SSC SI ASI Delhi Police Exam Solved Questions Paper 2015

SSC Sub-Inspector In Delhi Police, CAPFs And Assistant Sub-Inspector In CISF Exam of the year 2015. We are giving 50 questions of General Knowledge of this exam with answers. These questions not only develop of your I.Q. but will useful for upcoming government exams also.

1. The total number of planets revolving around the Sun is–
(A) Seven (B) Six (C) Eight (D) Five (Ans : C)

2. Nitrogen in water is commonly found in the form of–
(A) Nitrate (B) Nitrous oxide (C) Nitrite (D) Nitric oxide (Ans : A)

3. The forests which act as barriers against cyclones are–
(A) Alpine forests (B) Evergreen forests (C) Monsoon forests (D) Mangrove forests (Ans : D)

4. Red rot of sugar cane is caused by–
(A) Phylophthora (B) Alternaria alternata (C) Colletotrichum (D) Cercospora personata (Ans : C)

5. Cripps Mission came to India in–
(A) 1946 (B) 1940 (C) 1942 (D) 1945 (Ans : C)

6. Regarding money supply situation in India it can be said that the–
(A) Currency with the public is more than the deposits with the banks. (B) Currency with the public is almost equal to the deposits with the banks
(C) Currency with the public is less than the deposits with the banks. (D) Currency with the public is inconvertible only. (Ans : C)

7. Who constructed Humayun's tomb in Delhi ?
(A) Humayun (B) Haji Begam (C) Akbar (D) Babar (Ans : B)

8. The founder of the 'Arya Samaj' was–
(A) Annie Besant (B) Vivekananda (C) Dayananda (D) Raja Rammohan Roy (Ans : C)

9. To whom the President has to submit his resignation?
(A) Speaker (B) Chief Justice (C) Prime Minister (D) Vice President (Ans : D)

10. Who among the following is named as "Haryana Hurricane"?
(A) Ajay Jadeja (B) Kapil Dev (C) Nawab Pataudi (D) Ajay Ratsa (Ans : B)

11. Aluminium salt commonly used to stop bleeding is?
(A) Aluminium nitrate (B) Aluminium sulphate (C) Potash alum (D) Aluminium chloride (Ans : C)

12. The first law of thermodynamics is simply the case of?
(A) Newton's law of cooling (B) The law of conservation of energy (C) The law of heat exchange (D) Charle's law (Ans : B)

13. The equilibrium price of a commodity will definitely rise if there is a/an–
(A) increase in both demand and supply (B) decrease in both demand and supply
(C) increase in supply combined with a decrease in demand. (D) increase in demand accompanied by a decrease in supply (Ans : D)

14. The resources which are obtained from biosphere and have life are–
(A) Potential Resources (B) Biotic Resources (C) Abiotic Resources (D) Renewable Resources (Ans : B)

15. Mac Iver says 'Kinship creates society and society at length creates ……….?'
(A) State (B) Nation (C) City State (D) Association (Ans : A)

16. Government of India has decided to integrate………. with recent launched Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana.
(A) Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (B) Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
(C) National Rural Livelihood Mission (D) Haryali (Ans : A)

17. The Members of the Constituent Assembly which enacted the Constitution of India were–
(A) nominated by Governor General. (B) directly elected by the People.
(C) elected by the Legislative Assemblies of various Provinces. (D) nominated by the Political Parties. (Ans : C)

18. Which one of the following chapters in the Indian Constitution guarantees fundamental rights to the people?
(A) Part IV (B) Part II (C) Part I (D) Part III (Ans : D)

19. The market equilibrium for a commodity is determined by–
(A) the balancing of the forces of demand and supply for the commodity. (B) the market supply of the commodity.
(C) the intervention of the Government. (D) the market demand of the commodity. (Ans : A)

20. In a solar or lunar eclipse, the region of earth's shadow is divided into–
(A) two parts. (B) three parts. (C) four parts. (D) five parts.(Ans : B)

21. Tulsidas wrote 'Ramcharitamanas' during the reign of–
(A) Akbar (B) Rama Raya (C) Krishnadeva Raya (D) Jehangir (Ans : A)

22. Name the kingdom which first used elephants in wars?
(A) Magadha (B) Avanti (C) Kosala (D) Champa (Ans : A)

23. Immunisation technique was developed by–
(A) Edward Jenner (B) Robert Koch (C) Joseph Lister (D) Louis Pasteur (Ans : D)

24. A low interest policy is also known as–
(A) dear money policy (B) investment policy (C) income generating policy (D) cheap money policy (Ans : D)

