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GK Practice Test - 20
1. In India, which of the following is regulated by the Forward Markets Commission?
(A) Currency Futures Trading (B) Commodities Futures Trading
(C) Equity Futures Trading (D) Both Commodities Futures and Financial Futures Trading
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2. In India, the tax proceeds of which one of the following as a % of gross tax revenue has significantly declined in the last five years?
(A) Service tax (B) Personal income tax
(C) Excise duty (D) Corporation tax
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3. Gandhi cooperated with the British and he was awarded the Kaisari-Hind gold medal for–
(A) raising an ambulance unit during the Second Boer war
(B) supporting the British war efforts during the first world war
(C) Both 'a' and 'b'
(D) his constructive work in South Africa
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4. Who among the following was a prominent leader of the Congress Socialist Party?
(A) MN Roy (B) Pattam Thanu Pillai
(C) Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi (D) Acharya Narendra Dev
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5. Which one of the following is not an amorphous substance?
(A) Glass (B) Polymer
(C) Rubber (D) Copper
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6. The founder President of the Harijan Sevak Sanghar, founded by Mahatma Gandhi, was–
(A) Mahadev Desai (B) GD Birla
(C) Amrit Lal Thakkar (D) BR Ambedkar
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7. The term' Aryans' denotes–
(A) an ethnic group (B) a nomadic people
(C) a speech group (D) a superior race
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8. The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through–
(A) Odisha (B) Tripura
(C) Chhattisgarh (D) Rajasthan
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9. Param Padma is–
(A) a new civilian award instituted by the Government of India
(B) the name of super computer developed by India
(C) the name given to a proposed network of canals linking Northern and Southern rivers of India
(D) a software programme to facilitate e-governance in Madhya Pradesh
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10. Which one of the following computer memory is a temporary and volatile?
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11. Which one of the following can make it easier to play games?
(A) Mouse (B) Keyboard
(C) Pen (D) Joystick
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12. Where was the First Municipal Corporation in India set up?
(A) Mumbai (B) Kolkata
(C) Delhi (D) Chennai
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13. What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayati Raj system called?
(A) Zila Parishad (B) Taluka Panchayat
(C) Panchayat Samiti (D) Gram Sabha
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14. A Municipal Corporation is set up in a city with a population of not less than–
(A) 1 lakh (B) 12 lakh
(C) 10 lakh (D) 5 lakh
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15. Panchayati Raj has received Constitutional status with the ..........Amendment Act.
(A) 72nd (B) 73rd
(C) 74th (D) 75th
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16. Which one among the following is the longest continuous mountain range in the world?
(A) The Himalayas (B) The Andes
(C) The Rocky Mountains (D) The Alps
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17. Which year has been currently used as the base year to estimate national income in India by CSO?
(A) 2004-05 (B) 1993-94
(C) 2001-02 (D) 1999-2000
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18. ………. is responsible for the collection and publication of monetary and financial information–
(A) Finance Ministry (B) RBI
(C) CAG (D) Finance Commission
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19. Which of the following does not form part of the Vedas or the Shrutis–
(A) Samhitas (B) Brahmanas
(C) Upanishads (D) Puranas
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20. Which one of the following Vedic God/Goddess depicts an association with the Sun?
(A) Ashvin (B) Pusan
(C) Indira (D) Aranyani
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21. Which of the following is not a necessary qualification for a state to become a member of the UN?
(A) It should be a sovereign state
(B) It should be a peace loving state
(C) It should be willing to discharge responsibilities under the UN Charter
(D) It should guarantee human rights and freedom to its citizens
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22. Which of the following statements about the vedic family is not correct–
(A) The basic unit of the Aryan society was the patriarchal family
(B) The birth of a son was especially welcome because they were needed in wars
(C) The sanctify of marriage had been recognized
(D) Child marriage was permitted
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23. Which one of the following Mahajanpadas did exist during 600 BC in the market area in the map given above?
(A) Asmaka (B) Avanti
(C) Kamboja (D) Matsya
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24. Indian Standard Time refers to the local time of which one of the following places in India?
(A) Allahabad (B) Bhopal
(C) Delhi (D) Lucknow
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25. In the MICR, the 'C' stands for–
(A) Colour (B) Computer
(C) Character (D) Code
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