Objective General Knowledge Multiple Questions

Objective GK Multiple Questions

1. In which of the following groups would you place a plant, which produces spores, has vascular tissues and bear seeds without fruits?
(A) Bryophytes (B) Angiosperm
(C) Pterydophytes (D) Gymnosperm
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2. Copying computer software or programme without permission of its author is called–
(A) Highway robbery (B) Larceny
(C) Software piracy (D) Embezzlement
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3. Restarting of computer that is already on is referred to as–
(A) shut down (B) cold booting
(C) warm booting (D) logging off
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4. The Veerappa Moily Commission in its report on Administrative Reforms among other aspects has suggested doing away with which one of the following pairs of Articles of the Constitution of India?
(A) Articles 305 and 306 (B) Articles 307 and 308
(C) Articles 308 and 309 (D) Articles 310 and 311
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5. The Amendment procedure laid down in Indian Constitution is on the pattern of–
(A) Constitution of Canada (B) Government of India Act, 1935
(C) Constitution of South Africa (D) Constitution of USA
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6. Why is the year 1952, important in Indian History?
(A) States Reorganisation Act was passed (B) Haryana State was split
(C) First official census in India was held (D) First general elections to the Lok Sabha were held
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7. Rain shadow effect is associated with–
(A) cyclonic rainfall (B) orographic rainfall
(C) frontal rainfall (D) convectional rainfall
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8. The phenomenon of 'trade winds' takes place due to–
(A) conduction of heat (B) convection of heat
(C) radiation (D) None of these
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9. India is not a member of which one of the following?
(A) Commonwealth of Independent States (B) South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
(C) South Asian Free Trade Agreement (D) World Trade Organization
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10. Brent index is associated with–
(A) crude oil prices (B) copper future prices
(C) gold future prices (D) shipping rate index
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11. The wrath of the indigo agitations of the nineteenth century was mainly directed against the oppression of the peasants by–
(A) the government (B) the foreign planters
(C) the zamindars (D) the money-lenders
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12. The Viceroy upon whom a bomb was thrown but he did not change his attitude towards the Indians, was–
(A) Lord Hardinge (B) Warren Hastings
(C) Lord Curzon (D) Lord Chelmsford
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13. According to Karl Marx, attainment of communism is possible only after–
(A) resolution of tension between the leader and led (B) completion of permanent revolution
(C) emergence of exploitation-free society (D) disappearance of difference between urban and rural areas
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14. Which of the following revolutionary and terrorist organisations had a large number of young women revolution aries?
(A) Yugantar (B) Anushilan Samiti
(C) Bharat Mata Society (D) Indian Republican Army
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15. The brain behind the bomb attack on Viceroy Lord Hardinge at Chandni Chowk, Delhi in December 1912, was–
(A) Rasbehari Bose (B) Bhai Parmanand
(C) Sachindranath Sanyal (D) Sohan Lal Pathak
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16. Which one of the following is a global biodiversity hotspot in India?
(A) Western Ghats (B) Western Himalayas
(C) Eastern Ghats (D) Northern Himalayas
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17. What is the function of computer compiler?
(A) An algorithm to instruct a function to make the performance of computer faster
(B) Translate a programme written in high level language into machine language
(C) A debugging programme to re-programme the system
(D) None of these
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18. A packet of information that travels between a browser and the web server is known as–
(A) Malware (B) Adware
(C) Spyware (D) Cookie
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19. Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys are known as–
(A) Function keys (B) Adjustment keys
(C) Alphanumeric keys (D) Modifier keys
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20. An aggrieved public servant of the Union can challenge the decisions of the Administrative Tribunal–
(A) before the Supreme Court (B) before the High Court
(C) before both 'a' and 'b' (D) before no court of law
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21. Which Amendment provided for an authoritative version of the Constitution in Hindi?
(A) 56th (B) 58th
(C) 60th (D) 61st
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22. A merger will not invite action under the Anti-Defection Act if . . . members of a political party decide to join another political party–
(A) one-third (B) two-thirds
(C) half (D) one-fourth
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23. The interval between two high tides is approximately–
(A) 4 hour (B) 6 hour
(C) 12 hour (D) 24 hour
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24. A nautical mile is equal to–
(A) 5060 feet (B) 5280 feet
(C) 6060 feet (D) 6080 feet
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25. Which Plan was negatively affected by the arrival of refugees from Bangladesh?
(A) Fifth Five Year Plan (B) Fourth Five Year Plan
(C) Third Five Year Plan (D) Annual plan
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