Geography Revision Notes for IAS, SSC, UPSC, NDA, NET

Geography Revision Notes for IAS, SSC, UPSC, NDA, NET and other competitive exams–
1. In which state of India would you come across tribes called Lothas, Zeliangs, Kukis and Angamis? – Nagaland
2. A uniform milky layer or veil of high sheet cloud above 20000 feet through which the sun often shines with a distinct HALO is– Cirrostratus cloud
3. Cotton in India grows best on– Black Soil
4. The water body separating Andaman and Nicobar is known As– 10 degree Channel
5. The 99% mass of earth's atmosphere is confined to the height of– 32 kilometre from the earth's surface
6. The number of satellites of Jupiter-the largest planet of solar system is– 64
7. A narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water is known as a– Strait
8. The raindrops which have frozen and then partially melted is– Sleet
9. Lignite is a type of– Coal
10. Which industry is developed in Shahdol and Nepanagar? – Paper and Pulp Industry
11. The gas which is largely responsible for green house effect is– Carbon dioxide
12. Galapagose Island is located in– The Pacific Ocean
13. Which river crosses the Equator twice? – Amazon
14. The interacting complex of soils, plants and animals which in response to climatic and other environmental conditions forms a varied covering over much of the earth is– Biotic Complex
15. One horned rhinoceros is found in the states of– West Bengal and Assam
16. Sun's rays can make right angle only up to 23 1°/2 and South latitudes because– Earth is inclined at an angle of 66 1°/2 on its axis
17. The column of atmosphere is divided into five different layers namely– Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere
18. The first man who landed on the Moon on July 21, 1969 is– Niel Armstrong
19. Between which latitudes do the Trade Winds blow towards the equator? – 30°N and 30°S
20. The Cogentrix Power Plant was planned to be located in– Karnataka
21. In India the percentage of population below poverty line is– Less than 30%
22. World Water Day' is observed on– March 22nd
23. Which city is known as the cottonpolis of India? – Mumbai
24. Which planet is known as blue planet? – Earth
25. The largest peninsula in the world is– Arabian Peninsula
26. Sundarban was declared a World Heritage Site because of its– Mangroves Forests and Biodiversity
27. Nicosia is the capital of– Cyprus
28. The largest producer of diamond in India is– Madhya Pradesh
29. The distance of the sun from the earth is– 149.6 million kilometre (Approximately)
30. The Greenhouse effect gases trap only the feat of– Solar Radiation

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