General Knowledge Questions for Quiz Competitions 2015-16

Indian History Questions
1. Which animal had the Stone Age people first? – Sheep
2. Who is the expounder of yoga philosophy? – Patanjali
3. Of which sutra is the theam of the concept of Eight-fold path? – Dharma Chakara Pravartana Sutra
4. Who is said to have conquered the land between Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal ? – Bindusara
5. Which king controlled the famous silk-route of Central Asia? – Kanishka
6. The practice of image worship began follower of Brahmanism with which emergence? – Bhagavatism
7. Which Delhi sultan did not make any fresh conquests after assuming the reins of power? – Outubuddin Aibak
8. Which kingdom was annexed to tile Mughal empire during the reign of Shahjahan? – Ahmadnagar
9. Which Indian king requested Napoleon for help to drive the British from India ? – Tipu Sultan
10. Raja Rammohan Roy and David Hare were associated with the foundation of which college? – Hindu College

Geography Questions
1. Which planet of the solar system spins on its axis at the fastest rate? – Jupiter
2. Which layer of the earth is believed to have the heaviest mineral materials of highest density? – Central core
3. Why is the Wind in the, Southern hemisphere is deflected towards left? – Due to rotation of the earth
4. Which predominantly acts as the agent of chemical erosion of soil? – Underground water
5. A shipmet with an accident at 30°E and 35°N. Where was the ship was sailing? – Mediterranean Sea
6. Which is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli? – Silvassa
7. What is the name of the highest summit of Nilgiri Hills? – Doda-betta
8. Which type of soils have a marked capacity to retain water? – Regur soil
9. Which group of crops is grown in India during the Rabi season ? – Wheat, barley, gram
10. Rana Pratap Sagar Plant (Rajasthan) is associated with which thing? – Hydroelectricity

Indian Polity Questions

1. When was the Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met? – 9th December, 1946
2. How is the Indian Constitution regarded? – As federal in form and unitary in spirit
3. Which language is not recognised in the 8th Schedule though it is an official language of a State? – English
4. The five year term of the President is calculated from which day? – The day he assumes charge
5. What is the maximum number of representatives of the States in Lok Sabha? – 530
6. Which writ may be issued to enforce a Fundamental Right? – Habeas Corpus
7. The ordinances issued by the Governor are subject to approval by which office? – State Legislature
8. By whom is the conditions of service and tenure of the Election Commissioner prescribed? – Parliament
9. What is the source of maximum income to Panchayati Raj? – Government grants
10. Territorial waters of India extends upto how many nautical miles? – 12

Indian Economy Questions

1. In which sector is 70% of working population of India engaged? – Primary sector
2. For which DWCRA stands? – Development of Women and. Children in Rural Areas
3. To meet the growing needs for coins in the country, where does the Government propose to set up another mint? – Noida
4. What are gilt-edged securities? – Securities issued by the government
5. In which year were Private Sector Mutual Funds in India permitted? – 1993
6. Which is the most important item of non-plan expenditure? – Interest payment
7. What is the main source of revenue to meet different expenditures? – Internal borrowings
8. Which industry earns the second highest net foreign exchange from the trade? – Engineering goods industry
9. Which State stands first in the length of roads in the country? – Maharashtra
10. In which year was ‘Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana’ launched? – 2005

General Science Questions
1. In which technology do Cryogenic engines find applications? – Rocket technology
2. Which vitamin is synthesised in the body by intestinal bacteria? – Vitamin K
3. Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of which metal? – Zinc
4. Which nutrients are most likely to be affected by food processing and storage? – Vitamins
5. In which transmission are sound and video signals transmitted simultaneously? – T.V. Transmission
6. Which element present in the largest amount in rocks and minerals? – Silicon
7. Which are the glands of the body which pour their seretions directly into the blood stream? – Endocrine glands
8. Which common devices works on the basis of the principle of mutual induction? – Transformer
9. Which is an element which never exhibits positive oxidation state in any of its compounds? – Fluorine
10. The release of which fish into ponds and wells helps in controlling the mosquitoes ? – Gambusia fish

General Knowledge Questions
1. Who has created world record in the men’s 100 metres sprint event at 2008 Olympic Games? – Usain Bolt
2. In which city is the Global Automotive Research Centre being set up ? – Chennai
3. Who wrote “The Communist Manifesto” along with Kari Marx? – Friedrich Engels
4. Who is associated with the coinage of the name ‘United Nations’ ? – Franklin Roosevelt
5. A Fortgotten Empire’, written by the renowned historian Robert Sewell, is about which Empire? – Vijaynagar Empire
6. Chocolates can be bad for health because of a high content of which element? – Nickel
7. Where is Indian Army’s counter-insurgency school situated? – Vairengte
8. Which State of India has recorded the maximum increase in literacy rate during 2001-2011 ? – Bihar
9. What is grouping and processing all of a firm’s transactions at one time called? – Batch processing
10. Which is the loan of very small amounts given to low income groups? – Micro credit

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