Tamilnadu General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers 2018

Tamilnadu General Knowledge Questions and Answers
We have compiled some important frequently asked questions related to Tamilnadu GK with Answers–

1. Which Chief minister have been appointed maximum number of times ?
(A) M Karunanidhi (B) M G Ramachandran (C) J Jayalalithaa (D) C Raja gopalachari (Ans : A)

2. Tamilnadu Capital City Chennai is formerly known as ?
(A) Madras (B) Chennapur (C) Chennapatti (D) None of these (Ans : A)

3. What is the area of Tamil Nadu?
(A) 50,215 sq. mi. (B) 77,857 sq. mi. (C) 36,523 sq. mi. (D) 28,412 sq. mi. (Ans : A)

4. Total Number of Districts of Tamilnadu state ?
(A) 34 (B) 32 (C) 28 (D) 30 (Ans : B)

5. Number of International Airports in Tamilnadu ?
(A) 3 (B) 5 (C) 4 (D) 2 (Ans : C)

6. Which water body is to the east of Tamil Nadu?
(A) Gulf of Kutch (B) Bay of Bengal (C) Gulf of Cambay (D) Arabian Sea (Ans : B)

7. Which state is to the west of Tamil Nadu?
(A) Orissa (B) Kerala (C) Maharashtra (D) Nagaland (Ans : B)

8. Which ocean is to the south of Tamil Nadu?
(A) Atlantic (B) Pacific (C) Indian (D) Antarctic (Ans : C)

9. Which strait separates Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka?
(A) Cook (B) Torres (C) Davis (D) Palk (Ans : D)

10. How was Tamil Nadu formerly known?
(A) Madras (B) Ootacamund (C) Golconda (D) Vanga (Ans : A)

11. Which is the southernmost point of Tamil Nadu?
(A) Blair Point (B) Cape Horn (C) Castle Point (D) Cape Comorin (Ans : D)

12. Which is the highest point in Tamil Nadu?
(A) Kudremukh (B) Pachmarhi (C) Doda Betta (D) Guru Peak (Ans : C)

13. Which party came to power in Tamil Nadu in 1967?
(A) CPI (B) TDP (C) PWP (D) DMK (Ans : D)

14. Who was Tamil Nadu’s first non-Congress chief minister?
(A) C. Rajagopalachari (B) M. Karunanidhi (C) C. Annadurai (D) K. Kamaraj (Ans : C)

15. What is the state fruit of Tamilnadu ?
(A) Banana (B) Mango (C) Guava (D) jackfruit (Ans : D)

16. Mid day meal scheme in Tamilnadu was Introduced by Which former Chief minister ?
(A) K Kamraj (B) M G Ramachandran (C) M Karunanidhi (D) None of these (Ans : A)

17. The DANIDA-TNAHCP initiative of Tamil nadu is related to which among the following sectors?
(A) Infrastructure (B) Health (C) Education (D) Industry (Ans : B)

18. Total number of Loksabha Constituencies in Tamilnadu ?
(A) 42 (B) 25 (C) 36 (D) 39 (Ans : D)

19. In how many zones, the Greater Chennai Police Commissionerate has been divided in Tamil Nadu?
(A) Three (B) Four (C) Five (D) Six (Ans : B)

20. In which of the following district Indira Gandhi wild life sanctuary & national park is located ?
(A) Dharmapuri district (B) Coimbatore district (C) Karur (D) Theni (Ans : B)

21. From the following Which Public sector bank headquarters is located in Tamilnadu state ?
(A) Bank of Baroda (B) Canara bank (C) Union bank of India (D) Indian Overseas bank (Ans : B)

22. In which year, name Chennai from Madras was officially changed ?
(A) 1993 (B) 1995 (C) 1997 (D) 1998 (Ans : B)

23. In which year, Madras State was renamed as Tamilnadu?
(A) 1960 (B) 1963 (C) 1969 (D) 1972 (Ans : C)

24. What is the name of seat of Corporation of Chennai?
(A) Chelmsford Building (B) Ripon Building (C) Cornwallis Building (D) Dalhousie Building (Ans : B)

25. Vijayalaya Chola established Which of the following as new capital ?
(A) Madurai (B) Thanjavur (C) Krishnagiri (D) Tiruchi (Ans : B)

26. Koodal is old name of Which city ?
(A) Tiruppur (B) Tirunelveli (C) Madurai (D) None of these (Ans : C)

27. Which City is largest Knitwear exporter ?
(A) Salem (B) Coimbatore (C) Andipatti (D) Tirupur (Ans : C)

28. From the following Which city is called “Manchestar of South India ” ?
(A) Coimbatore (B) Chennai (C) Tirunelveli (D) Namakkal (Ans : A)

29. Which of the following state is North to Tamilnadu ?
(A) Kerala (B) Karnataka (C) Andhra pradesh (D) None of these (Ans : C)

30. What is the Rank of Tamilnadu among Indian states by area ?
(A) 14 (B) 3 (C) 9 (D) 11 (Ans : D)

31. Yercaud hill station is located in Which district ?
(A) Tiruchirappalli (B) Salem (C) Erode (D) Tirunelveli (Ans : B)

32. Theni distict is split from Which district in 1997 ?
(A) Madurai (B) Coimbatore (C) Tiruchirappalli (D) None of these (Ans : A)

33. In 1956 there are...................number of districts in Tamilnadu ?
(A) 19 (B) 20 (C) 24 (D) 13 (Ans : D)

34. Whose nickname is “Mango of Salem” ?
(A) K Kamaraj (B) PT Rajan (C) C Raja gopalachari (D) M Karunanidhi (Ans : C)

35. In which year Madras state was renamed as Tamilnadu ?
(A) 1952 (B) 1962 (C) 1966 (D) 1969 (Ans : D)

36. “Amma Unavagam” scheme provides?
(A) Subsidized fertilizers at low prices (B) Free Purified Water for families
(C) Subsidized food at low prices (D) Free meals for pilgrims at Temples (Ans : C)

37. Who amongst the following is acknowledged as “king Maker” ?
(A) M Karunanidhi (B) K Kamraj (C) C Rajagopalachari (D) None of these (Ans : B)

38. In Which year AIADMK party is founded ?
(A) 1967 (B) 1974 (C) 1971 (D) 1972 (Ans : D)

39. Who is the founder of AIADMK ?
(A) C Annadurai (B) M G Ramachandran (C) J Jayalalithaa (D) None of these (Ans : B)

40.Which of the following dam is built on Kaveri river ?
(A) Mettur dam (B) Dudhawa dam (C) Almatti dam (D) Mullaperiyar dam (Ans : A)

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