25. Which Article of the Indian Constitution defines the duties of the Chief Minister?
(A) Article 166 (B) Article 167 (C) Article 164 (D) Article 163 (Ans : B)

26. What does the word 'amphibian' mean?
(A) One life (B) Two lives (C) Four lives (D) Three lives (Ans : B)

27. Chemical name of Gammaxane is–
(A) Chloro benzene (B) Benzene hexachloride (C) Toluene (D) Aniline (Ans : B)

28. If the Union Parliament is to assume legislative power over and subject included in the State List, the resolution to this effect has to be passed by which of the following ?
(A) Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and legislatures of the concerned States (B) Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
(C) Lok Sabha (D) Rajya Sabha (Ans : D)

29. The largest current, because of its dark waters is known as the 'black current' and that is–
(A) Gulf Stream (B) Antarctic Current (C) California Current (D) Kuroshio Current (Ans : D)

30. The most abundant element is–
(A) Silicon (B) Nitrogen(C) Oxygen (D) Calcium (Ans : C)

31. The hydrophilic nature of DNA is due to the presence of–
(A) a number of hydrogen bonds (B) phosphate group (C) deoxyribose sugar (D) thymine base (Ans : A)

32. In a computer system, which device is functionally opposite of a Key-board?
(A) Mouse (B) Printer (C) Joystick (D) Trackball (Ans : B)

33. Who among the following Mughal rulers banned music and dancing?
(A) Aurangzeb (B) Jehangir (C) Humanyun (D) Babar (Ans : A)

34. The largest forest which covers 25 percent of the world's forest land is–
(A) Monsoon Forest (B) The tropical Rain forest (C) Temperate forests of Europe (D) Taiga forest of Siberia (Ans : D)

35. Economies of a firm are–
(A) Saving in it's production costs (B) An increase in its profits
(C) Its dominance of the market (D) A reduction in its selling expenses (Ans : D)

36. Total internal reflection cannot take place when light goes from–
(A) glass to water (B) water to glass (C) water to air (D) glass to air(Ans : B)

37. The sense of balance is achieved by–
(A) Cerebellum equilibrium (B) Thalamus equilibrium (C) Spinal chord equilibrium (D) Cerebrum equilibrium (Ans : D)

38. RAM is used as a short memory in a computer because it–
(A) is programmable (B) is volatile (C) has less capacity (D) is very expensive (Ans : B)

39. Which of the following is the major copper-producing country ?
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Russia (C) Indonesia (D) Chile (Ans : D)

40. Interferons are synthesised in response to–
(A) Mycoplasma (B) Virus (C) Bacteria (D) Fungi (Ans : B)

41. Who was the Governor-General during the Second Anglo-Mysore War?
(A) Sir John Shore (B) Warren Hastings (C) Lord Cornwallis (D) Lord Wellesley (Ans : B)

42. An electron microscope gives higher magnifications than an optical microscope because–
(A) The wavelength of electrons is smaller as compared to the wavelength of visible light (B) The electrons have more energy than the light particulars
(C) The electron microscope uses more powerful lenses (D) The velocity of electrons is smaller than that of light (Ans : A)

43. The fleshy thalamus is edible in–
(A) Tomato (B) Mango (C) Orange (D) Apple (Ans : D)

44. A reversible and an irreversible engine is working between the same limits of temperature. The efficiency of–
(A) the irreversible engine is greater than the reversible engine (B) the two engines is equal
(C) The reversible engine is greater than the irreversible engine (D) Each engine is 100% (Ans : C)

45. Reservation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the service has been provided in the Indian Constitution under–
(A) Article 375 (B) Article 335 (C) Article 315 (D) Article 365 (Ans : B)

46. Which of the following is used in the treatment of cancer ?
(A) Physiotherapy (B) Electrotherapy (C) Chemotherapy (D) Psychotherapy (Ans : C)

47. The States reorganisation in 1956 created………. ?
(A) 14 States and 6 Union Territories (B) 17 States and 6 Union Territories
(C) 17 States and 9 Union Territories (D) 15 States and 9 Union Territories (Ans : A)

48. Name the acid attack victim who was honoured with prestigious "International Woman of Courage" award on March 4, 2014 at the State Department Ceremony in Washington by Michelle Obama, first lady of the US.
(A) Malini (B) Shivani (C) Laxmi (D) Nirbhaya (Ans : C)

49. A clone is a group of individuals obtained through–
(A) Micropropagation (B) Hybridisation (C) Cross pollination (D) Self-pollination (Ans : D)

50. Who among the following Sultans tried to prohibit sati ?
(A) Mohammad Bin Tughlaq (B) Alauddin Khilji (C) Firoz Tughlaq (D) Jalauddin Khilji (Ans : A)