Railway General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2016

Indian Railway related General Knowledge Questions and Answers for preparing RRB Examinations like Commercial Apprentice (CA), Traffic Apprentice (TA), Assistant Station Master (ASM), Traffic Assistant and other Non Technical popular category exams.

1. In which country. the track was made up of stone first time?
(a) England (b) America (c) Greece (d) Rome (Ans : c)

2. In which country was flanze wheel invented?
(a) Germany (b) Japan (c) Europe (d) Russia (Ans : a)

3. Jesap was the engineer who first made the railway line of Iron belong to which country ?
(a) Britain (b) Germany (c) Japan (d) America (Ans : a)

4. In which year Mr. RM. Stephenson was borned ?
(a) 1801 (b) 1803 (c) 1808 (d) 1810 (Ans : c)

5. Who was the founder of East India Railway Company?
(a) RM. Stephenson (b) Newton (c) George Stephenson (d) Williams (Ans : a)

6. Who was the first person that thinked about rail lines in our country?
(a) George Stephenson (b) RM. Stephenson (c) Jesak (d) Williams (Ans : c)

7. The court of directors were related to which company?
(a) I.R.R. (b) G.I.R. (c) East India Company (d) Bombay eastern railway (Ans : c)

8. The first Western Indian railway line suggestion was given for which railway line?
(a) Bombay - Koringa (b) Bombay - Kurla (c) Bombay - Dadar (d) Bombay - Mahim (Ans : a)

9. In todays time what is the length of broad gauge of the railway line?
(a) 5 Feet (b) 5.5 Feet (c) 6 Feet (d) 6.5 Feet (Ans : b)

10. Where was the welcome given to the passengers travelling in the first railway engine?
(a) Jaulie station (b) Boribandar (c) Bandra (d) Borriville (Ans : a)

11. When did Madras railway get the acceptance to their proposal ?
(a) After five years (b) After seven years (c) After nine years (d) After eleven years (Ans : b)

12. Which private company was under the strict government control?
(a) I.I.R (b) G.I.P (c) Peninsula (d) Great Bombay Eastern Railway (Ans : b)

13. In 1890 what was the name given to the railway law?
(a) Railway act (b) Inspection board (c) New law (d) Transportation law (Ans : a)

14. When did the government purchase the E.R.R. Company?
(a) 1879 (b) 1862 (c) 1865 (d) 1871 (Ans : a)

15. In which year there was war in Afghans?
(a) 1875 (b) 1878 (c) 1880 (d) 1873 (Ans : b)

16. What was the total length of the rail lines in 1886 ?
(a) 2500 mile (b) 3000 mile (c) 3500 mile (d) 4000 mile (Ans : c)

17. Railway route of Howrah to Delhi was opened in–
(a) 1865 (b) 1862 (c) 1863 (d) 1866 (Ans : d)

18. When was the Bombay connected to the Calcutta railway route?
(a) 1855 (b) 1860 (c) 1865 (d) 1870 (Ans : d)

19. Which gauge was fixed for trunck rail routes?
(a) Broad gauge (b) Narrow gauge (c) Metre gauge (d) Five feet gauge (Ans : a)

20. When did the government adopt Calcutta and South-East railway company?
(a) 1 April, 1868 (b) 30 April, 1868 (c) 16 April, 1868 (d) 1 January, 1868 (Ans : a)

21. Which part of India was suffered by dreadful famine?
(a) Eastern India (b) Northern India (c) Western India and Southern India (d) Southern India (Ans : c)

22. Who was the director of Victoria terminus?
(a) J. Fleming (b) Stephenson (c) C. John (d) F.W. Stevenson (Ans : d)

23. What is the main feature of Victoria terminus?
(a) Main dome (b) Statue of a woman with flambeau (c) Architecture of archs and towers (d) All of the above (Ans : d)

24. By which name the act of 1890 was known ?
(a) Railway act (b) Inspection act (c) New legislature act (d) Transport act (Ans : a)

25. For which hilly area the first train was started?
(a) Darjeeling (b) Jammu and Kashmir (c) Shimla (d) Dehradun (Ans : a)

26. Which gauge line was experiment- ed for mountainer rail ?
(a) Broad gauge (b) 2 feet (c) 3.5 feet (d) 5 feet (Ans : b)

27. When did the Kalka-Shimla route open?
(a) 1900 (b) 1903 (c) 1901 (d) 1904 (Ans : b)

28. When was the scheme of Harbour rail line passed?
(a) 1922 (b) 1923 (c) 1926 (d) 1927 (Ans : a)

29. When was the new Harbour rail line inaugurated?
(a) 1925 (b) 1928 (c) 1931 (d) 1933 (Ans : a)

30. Who inaugurated the first electric train?
(a) Queen Victoria (b) Lecile Wilson (c) R. Stevenson (d) Z. Clark (Ans : b)

31. The second world war broke out in–
(a) 1939 (b) 1938 (c) 1944 (d) 1945 (Ans : a)

32. When did the Chittaranjan locomotive work manufacture?
(a) 1947 (b) 1948 (c) 1949 (d) 1950 (Ans : d)

33. When did the Janta Express trains start ?
(a) 1947 (b) 1948 (c) 1949 (d) 1950 (Ans : d)

34. When was steel coaches imported from England?
(a) 1920 (b) 1921 (c) 1922 (d) 1923 (Ans : c)

35. When did air conditioned coaches manufacture in- Matunga rail factory, Bombay?
(a) 1935 (b) 1936 (c) 1937 (d) 1938 (Ans : c)

36. When was air conditioned coaches came into existence in India?
(a) 1933 (b) 1934 (c) 1935 (d) 1936 (Ans : d)

37. In which year Gaikwad-Baroda state imported diesel rail car ?
(a) 1910 (b) 1922 (c) 1932 (d) 1935 (Ans : c)

38. The first petrol rail car was imported in India in–
(a) 1910 (b) 1911 (c) 1915 (d) 1916 (Ans : a)

39. When was Petrol rail car started on Kalka-Shimla rail route?
(a) 1911 (b) 1913 (c) 1915 (d) 1917 (Ans : a)

40. When is referred to as the 'last star' in railway?
(a) Breaking star (b) Double engine (c) The last steam engine of Indian railway (d) The first factory of railway (Ans : c)

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