IDBI Assistant Manager Exam Solved Papers 2015 Download

IDBI Assistant Manager Exam, 2015 
General Awareness Solved Paper  (Held on 2-8-2015) 

1. With a view to reduce the risk of ATM-related crime, a facial recognition technology has been developed in–
(A) Canada (B) China (C) France (D) Russia (E) India (Ans : B)

2. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is an international organization head quartered in–
(A) Geneva, Switzerland (B) New York, USA (C) Madrid, Spain
(D) Washington D.C., USA (E) Vienna, Austria (Ans : C)

3. The Government of India has recently announced that the quantum of farm loan to be provided under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY) over the next five years shall be–
(A) Rs. 40,000 crore (B) Rs. 35,000 crore (C) Rs. 45,000 crore
(D) Rs. 30,000 crore (E) Rs. 50,000 crore (Ans : D)

4. India recently won 4th South Asian Basketball (SABA) Championship 2015 in Bengaluru by defeating–
(A) Thailand (B) Pakistan (C) Nepal (D) Sri Lanka (E) Singapore (Ans : D)

5. A prepaid card linked mobile wallet service 'SpeedPay' has recently been launched by state-run–
(A) BSNL (B) State Bank of India (C) MTNL (D) HDFC Bank (E) ICICI Bank (Ans : A)

6. The Minister of State (Independent charge) for Commerce and Industry in the Union Cabinet is–
(A) Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti (B) Shri Piyush Goyal (C) Shrimati Nirmala Sitharaman
(D) Shri Prakash Javadekar (E) Shri Rao Inderjit Singh (Ans : C)

7. At any point of time, the maximum value of securities in a Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) should not exceed–
(A) Rs. 25,000 (B) Rs. 5,00,000 (C) Rs. 1,00,000
(D) Rs. 1,25,000 (E) Rs. 2,00,000 (Ans : E)

8. To make rubber strong and bounceable, we add–
(A) Sodium (B) Sulphuric acid (C) Sulphur (D) Chloride (E) None of these (Ans : C)

9. Which of the following schemes provides an accident insurance cover of Rs. 2 lakh on annual payment of a premium of Rs. 12 for those aged 18-70 years?

10. Which of the following statements regarding the 'Kisan Vikas Patra' (KVP) is 'not' true?
(A) Certificate can be transferred from one person to another
(B) Amount invested doubles in 100 months
(C) There is no maximum limit on investment
(D) Certificate can be encashed after 2 and ½ years from the date of issue
(E) The interest earned on KVP is fully exempt under SOC of IT Act. (Ans : E)

11. Who amongst the following is 'not' a former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India ?
(A) Dr. Subir Gukam (B) Dr. Manmohan Singh (C) Dr. Y. V. Reddy
(D) Dr. C. Rangarajan (E) Dr. Bimal Jalan (Ans : A)

12. 'HRIDA Y' the 500 crore project of the Government of India aims to–
(A) inculcate love for the nation (B) connect with people of Indian origin settled
(C) holistic development of heritage cities in India (D) develop medical facilities for heart ailments
(E) create awareness about heart disease (Ans : C)

13. Which of the following is the currency of the 'State of Israel' ?
(A) Lira (B) Dinar (C) Durham (D) Shekel (E) Rial (Ans : D)

14. The 'Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium' is situated in–
(A) Sydney, Australia (B) Auckland, New Zealand (C) Melbourne, Australia
(D) Kolkata, India (E) Mumbai, India (Ans : D)

15. India has recently test-fired it's indigenously developed anti-tank guided missile, which can hit a target up to seven km from a helicopter. The missile is named as–
(A) Sanke (B) Nag (C) Cobra (D) Tophan (E) Milan (Ans : B)

16. "Tehri Dam' is the tallest dam in India. It is a multi-purpose rock and earth-fill embankment dam situated in the India State of–
(A) Uttarakhand (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Telangana (D) Punjab (E) Haryana (Ans : A)

