake in Rajasthan. Some amount of salt is also produced from it. Due to pollution, its area is shrinking.

12. LONAR It is a crater lake in Maharashtra. Its natural beauty attracts lakhs of tourists every year. The afforestation around this crater lake has promoted its natural beauty and its surrounding which has made it more fascinating.

13. WEBNAND It is a lagoon lake in Kerala. Known for its natural beauty. A ‘boat competition’ takes place in this lake every year in which competitors from distant places participate.

14. PULICAT It is lagoon at the coast of Andhra Pradesh. It gets separated from the sea through Sri Harikota Island.

15. KOLLERU This freshwater lake lies between the deltas of rivers Godavari and Krishna, in Andhra Pradesh.

16. CHILKA It is a lagoon in Odisha. It is one of the largest lakes in India.

17. LOKTAK Largest freshwater lake in North-Eastern India lies in Manipur. Hydro-electricity is also produced from it. Many small rivers, around it, discharge their water into this lake that is why its depth and area both are decreasing day by day.