Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

1. Which river in India flows In a rift-valley? – Narmada 
2. What is the most important food crop of Australia? – Wheat 
3. Which area is conducive for well irrigation? – Deltaic regions of Mahanadi, Godavari and Krishna 
4. Radioactive decay provides an internal source of heat for the earth. This helps in the formation of which type of rocks? – Igneous 
5. Which river crosses the equator two times? – Congo River 
6. Which tree specie does not belong to deciduous vegetation? – Deodar 
7. What do we call the Rocks having large quantity of underground water and permitting ready flow of water? – Aquifers 
8. Which railway connecting two stations has been recognised as heritage railway line by UNESCO? – Siliguri and Darjeeling 
9. Which hill station is called as the 'Queen of the Satpuras' ? – Panchmarhi 
10. From where the Adam's Bridge begins? – Dhanuskodi 
11. Which country is at the top in terms of percentage of total coffee production in the world? – Brazil 
12. Which system contains the oldest rock formation of India? – Archean System 
13. Which ocean currents mixes with Labrador current ? – Florida current 
14. Which is the major occupation in equatorial region? – Growing of tropical crops 
15. Which State shares common boundaries with maximum number of other States? – Chhattisgarh 
16. Which dams is constructed across Krishna River? – Srisailam Dam 
17. Diamond Ring, God's Eye and Baily's Beads are the parts of which natural phenomenon? – Solar eclipse 
18. Of which country mineral oil was economically drilled in 1857? – Romania 
19. The greatest seasonal contrast of insolation on the earth is in which latitudinal zones? – Tropical 
20. What are the reasons of Variations in the length of day-time and night-time from season to season? – Revolution of the earth on a tilted axis 
21. In which region is Biodiversity richer? – Tropical regions 
22. Which is a sea without' having a coastline? – Sargasso Sea
23. In which country is drip irrigation more efficiently used? – Israel 
24. Oil is found in petroliferous rock. Which structure demonstrates an ideal trap? – Anticlinal structure 
25. In which region are Mid-latitude cyclones formed – strong temperature contrasts 
26. How is the The drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentary rock termed? – Trellis 
27. Which strait separates Australia and Tasmania? – Bass 
28. What is The humidity of air measured in percentage? – Relative humidity 
29. Through which range Jawahar tunnel on Jammu-Srimigar highway passes? – Pir Panjal range 
30. What term does 'albedo' implie? – proportion of the shortwave solar radiation reflected by a surface 

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