KVS PGT Exam Solved Question Paper with Solution Free PDF Download

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Post Graduate Teacher Recruitment (North-East Region) exam of the year 2017 held on dated 16 December, 2017. We are giving 20 questions of Current Affairs of this exam with answers. Here only the solution of Part-III : Current Affairs is given. For all the rest Parts like Part-I General English, Part-II General Hindi, Part-IV Reasoning and Numerical Ability and Part-V Teaching Methodology download the PDF. Solutions of all the part are included in PDF file. PDF File is absolutely FREE.

Current Affairs Solved Question Answer–
1. Which of the following refers to the recently launched 'Sagar Vani' ?
(A) An integrated information dissemination system related to education.
(B) An integrated information dissemination system related to ocean alerts.
(C) An integrated information dissemination system related to industries.
(D) An integrated information dissemination system related to professional skill development.
Answer : (B)

2. Which of the following government is recuiting a Special Rhino Protection Force (SRPF) to protect one-horned rhinos?
(A) Kerala Government (B) Tamil Nadu Government
(C) Assam Government (D) Bengal Government
Answer : (C)

3. Which of the following city hosted the Senior Asian Wrestling Championship 2017 ?
(A) Sarajevo (B) Budapest
(C) Belgrade (D) New Delhi
Answer : (D)

4. Which among the following was the theme of the World Environment Day in 2017 ?
(A) Go Green (B) Connecting People of Nature
(C) Biodiversity (D) Stop Pollution
Answer : (B)

5. Which of the following campaign has been recently lauched by the Ministry of Environment to reduce the adverse environmental conditions?
(A) Harit Diwali, Swasth Diwali (B) Swasth Diwali, Sab Ki Diwali
(C) Is Diwali, Harit Diwali (D) Swasth Diwali, Meethi Diwali
Answer : (A)

6. Which among the following day was celebrated as 'The International Tiger Day' in 2017 ?
(A) September 29 (B) June 29
(C) August 29 (D) July 29
Answer : (D)

7. Which of the following refers to 'Suchitwa Mission' recently launched in Kerala ?
(A) It is a state nodal agency of sanitation and is promoting plastic free wedding ceremonies.
(B) It is a mission to promote crop production.
(C) It is a state nodal agency of preserving water.
(D) It is a state nodal agency of protecting elephants.
Answer : (A)

8. Under which of the following article of the Constitution, has the right to privacy been included as fundamental rights?
(A) Article 20 (B) Article 22
(C) Article 18 (D) Article 21
Answer : (D)

9. With whom of the following has Indian Council of Medical Research signed a pact for vaccine research and development recently?
(A) International Vaccine Institute
(B) National Vaccine Institute
(C) International Insitute of Vaccination
(D) National Institute of Vaccine Immunology
Answer : (B)

10. Which of the following refers to 'No Development Zone' as declared by the National Green Tribunal recently?
(A) A bridge will be built over river Ganga between Haridwar and Unnao.
(B) Roads will be made connecting Haridwar to Unnao.
(C) An area of 100 metres from the edge of Ganga between Haridwar to Unnao will be turned into green belts.
(D) Haridwar and Unnao will be developed more
Answer : (C)

11. Which of the following anniversary of Quit India Movement was celebrated in 2017 ?
(A) 73rd Anniversary (B) 76th Anniversary
(C) 75th Anniversary (D) 74th Anniversary
Answer : (C)

12. Which of the following is the latest historic discovery?
(A) Sun's core and surface rotate at the same speed.
(B) Sun's core rotates four times faster than its surface.
(C) Sun's surface :otates four times faster than its core.
(D) Sun's core do not rotate.
Answer : (B)

13. Which of the following refers to GEF grant agreement recently signed between the Central Government and the World Bank?
(A) Monetary Fund Regulation Project
(B) Ecosystem Service Improvement Project
(C) Trade and Tariffs Project
(D) Employment Opportunities Project
Answer : (B)

14. Which one of the following is China's next generation bullet train?
(A) Ruxing (B) Beixing
(C) Boxing (D) Fuxing
Answer : (D)

15. Which of the following government is set to launch 'My Plant' app to create database on tree plantation?
(A) Maharashtra Govt. (B) Kerala Govt.
(C) Karnataka Govt. (D) U.P. Govt.
Answer : (A)

16. Which of the following institute has recently launched India's heaviest rocket which put GSAT-19 in space?
Answer : (C)

17. Which of the following app has been recently launched to help the disabled to find the accessible places?
(A) Billion Ables (B) Million Ables
(C) Trillion Ables (D) Tetra Ables
Answer : (A)

18. Who among the following won the Men's Single Cincinnati Masters Championship in 2017 ?
(A) N. Kyrgios (B) Simona Halep
(C) G. Dimitrov (D) Rafael Nadal
Answer : (C)

19. In which of the following country was the Greco-Roman and Free Style Wrestling World Cup for 2017 organised ?
(A) India (B) Iran
(C) America (D) Pakistan
Answer : (B)

20. Who among the following won the Gold Medal in the Women's 20 km Walk at World Athletics, 2017 ?
(A) Yang Jiayu (B) Lyu Xiuzhi
(C) Maria Guadalupe (D) Khushbir Kaur
Answer : (A)