G15-Group of Fifteen Countries-Structure, Members Countries & Summits

G-15 is an organisation of 17 non-alligned developing countries. It was established in September 1989 in Non-alligned Summit (NAM) at Belgrade. The member countries are : Mexico, Jamaica, Venezuela Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Senegal, Algeria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Iran, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

The Secretariat of G-15 is in Geneva. But its headquarter is rotated to the country belonging to the Chairman of the group.

All the countries except Brazil and Mexico in G-15 organisation are non-aligned countries. Actually speaking, it is not a correspondingly opposite institution to G-7. It is mainly an attempt to make G-77 (group of 77 developing countries) more strong at international forum.

G-15 has initiated a number of projects. India had suggested in its third summit to establish a professional training institute in Africa. This recommendation was accepted and this institution was established in Senegal with the view to induce African people for developing agriculture based industries, traditional handicrafts, agriculture, water management etc. It was also decided that the land, building and employees for this institute will be arranged by the host country of Africa. India agreed to supply equipments and expert services for two years for this institution. After this period, the operational cost of the institution will be borne by both India and Senegal.

On the recommendations of 4th Summit of G-15, a Committee on Investment, Trade and Technology (CITT) started its functioning for promoting investment, trade and technology in member countries. The prime objective of this committee is to strengthen mutual co-operation among the member countries. The Committee will havea meeting atleast twice a year for deciding the agreement base among member countries.

India, Malaysia, Senegal and Zimbabwe are such nations who sent their State Heads in all Summits of G-15. In its 6th Summit G-15 raised their opposition to the attempts of linking labour standards with international trade on unilateral basis. This summit also considered the view of making this group as G-2 by including 6 other countries-South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya and China.

List of G-15 Summits (1990-2010)
14th G-15 Summit: 17 May 2010, Tehran, Iran
13th G-15 Summit :14 September 2006, Havana, Cuba
12th G-15 Summit: 27-28 February 2004, Caracas, Venezuela
11th G-15 Summit: 30-31 May 2001, Jakarta, Indonesia
10th G-15 Summit: 19-20 June 2000, Cairo, Egypt
9th G-15 Summit: 10-12 February 1999, Montego Bay, Jamaica
8th G-15 Summit: 11-13 May 1998, Cairo, Egypt
7th G-15 Summit: 28 October – 5 November 1997, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
6th G-15 Summit: 3-5 November 1996, Harare, Zimbabwe
5th G-15 Summit : 5-7 November 1995, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4th G-15 Summit: 28-30 March 1994, New Delhi, India
3rd G-15 Summit : 21-23 November 1992, Dakar, Senegal
2nd G-15 Summit: 27-29 November 1991, Caracas, Venezuela
1st G-15 Summit : 1-3 June 1990, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia