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IBPS Banking Questions and Answers
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1. The East India Company of which of the following countries was the first to be empowered to make war, conclude treaties, acquire territories and build fortresses?
(A) Portugal (B) The Netherlands
(C) Britain (D) France
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2. What is the Universal Product Code (UPC) adopted for?
(A) Fire safety code in buildings (B) Earthquake-resistant building code
(C) Bar code (D) Against adulteration of eatables
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3. Which one of the following was the first fort constructed by the British in India?
(A) Fort William (B) Fort St George
(C) Fort St David (D) Fort St Angelo
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4. Between whom was the Treaty of Purandhar in 1776 made?
(A) The English and The Nizam of Hyderabad (B) The Marathas and The Portuguese
(C) The Marathas and The English (D) The English and The Sultan of Mysore
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5. Which one among the following major Indian cities is most Eastward located?
(A) Hyderabad (B) Bhopal
(C) Lucknow (D) Bengaluru
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6. Which one among the following metals is used for making boats because it does not corrode by sea water?
(A) Tungsten (B) Antimony
(C) Nickel (D) Titanium
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7. Which of the following is the correct sequence of evolution?
(A) Leucosolenia-Hydra-Amoeba-Ascaris (B) Leucosolenia-Amoeba-Hydra-Ascaris
(C) Amoeba-Leucosolenia-Hydra-Ascaris (D) Amoeba-Leucosolenia-Ascaris-Hydra
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8. Vermiform appendix present in our body indicates our ancestors were–
(A) herbivores (B) carnivores
(C) sanguivores (D) insectivores
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9. Among the following, which country is reliant on a single export of oil/petroleum?
(A) South Africa (B) Zimbabwe
(C) Namibia (D) Nigeria
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10. The States in India can borrow from the market–
(A) at their discretion (B) only through the Centre
(C) only with the consent of the Centre (D) under no circumstance
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11. The limitations on the authority of the State Legislature do not include–
(A) Parliament's authority to make laws on subjects in the State List during an Emergency
(B) Parliament's authority to make laws on State subjects if Rajya Sabha passes a resolution as required by the Constitution
(C) the Governor's discretionary power to dissolve the legislature
(D) the Governor s power to reserve certain Bills for the consideration of the President
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12. Which region of the Earth's surface is called doldrums?
(A) Equatorial low pressure belt (B) Sub-tropical high pressure belt
(C) Between 10° to 23.5° North and South Latitudes. (D) Sub-polar low pressure belt
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13. Which one of the following is a low cloud?
(A) Cirrocumulus (B) Cirrostratus
(C) Altocumulus (D) Nibostratus
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14. Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR), a public sector undertaking is under the administrative control of which of the following ministries?
(A) Heavy Industry (B) Small Scale
(C) Railway (D) Shipping, Road Transport and Highways
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15. For which one of the following items is Tirupur well known as a huge exporter to many parts of the world?
(A) Gems and Jewellery (B) Leather goods
(C) Knitted garments (D) Handicrafts
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16. Maximum amount of herring fish is obtained from–
(A) The North Sea around the Netherlands (B) The coastal areas from Alaska to California
(C) The Sea of Japan (D) The Gulf of Mexico
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17. Which one of the following events, was characterized by Montague as 'Preventive Murder'?
(A) Killing of INA activists (B) Massacre of Jallianwalla Bagh
(C) Shooting of the Mahatma (D) Shooting of Curzon-Wythe
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18. Russia has proposed the concept of a strategic triangle consisting of Russia–
(A) UK and USA (B) India and China
(C) China and Pakistan (D) India and Pakistan
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19. Which one of the following suggested the reconstitution of the Viceroy s Executive Council in which all the portfolios including that of War Members were to be held by the Indian leaders?
(A) Simon Commission (B) Simla Conference
(C) Cripps Proposal (D) Cabinet Mission
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20. The Government of India Act, 1935 was based on–
(A) the principle of federation and parliamentary system
(B) the principle of secession of the British Indian provinces
(C) acceptance of independence of India
(D) Acceptance of the idea of a constituent assembly to draft a Constitution
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21. Out of the four Southern States' Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which shares boundaries with the maximum number of Indian States?
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Karnataka
(C) Each of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka (D) Each of Tamil Nadu and Kerala
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22. In higher animals, haemoglobin is found in red blood corpuscles. Which of the following animals have haemoglobin dissolved in plasma?
(A) Annelids (B) Birds
(C) Reptiles (D) Mammals
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23. Which one among the following is true about the "pollen basket"?
(A) A sac in a flower which carries the pollen (B) A basket made up of pollen
(C) A cavity in the hindleg of the worker bee (D) A common used in artificial fertilization
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24. Which of the following causes the thrombocytopenic purpura, a haemorrhagic disorder?
(A) Very high platelet count (B) Very low platelet count
(C) Low concentration of fibrinogen (D) Absence of vitamin K
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25. The Chairman of the Legislative Council is–
(A) appointed by the Governor
(B) the Governor (ex-officio)
(C) elected by the members of the Legislative Council from among themselves
(D) appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly
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