NABARD Economic & Social Issues Solved Question Paper 2017 PDF

Here, we are presenting solved paper of Economic & Social Issues Question for NABARD Grade 'B' Officer Exam., 2017. This exam was held on 6th August, 2017 on different examination centers. You can understand the pattern of bank exams with the study of these questions and then you can get sure success in the next bank exams.

1. According to RBI's latest financial stability report 2017, the GDP of India has increased from 6.75% to–
(A) 7.3% (B) 7.5% (C) 7.8% (D) 7.9% (E) 7.2% (Ans : A)

2. GDP is–
(A) nation's total economic activity
(B) value of all finished goods produced in one year by its nationals
(C) value of goods and services produced in an area, industry or sector of an economy
(D) capital that has been consumed over the year in the form of housing, vehicle or machinery deterioration
(E) growth of various sectors in an economy (Ans : C)

3. The India Meteorological department is responsible for which of the following?
(A) meteor testing, observations and data handling
(B) research in meteorology and various other planets
(C) meteorological observations, weather forecasting and seismo-logy
(D) meteorological observations, earth observations and other planets observations
(E) Other than those given as options (Ans : C)

4. How much amount of agricultural credit to farmers has been proposed in the Union Budget 2017-18?
(A) 15 lakh crore (B) 12 lakh crore (C) 20 lakh crore (D) 10 lakh crore (E) 8 lakh crore (Ans : D)

5. Inflation is measured by which index in India ?
(A) WPI (Whole Price Index) (B) CPI (Consumer Price Index) (C) GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
(D) IIP (Index of Industrial Production) (E) NDP (National Domestic Product) (Ans : B)

6. Which of the following has the highest population density in India?
(A) West Bengal (B) Kerala (C) Bihar (D) Maharashtra (E) Uttar Pradesh (Ans : C)

7. Which of the following is the percentage of population in the working age group 15-59 years?
(A) 62.5 (B) 61 (C) 66.6 (D) 62.2 (E) 67 (Ans : B)

8. What are the total number of districts covered under the Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 ?
(A) 634 (B) 640 (C) 672 (D) 710 (E) 740 (Ans : B)

9. What is the percentage of female labour force emplouyed in India according to World Bank report?
(A) 27.6 (B) 25.5 (C) Other than those given as options (D) 22.4 (E) 24.3 (Ans : C)

10. Which of the following is the guaranteed sum which the unemployed Finland people will receive under its Universal Basic Income Scheme?
(A) € 780 (B) € 560 (C) €670 (D) €730 (E) €530 (Ans : B)

11. Which of the following countries topped the World Happiness Report 2017 published by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network?
(A) India (B) Denmark (C) USA (D) Switzerland (E) Norway (Ans : E)

12. Which of the following is a multi level global campaign to spread awareness 'about importance of girls' education?
(A) Girl Rising (B) Most Important Part of Our Life: Girls (C) Save Girls: Educate Girls
(D) Education of Girls (E) Rising the girls (Ans : A)

13. When the rate of inflation increases–
(A) purchasing power of money increases (B) purchasing power of money decreases (C) value of money increases
(D) purchasing power of money remains unaffected (E) value of money decreases (Ans : B)

14. ………. refers to economic condition where economic growth is very slow and prices are rising.
(A) Inflation (B) Deflation (C) Stagflation (D) Hyperinflation (E) Other than those given options (Ans : C)

15. Under increasing returns the supply curve is–
(A) positively slopped from left to right (B) negatively slopped from left to right (C) parallel to the quantity axis
(D) parallel to the price-axis (E) other than those given options (Ans : B)

16. Net National Product is equal to–
(A) Gross National Product + Depreciation (B) Gross National Product + Exports
(C) Gross National Product – Depreciation (D) Gross National Product – Export
(E) Other than those given options (Ans : C)

17. Which of the following is not a method of calculating National Income in India ?
(A) Tax Method (B) Income Method (C) Production Method (D) Expenditure Method (E) None of these (Ans : A)

18. Which of the following is a micro irrigation fund which will be set up in NABARD to achieve the goal 'per drop more crop' ?
(A) 5,000 crore (B) 4,000 crore (C) 2,000 crore (D) 8,000 crore (E) 10,000 crore (Ans : A)

19. Which of the following committee was recently formed by the government to check the poverty line in the country ?
(A) Suresh Tendulkar Committee (B) Arvind Panagariya Task Force (C) Lakdawala Formula
(D) YK Alagh Committee (E) Rangrajan Committee (Ans : B)

