Top 25 Medical Discoveries of all time - Complete List

A list of selected Famous Medical Discoveries of all time is given below, in which fully information of Invention and Discovery, Made by and Year is given. If you are preparing such exams in which General Science, For better reading it easily, Print it.

Invention /Discovery Made by Year
Antibiotic (Penicillin) Alexander Fleming (London) 1928
Antiseptic Joseph Lister (Glasgow) 1865
Aspirin Dr Felix Hoffmann (Germany) 1897
Blood Circulation William Harvey (Britain) 1683
Blood Group K. Landsteiner 1900-1902
Blood Transfusion Iean Baposte Denys (Fance) 1625
Cholera/TB Germs Robert Koch (Germany) 1877
Diphtheria Germs Klebs & Loffler (Germany) 1883-84
Electro-Cardiogram (ECG) William Einthoven (Dutch) 1903
Heart-Lung Machine John Heynsham Gibbon (US) 1953
Hypodemic Syyringe Alexander wood (Britain) 1853
Heart Transplant Christian Barnard (South Africa) 1967
Insulin Federick Banting and Charles Best (Canada) 1921
Kidney Machine W. J. Kolff (The Netherlands) 1943
Malaria Germs Alphonse Laveran (France) 1880
Organ Transplant John P. Merril (US) 1953
Scan (CAT) Godfrey Hounsfield (England) 1973
Spectacles Roger Bacon (Italy) 13th century
Sphygomomanometer Scipione Riva-Rocci (Italy) 1896
Stethoscope Rene Laennec (France) 1815
Tetanus Stepice and Edward (Britain) 1978
Thermometer (Clinical) Sir Thomas Allbutt (London) 1867
Ultrasound Ian Donald (Ireland) 1950
Vaccine Edward Jenner (England) 1796
X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen (Germany) 1895