Free Online Railway GK Test for RRB Exams 2016

Indian Railways online General Knowledge Test Questions and Answers are useful for all Railway exams and other competitive exams.

1. From which place the first railway line was started?
(a) Bombay (b) Delhi (c) Calcutta (d) Madras See Answer:

2. When was the colour light signals get started ?
(a) 1920 (b) 1925 (c) 1928 (d) 1935 See Answer:

3. When was the first steam engine manufactured?
(a) 1853 (b) 1901 (c) 1912 (d) 1921 See Answer:

4. In which country was the first train started?
(a) England (b) Japan (c) Germany (d) France See Answer:

5. Between which stations of England the first train was started?
(a) Stockton and Darlington (b) Stockton and London
(c) London and Darlington (d) Burmingham and Cambridge See Answer:

6. When was the first train started?
(a) 1820 (b) 1823 (c) 1825 (d) 1829 See Answer:

7. Kural Janhe national way was thought by–
(a) George Clark (b) George Stephenson (c) RM. Stephenson (d) Williams See Answer:

8. What is the present name of Jan-he station?
(a) Thane (b) Victoria terminus (c) Mahim (d) Dadar See Answer:

9. What was the new name given to G.I.R ?
(a) Bombay Great Eastern Railway (b) I.R.A. (c) G.R.P.R. (d) Inland railways See Answer:

10. When was Madras affected due to Railways?
(a) 1839 (b) 1832 (c) 1841 (d) 1830 See Answer:

11. When did Madras railway company forwarded their request?
(a) 1845 (b) 1854 (c) 1843 (d) 1841 See Answer:

12. What was the day on 16th April. 1853 in the history of Railways?
(a) Sunday (b) Tuesday (c) Thursday (d) Saturday See Answer:

13. What is the total length of Narel Mathren railway line?
(a) 10 mile (b) 15 mile (c) 17 mile (d) 12.5 mile See Answer:

14. When did Kalka to Shimla railway line open?
(a) 1900 (b) 1903 (c) 1901 (d) 1904 See Answer:

15. For which hilly area was the first railway line made?
(a) Darjelling (b) Kashmir (c) Dalhaujee (d) Ladakh See Answer:

16. In which year B.B.C.I railway was formed?
(a) 1852 (b) 1855 (c) 1853 (d) 1854 See Answer:

17. When was the first Meter Gauge Loco formed?
(a) 1895 (b) 1893 (c) 1897 (d) 1890 See Answer:

18. Which among the following engineer have made the Victoria terminal ?
(a) Wilson Balle (b) Mayor Clark (c) Victoria (d) Newton See Answer:

19. Which station was connected by the grand rail route?
(a) Baroda (b) Balsar (c) Surat (d) Bharonch See Answer:

20. When was the Sabarmati railway line completed?
(a) 1870 (b) 1871 (c) 1869 (d) 1865 See Answer:

21. When was the Bombay to Madras Railway trunck route get completed?
(a) 1869 (b) 1867 (c) 1871 (d) 1866 See Answer:

22. In which part of country important government railway line was formed?
(a) Punjab and Sindh (b) Assam and Bengal (c) Middle zone (d) Southern India See Answer:

23. When was the construction work of Siyaidah station became completed?
(a) 1879 (b) 1862 (c) 1865 (d) 1871 See Answer:

24. When did the government buy E.R.R. company?
(a) 1879 (b) 1881 (c) 1876 (d) 1874 See Answer:

25. From which place B.B.C.I, started factory for locomotive?
(a) Jamalpur (b) Parel (c) Bhaikhala (d) Borivili See Answer:

26. When did the first locomotive engine form in Jamalpur factory?
(a) 1899 (b)1889 (c) 1879 (d) 1871 See Answer:

27. When did Thomas Robertson submit his report about rail operating matters?
(a) 1904 (b) 1903 (c) 1902 (d) 1901 See Answer:

28. The first world war broke out in–
(a) 1913 (b) 1914 (c) 1915 (d) 1916 See Answer:

29. When was the railway board reorganised on the suggestion of Eckworth Committee?
(a) 1920 (b) 1921 (c) 1922 (d) 1923 See Answer:

30. Who was the first Chief Commissioner of Railway board ?
(a) Eckworth (b) Climent Hindle (c) C. Abraham (d) F. Mearse See Answer:

31. How many coaches were in Deccan Queen ?
(a) 5 (b) 7 (c) 9 (d) 10 See Answer:

32. Which rail route was followed by Deccan Queen?
(a) Bombay - Puna (b) Bombay - Thane (c) Kurla - Bandra (d) Madras - Addyar See Answer:

33. On which date the Deccan Queen was started?
(a) 16 April. 1930 (b) 1 June, 1930 (c) 15 August, 1930 (d) 2 October, 1930 See Answer:

34. When did the South-Central-Western Railway organise ?
(a) 1951 (b) 1952 (c) 1955 (d) 1956 See Answer:

35. When did North-East Railway organise?
(a) 1951 (b) 1952 (c) 1955 (d) 1956 See Answer:

36. When did South-East Railway organise ?
(a) 1951 (b) 1952 (c) 1955 (d) 1966 See Answer:

37. When was Research, Design and standard organisation, established at Lucknow ?
(a) 1957 (b) 1963 (c) 1978 (d) 1985 See Answer:

38. When was diesel engine invented?
(a) 1885 (b) 1888 (c) 1890 (d) 1897 See Answer:

39. Who was the inventor of diesel engine?
(a) Graham Bell (b) F. Fleming (c) Rudolf (d) P. George See Answer:

40. When did diesel locomotive factory establish?
(a) 1960 (b) 1961 (c) 1971 (d) 1972 See Answer:

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