Indian History and Culture GK Questions and Answers

Indian History and Culture GK Questions and Answers useful for all Competitive Exams–

1. Kharoshthi script evolved on the Varnamala system of the Indian language is written – From right to left
2. The only indus site where the remains of a horse have actually been found is : – Surkotada
3. The Allahabad Pillar inscription is associated with : – Samudragupta
4. The first notable Paramara ruler of Malwa was : – Vakpati Munja
5. Which British Prime Minister sent in 1942 Cripps Mission to India? – Winston Churchill
6. Mohammad of Ghazni attacked India many times mainly : – to plunder the wealth of India
7. The Asokan inscription are called edicts because they are in : – The form of King's order or desire
8. The largest Indian site of Indus Valley Civilization was : – Dholavira
9. Who laid the foundation of Rashtrakuta Empire? – Dantidurga
10. The composer of the Gita Govinda was : – Jayadeva
11. Anekatavada is a core a theory and Philosophy of which religion? – Jainism
12. The struggle for power between the Sultan and the so-called Group of Forty Nobles took place after the death of : – Iltutmish
13. The branch of knowledge which studies coins is called : – Numismatics
14. The first definite mention of Bharata as a region is to be found in : – Panini who lived about sixth century B. C.
15. In 1960 the French were defeated by the English in the battle of Wandiwash known as : – Third Carnatic War
16. Which Mughal emperor died in 1707 ? – Aurangzeb
17. During the Indian Freedom Struggle why did Rowlatt Act passed in 1919 arouse popular indignation? – It authorized the government to imprison people without trial
18. Who was the contemporary Muslim writer who criticized Alauddin for his disregard of religion? – Barani
19. Yajurveda is collection of : – Sacrificial formulae
20. According to Max Muller, Aryans migrated to India from : – Central Asia
21. The battle of Dharmat was fought between : – Aurangzeb and Darashikoh
22. By uniting Utkal and Kalinga, who is credited with laying the foundation of modern Odisha (formerly Orissa) ? – Anantavarman
22. Who founded the Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association? – Mahatma Gandhi
23. Who was the Italian traveller who left a very praiseworthy account of Vijaynagar empire? – Nicolo Conti
24. Which Hindu religious books are called apaurusheya (not created by man) and nitya (existing in all eternity) : – Vedas
25. Vedic Literature comprises literary productions namely : – The Samhitas or Vedas, The Brahamans, The Aranyakas and The Upanishads
26. Alam Khan, one of those who invited Babur to invade India was an uncle of : – Ibrahim Lodhi
27. The most glorious epoch in Chola history commenced with the accession of : – Rajaraja the Great (985-1014)
28. In the context of the Indian freedom struggle October 16, 1905 is well known for which event? – Partition of Bengal
29. The treaty of Bassein was signed by the English with the : – Peshwa Baji Rao II
30. The battle of ten kings is mentioned in : – Rig Veda

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