20. Which of the following is the current fertility rate for India?
(A) 2.6 (B) 3.4 (C) 2.7 (D) 4.1 (E) 2.3 (Ans : E)

21. Who is considered as father of industrialization in India?
(A) Ratan Tata (B) Jamshedji Tata (C) Aditya Birla (D) Rahul Sharma (E) Cyres Mistry (Ans : B)

22. The process of international integration arising from the interchange of world' views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture is known as–
(A) Globalisation (B) Universalisation (C) Planetisation (D) Earthisation (E) Modernization (Ans : A)

23. The process of developing, pricing, promoting and distributing rural specific goods and services leading to desired exchange with rural customers to satisfy their need is known as–
(A) Urban Marketing (B) Techy Marketing (C) Rural Marketing (D) Nerdy Marketing (E) Narrow Marketing (Ans : C)

24. The minimum maturity period of a commercial paper is–
(A) 5 days (B) 7 days (C) 10 days (D) 28 days (E) 35 days (Ans : B)

25. Who is the present chief of New Development Bank ?
(A) K. V. Kamath (B) Kristalina Georgleva (C) Antonio Guterres (D) Irina Bokova (E) Tedros Adhanom (Ans : A)

26. Which of the following is not covered in GST Bill ?
(A) Luxury Cars (B) Food (C) Electricity (D) Electronics Gadget (E) Daily Commodities (Ans : C)

27. Which of the following is the interest rate under Kisan Vikas Patra Scheme?
(A) 8.7% (B) 7.5% (C) 8.2% (D) 9.4% (E) 8.5% (Ans : A)

28. Under the NITI Aayog 15 years vision plan, three years' 'action agenda' is created to boost economic growth. The duration of three-year action plan is–
(A) 2017-18 to 2019-20 (B) 2018-19 to 2020-21 (C) 2016-17 to 2018-19
(D) 2019-20 to 2021-22 (E) Other than those given as options (Ans : A)

29. Under Union Budget 2017-18, 'Income Tax' on annual income of 2.5 lkah to 5 lakh has been reduced from 10 per cent to--
(A) 8% (B) 7% (C) 7.5% (D) 6% (E) 5% (Ans : E)

30. Second Nationalization of commercial banks in India took place in–
(A) 1949 (B) 1969 (C) 1970 (D) 1980 (E) 1976 (Ans : D)

31. World Economic Outlook is released by–
(A) WEF (B) World Bank (C) IBRD (D) IMF (E) IFSC (Ans : D)

32. The policy to deal with taxation and expenditure decision of government is–
(A) Investment policy (B) Monetary policy (C) Tax policy (D) Fiscal policy (E) Budgetary policy (Ans : D)

33. IFM is established to solve the problems related to E U investment in India. What does the abbreviation 'IFM' stands for?
(A) International Fund Management (B) Investment Fund Management (C) Investment Facilitation Mechanism
(D) Indian Fund Management (E) Other than those given options (Ans : C)

34. Which of the following countries has ratified automatic exchange of financial account information with India and 40 other countries?
(A) United States of America (B) Singapore (C) Europe (D) Britain (E) Switzerland (Ans : E)

35. An increse in aggregate demand over the available output leads to a rise in the price level. This kind of inflation is known as–
(A) Cost push inflation (B) Demand pull inflation (C) Credit inflation
(D) Walking inflation (E) Galloping inflation (Ans : B)

36. Rejuvenation, Modernization and Technology Upgradation has been renamed as–
(A) Coir Industry Upgradation (B) Coir Udyami Yojana (C) Coir Vikas Yojana
(D) Coir Up gradation Scheme (E) Other than those given as options (Ans : B)

37. Under the housing scheme the EPFO allowed its subscriber to withdraw how much percentage of its EPF accumulations to buy homes?
(A) Upto 69% (B) Upto 75% (C) Upto 82% (D) Upto 90% (E) Upto 79% (Ans : D)

38. Which of the following about SEZ is correct?
(A) It is a duty free enclave to be treated as foreign territory for the trade operations and duties and tarrifs
(B) It does not require license for exports
(C) No manufacturing activities are allowed in SEZ
(D) For SEZ developers there is zero tax and duty on raw material
(E) All the given options are correct (Ans : A)

39. It is a manned service delivery point which is open for atleast four hours a day and atleast five days a week–
(A) Samadhan Kendra (B) Banking Ombudsman (C) Seva Kendra (D) Nirankaran Kendra (E) Banking outlet (Ans : E)

40. According to Swachh Survekshan 2017, which city is declared as cleanest city in India?
(A) Vishakapatnam (B) Bhopal (C) Iddu:ki (D) Indore (E) Surat (Ans : A)