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GK Practice Test - 3
1. Which of the following groups contains only true fishes?
(A) Trygons, Torpedos, Whales, Sharks (B) Perch, Torpedos, Sharks, Trygons
(C) Silver fish, Jelly fish, Sharks (D) Lung fishes, Silver fish, Jelly fish
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2. In which one of the following ministries the census organisation has been functioning on a permanent footing since 1961?
(A) Health and Family Welfare (B) Home Affairs
(C) Social Justice and Empowerment (D) Human Resource Development
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3. The Chief Justice (or a Judge) of the High Court can be removed by the–
(A) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (B) same procedure as for the Judges of the Supreme Court
(C) Governor (D) Union Home Ministry
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4. The Advisory Powers of the Supreme Court of India imply that–
(A) it tenders advice to the President on questions
(B) it tenders advice to the Prime Minister on legal matters
(C) it tenders advice to the Government of India on all constitutional matters
(D) it has power to tender advice to all the above persons
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5. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which country?
(A) Chile (B) Australia
(C) USA (D) Indonesia
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6. Which African country was originally known as Northern Rhodesia?
(A) Namibia (B) Tanzania
(C) Zambia (D) Zimbabwe
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7. The prices at which the government purchases foodgrains for maintaining the public distribution system and for building up buffer stock are known as–
(A) minimum support prices (B) procurement prices
(C) issue prices (D) ceiling prices
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8. National Agriculture Insurance Scheme replacing Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme (CCIS) was introduced in the year–
(A) 1997 (B) 1998
(C) 1999 (D) 2000
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9. Nastaliq was–
(A) a persian script used in medieval India (B) a raga composed by Tansen
(C) a cess levied by the Mughal rulers (D) a manual of Code of Conduct for the Ulemas
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10. At the time, when Nadir Shah attacked Delhi, the Mughal Emperor was–
(A) Ahmad Shah (B) Bahadur Shah
(C) Muhammad Shah (D) Shah Alam II
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11. The National School of Drama is situated in which of the following cities?
(A) Mumbai (B) New Delhi
(C) Bhopal (D) Kolkata
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12. Which of the following was not one of the measures adopted by the Mughals to counter the obvious dangers of the Jagir system?
(A) Jagirs were frequently transferred from one Mansabdar to another
(B) Jagirs were resumed by the Emperor on the mansabdar's death
(C) Strict accounting of income from Jagir was enforced through Jama-dami
(D) Jagirs were normally not granted in home territories or place of posting
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13. The most fearless and bold woman leader of the peasant movement, who sacrificed her life to protect peasants rights, was–
(A) Ambika Chakraborthy (B) Snehlata Wadekar
(C) Veera Gunnamma (D) Preetilata Wadekar
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14. Which one of the following legislations does not deal with the protection of environment?
(A) The Water (Cess) Act, 1977 (B) The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980
(C) The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 (D) The Port Laws Amendment Act, 1997
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15 The somatostatin hormone is secreted by the following cell of islet of Langerhans–
(A) a- cell (B) b- cell
(C) c-cell (D) d- cell
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16. When an aeroplane take off, some occupants often feel pain in the region of ears. This is because of–
(A) effect of loud sound in the middle ear (B) rapid movement of otoliths in the inner ear
(C) rapid movement of endolymph in the semicircular canals (D) blockage of the eustachian tubes
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17. Father of the Indian Systematic Botany is–
(A) H Santapau (B) Birbal Sahni
(C) SR Kashyap (D) R Mukherjee
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18. The Chief Justice of India can be removed in accordance with the procedure laid down in the constitution, by the–
(A) President on a resolution by the Parliament (B) Parliament alone
(C) majority of the Judges of the Supreme Court (D) the President
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19. The Chief Justice of a High Court is appointed by the–
(A) President in consultation with the Chief Justice of India and the Governor of the state
(B) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in consultation with the President and the Prime Minister
(C) Governor in consultation with the President
(D) Prime Minister in consultation with the Chief Justice of India
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20. Which of the following Constitutional Amendment Act seeks that the size of the Councils of Ministers at the Centre and in a State must not exceed 15 per cent of the total number of Members in the Lok Sabha and the total number of Members of the Legislative Assembly of that State, respectively?
(A) 91st (B) 93rd
(C) 95th (D) 97th
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21. The Earth moves around the Sun in an elliptic trajectory due to gravity. If another Sun like star is brought near the Earth, what will be the shape of the trajectory?
(A) Ellipse (B) Parabola
(C) Circle (D) It will be undeterministic
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22. Which one of the following mountain ranges separates Europe from Asia?
(A) Apenine (B) Black Forest
(C) Ural (D) Sulaiman
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23. Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme was introduced in 1998-99 to improve the credit delivery to farmers. Which one of the following does not operate this scheme?
(A) Scheduled Commercial Banks (B) Co-operative Banks
(C) NABARD (D) Regional Rural Banks
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24. Which decade of Indian planning has the best for agricultural growth?
(A) Sixties (B) Seventies
(C) Eighties (D) Fifties
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25. The Archaeological Survey of India is an attached office of the Department/ Ministry of–
(A) Culture (B) Tourism
(C) Science and Technology (D) Human Resource Development
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