Important Lines and Frontiers : General Knowledge for All Exams

A list of selected Famous Lines and Frontiers is given below, in which fully information of Lines and Frontiers is given. If you are preparing such exams in which General Knowledge is main, then study the important Lines and Frontiers study materials. For better reading it easily, Print it.

Frontiers Lines
Border between France and Germany Maginot Line
Boundary between Germany and Poland Hindenberg Line
Boundary between India and China
McMohan Line
Boundary between Namibia and Angola 16th Parallel
Boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan Durand Line
Boundary between Russia and Finland Mannar Haime Line
Line between India and Pakistan Radcliff Line
Line between North and South Korea 38th parallel
Line between North and South Vietnam 17th Parallel
The border between Germany and Poland Oder Niesse Line
The border between USA and Canada 49th Parallel
The line which Pakistan claims to be the boundary line between India and Pakistan (Not acceptable to India) 20th Parallel

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