Indian History-Quick Revision Notes for Competitive Exams

1. Which type of act wast the Pitts India Act of 1784? – Regulating Act 
2. Who was the medieval king responsible for introducing the silver coin called 'tanka' in North India? – Iltutmish
3. What was the mean of 'Sita' in Maurya age means? – revenue from crown land 
4. Who was associated with the formation of the Deccan Educational Society? – B. G. Tilak
5. Who had pleaded from the side of Indian National Army Officers in their Red Fort trial? – Sir J. B. Sapru 
6. By whom Lahore Session of Muslim League (1940) was presided over? – Mohammad Ali Jinnah 
7. In which of the following sessions of Indian National Congress, Mahatma Gandhi said, "Gandhi. may die but Gandhism will remain forever" ? – Karachi Session, 1931 
8. From where did Fareed, who later became Sher Shah Suri, got his education from– Jaunpure 
9. Which of the following inscription of Ashoka bans animal sacrifice on certain festive gathering, that probably included a ban on animal killing as well? – Rock Edict I 
10. Which was the Buddhist monk that spread Buddhism in Tibet? – Padmasambhava 
11. Which General, who commanded the British forces against the Americans in their War of Independence, later became Governor-General of India ? – Cornwallis 
12. Why is the Gandharva School of art also known? – Greco-Roman art 
13. Where did Aurangzeb die? – Ahmad Nagar 
14. Who was called Lichchhavi Dauhitra ? – Samudragupta
15. What was the primary reason behind the failure of the Young Bengal Movement in Bengal? – It was too radical 
16. Who gave the title of "Mahamana" to Madan Mohan Malviya ? – Mahatma Gandhi 
17. To make tools and weapons, What did the earliest inhabitants of India use? – Stones 
18. During the Civil Disobedience Movement, of which demonstrator the soldiers of Garhwal Regiment refused to first on? – Peshawar 
19. Which thinker argued that Maratha rule in general and Shivaji in particular represented early nationalist consciousness in India? – M G Ranade 
20. Which was a temple built by the Chola Kings? – Brihadiswara Temple, Tanjavur 
21. Which inscription was installed in the easternmost part of Ashoka's territory? – Dhauli major rock edicts 
22. Who was the President of Indian National Congress when India attained independence? – Acharya Kripalani 
23. The first major boost to modern industry in India happened in the 1860s. Of which was it a direct result? – the demand created in Europe because of the Civil War in America 
24. By which name the Chinese writers mention India? – Yin-tu 
25. What was Mahatma Gandhi's severe criticism of the Congress leadership at the opening of the Banaras Hindu University? – Condemnation of Indian nationalism for being an elite phenomenon 
26. What was the Buddhist Sangha? – an organisation of monks who became teachers of Dhamma 
27. When were the Separate electorates for representation of Indian Christians and Anglo-Indians reated? – Government of India Act, in 1909 
28. Who had demanded first the dominion status for India? – Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru and Jayakar 
29. Who gave the title 'Sardar' to Vallabh Bhai Patel? – Women of Bardoli 
30. Who established the India Civil Liberties Union in 1936 ? – Jawahar Lal Nehru 

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