17. The Reserve Bank has recently (July 2015) set up a committee to work out a five-year action plan to spread the reach of financial services to unbanked population. The 14-member panel is headed by–
(A) Shri Jasbir Singh (B) Shri P. Vijaya Bhaskar (C) Shri Deepak Mohanty
(D) Shri U. S. Paliwal (E) Shri N. S. Vishwanathan (Ans : C)

18. 'Omar Sharif', who recently dies at the age of 83 is–
(A) a German film Director and script writer (B) an Australian advertiser and filmmaker
(C) an Egyptian film star of international fame (D) an American news anchor
(E) a Hungarian music composer and film star (Ans : C)

19. The 'National Sports Day' is observed in India every year on August 29. This day marks the birthday of the legendary sportsman–
(A) Dhyan Chand (B) KD. Jadhav (C) Leslie Claudius
(D) P. K. Banerjee (E) Balbir Singh Sr. (Ans : A)

20. The Wimbledon 2015 men's singles title is recently won by–
(A) Jimmy Connors (B) Roger Federer (C) Novak Djokovic
(D) Andre Agassi (E) Ivan Levise (Ans : C)

21. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi recently inaugurated ICICI Bank's first branch in China. The branch is based in–
(A) Beijing (B) Wuhan (C) Shanghai (D) Hong Kong (E) Tianjin (Ans : C)

22. The 'Cheque Truncation' Process relates to–
(A) Electronic Data interchange (B) Payment of fixed deposits (C) All those given as options
(D) Clearing of cheques (E) Financing of traders (Ans : D)

23. In India the function of Cooperative Banks and Regional rural Banks are regulated and supervised by–

24. The 'Kanha National Park' is situated in–
(A) Maharashtra (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Uttar Pradesh (E) Arunachal Pradesh (Ans : B)

25. India's first International Financial Service Centre (IFSC) is being set up at GIFT City in–
(A) Gurgaon, Haryana (B} Noida, Uttar Pradesh (C) Gandhinagar, Gujarat
(D) Jaipur, Rajasthan (E) Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Ans : C)

26. The first MUDRA card under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) was launched by–
(A) State Bank of India (B) Andhra Bank (C) ICICI Bank
(D) Corporation Bank (E) Syndicate Bank (Ans : D)

27. In order to be eligible to open and operate a bank account independently and use other facilities like A TM and cheque book, a person should have attained the age of–
(A) Nine years (B) Six years (C) Ten years
(D) Seven years (E) Five years (Ans : C)

28. The key policy rates such as the bank rate, repo rate and reverse repo rate are periodically announced by–
(A) Reserve Bank of India (B) State Bank of India (C) National Stock Exchange of India
(D) Ministry of Finance (E) Indian Banks' Association (Ans : A)

29. Who amongst the following is the first CEO of the newly formed NITI Aayog ?
(A) Hasmukh Adhia (B) Arundhati Bhattacharya (C) Shikha Sharma
(D) Usha Ananthasubramanian (E) Sindhushree Khullar (Ans : E)

30. Which of the following private sector banks has recently announced its decision to discontinue issuing of slips after cash withdrawals at ATMs and shall now alert the customer through SMS only?
(A) INDUSIND Bank (B) HDFC Bank (C) AXIS Bank
(D) ICICI Bank (E) YES Bank (Ans : B)

31. The capital of the Indian Union Territory of 'Lakshadweep' is–
(A) Kavaratti (B) Minicoy (C) Bangaram (D) Agatti (E) Androth (Ans : A)

32. After its opening in 2016 Patni-top Tunnel (Chenani-Nashri Tunnel) will be the country's longest tunnel. It is situated in–
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Karnataka (C) Jammu-Kashmir (D) Odisha (E) Maharashtra (Ans : C)

33. In terms of the current provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934, the highest denomination in which bank notes can be issued is–
(A) Rs. 20,000 (B) Rs. 15,000 (C) Rs. 10,000 (D) Rs. 5,000 (E) Rs. 1,000 (Ans : C)

34. Which of the following banks is not a 'Public Sector Bank' ?
(A) Bank of Baroda (B) Allahabad Bank (C) Andhra Bank
(D) Bank of Maharashtra (E) Karnataka Bank (Ans : E)

35. Software major 'Microsoft' has agreed to support 'digital villages' and develop a 'smart MIDC' apart from setting up a cyber-security centre in the India state of–
(A) Gujarat (B) Haryana (C) Telangana (D) Maharashtra (E) Andhra Pradesh (Ans : D)

36. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited Ashgabat', the capital and the largest city of–
(A) Tajikistan (B) Uzbekistan (C) Kazakhstan (D) Turkmenistan (E) Kyrgyzstan (Ans : D)

37. 'Sumit Nagar is associated with the sport of–
(A) Cricket (B) Football (C) Tennis (D) Athletics (E) Hockey (Ans : C)

38. The Reserve Bank has allowed Indians to carry high value denomination notes while travelling to Nepal with a cap of–
(A) Rs. 50,000 (B) Rs. 25,000 (C) Rs. 60,000 (D) Rs. 15,000 (E) Rs. 10,000 (Ans : B)

39. The 'Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana' (VPBY) for senior citizens provides r or a maximum monthly pension of up to–
(A) Rs. 1000 per month (B) Rs. 7,500 per month (C) Rs. 5,000 per month
(D) Rs. 10,000 per month (E) Rs. 500 per month (Ans : E)

40. The 'Yerracotta Warriors Museum' which was recently visited by PM Shri Narendra Modi is situated in–
(A) China (B) Mongolia (C) Japan (D) Tajikistan (E) Russia (Ans : A)

41. 'Authorized Dealers' are banks authorized by the RBI to deal in–
(A) Foreign Exchange (B) Security Transactions (C) Commodity Derivatives
(D) Insurance Business (E) Mutual Fund Business (Ans : A)

42. Bank deposits that are payable in India are protected by an insurance cover provided by–
(A) New India Assurance Company Limited (B) GIC Limited (C) LIC of India
(D) National Insurance Company Limited (E) DICGC (Ans : E)

43. Which of the following is regarded as the longest river in Asia?
(A) Yellow River (B) Ganges (C) Yangtze (D) Indus (E) Brahmaputra (Ans : C)

44. In order to enable them to tide over temporary mismatches in the cash flow of their receipt and payments Ways and Means Advances (WMA) are granted to the State / Central Governments by the–
(A) Public Sector Banks (B) Reserve Bank of India (C) NABARD
(D) State Bank of India (E) Scheduled Commercial Banks (Ans : B)

45. RBI has now permitted' electronic KYC' for opening bank accounts, 'e-KYC' is possible only for those who have–
(A) AADHAR Card (B) PAN Card (C) Voter ID Card
(D) Driving License (E) Passport (Ans : A)

46. The second 500 MW unit at Tuticorin Thermal Power Station (TPS) in Tamil Nadu was successfully commissioned by–
(A) Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) (B) National Thermal Power Corporation Limited
(C) Reliance Infrastructure Limited (D) Tata Power Limited
(E) Adani Power Limited (Ans : A)

47. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently announced the guidelines for setting up small banks. The initial capital requirement for these small banks has been set at–
(A) Rs. 250 crore (B) Rs. 200 crore (C) Rs. 300 crore (D) Rs. 500 crore (E) Rs. 100 crore (Ans : E)

48. The largest network of shared ATMs in India is–
(A) MITR (B) Banks ATM Network and Customer Service (BANCS) (C) Cash Online
(D) National Financial Switch (E) Cash Tree (Ans : D)

49. State Bank of India (SBI) has recently announced the launch of a new initiative known as 'Project Tatkal' which claims to process a 'home loan' application within–
(A) 10 days (B) 15 days (C) 5 days (D) 7 days (E) 13 days (Ans : A)

50. Which of the following is an Indian domestic card scheme which is conceived and launched by NPCI ?
(A) RuPay card (B) Diners club card (C) Citi card
(D) Visa card (E) Master card (Ans : A)

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