SSC Higher Secondary Exam General English Solved Paper 2011

SSC Higher Secondary (10+2) Level Exam 2011
(Held on 4-12-2011)

General English (1st Bach) Solved Paper

Direction : In Question Nos, 1 to 5, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and blacken the rectangle [] corresponding to the appropriate letter (A, B, C). If a sentence is free from errors, blacken the rectangle corresponding to (D) in the Answer Sheet.
1. Supposing if (A) / it rains (B) / What shall we do (C) / No error. (D)

2. The captain along with his team (A) /are practising very hard (B) / for the forthcoming match. (C) / No error. (D)

3. It was him (A) / who came running (B) / into the classroom. (C)/ No error. (D)

4. The capital of Yemen (A) / is situating (B) /2190 metres above the sea level. (C) / No error. (D)

5. Ram was (A) / senior to (B) / Sam in college. (C) / No error (D)

Directions : In Question Nos. 6 to 10, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are susggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by blackening the appropriate rectangle [] in the Answer Sheet.

6. For a child, a blow ........... self-esteem is a terrible thing.
(A) of (B) with (C) to (D) on

7. The Greenland ice sheet is ........... at the rate of about 12 cubic miles a year.
(A) smelting (B) condensing (C) melting (D) freezing

8. The Principal called ........... an explanation from the clerks.
(A) on (B) out (C) for (D) in

9. The ........... crowd gave the victorious team a tumultuous welcome.
(A) jubilant (B) troublesome (C) noisy (D) arrogant

10. It is our duty to get...........the truth.
(A) to (B) over (C) into (D) at

Directions : In Question Nos. 11 to 15, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word and mark it in the Answer Sheet.

11. defer
(A) indifferent (B) defy (C) differ (D) postpone

12. cease
(A) begin (B) stop (C) create (D) dull

13. pious
(A) religious (B) sympathetic (C) afraid (D) faithful

14. abandon
(A) forsake (B) keep (C) cherish (D) enlarge

15. cancel
(A) abolish (B) approve (C) allow (D) break

Directions : In Question 16 to 20, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word and mark it in the Answer Sheet.

16. stingy
(A) clean (B) tight (C) generous (D) cheap

17. barren
(A) fertile (B) rich (C) prosperous (D) positive

18. virtue
(A) vice (B) failure (C) fault (D) offence

19. nervous
(A) flawless (B) immature (C) smooth (D) composed

20. confident
(A) worried (B) pessimistic (C) diffident (D) depressed

Directions : In Question Nos. 21 to 25, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it in the Answer Sheet.

21. to look down one's nose
(A) to show anger (B) to retaliate (C) to insult in the presence of others (D) to regard with contempt

22. to shed crocodile tears
(A) to weep profusely (B) to pretend grief (C) to grieve seriously (D) to mock something

23. by puting two and two together
(A) to mix several things (B) to make an arithmetical calculation
(C) to keep people in pairs (D) to deduce from given facts

24. to go scot-free
(A) to walk like a native of Scotland (B) to get something free.
(C) to escape without punishment (D) to save tax

25. at the eleventh hour
(A) at eleven O' clock (B) at the wrong time
(C) at the last possible moment (D) at the initial moment itself

Directions : In Question Nos. 26 to 80, a part of the sentence is underlined which may need improvement. Alternatives are given at (A), (B) and (C) below, which may be better option. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (D). Blacken the appropriate rectangle [] in the answer Sheet.

26. The cheapest electronic good are manufactured in China.
(A) electronical good (B) electrical good (C) electronic goods (D) No improvement

27. I have been living in Delhi from 1989.
(A) eversince (B) since (C) in (D) No improvement

28. He is a descendant from the Mughal royalty.
(A) of (B) in (C) for (D) No improvement

29. Mary would not go to the market unless I go with her.
(A) shall go (B) went (C) would go (D) No improvement

30. Flowers embelishment the beauty of our surroundings.
(A) replenish (B) enhance (C) destroys (D) No improvement

Directions : In Question Nos. 31 to 35 of the four alternative, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

31. Murder of a man
(A) Regicide (B) Fratricide (C) Homicide (D) Genocide

32. Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something.
(A) Coercion (B) Conviction (C) Confession (D) Cajolement

33. Animal that feeds on plants
(A) Carnivorous (B) Herbivourous (C) Insectivorous (D) Graminivorous

34. A number of stars grouped together
(A) Orbit (B) Constellation (C) Salar system (D) Comet

35. Lasting only for a very short while
(A) Transparent (B) Temporal (C) Temporary (D) Temperate

Directions : In Question Nos. 36 to 40, group of four words are given. In each group one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word and mark it in the Answer Sheet.

36. (A) livelihood (B) livelyhood (C) livlihood (D) livelyhud

37. (A) foyere (B) foayer (C) foyer (D) fouyer

38. (A) lassivous (B) lacivoius (C) lascivious (D) lasivious

39. (A) enemyty (B) enemity (C) enmity (D) enmety

40. (A) irelevant (B) irrelavent (C) irelevent (D) irrelevant

Directions : (Question Nos. 41 to 50) In the following passage some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Mark your answer in the Answer Sheet.

It was a sudden decision. Three of us all the hostel, decided to travel by train to 42 and witness the Republic Day Parade. The station was heavily 43.and there was a long queue before the ticket counter. 44 pretended sickness and persuaded the man nearest to the 45 to buy three more tickets – one for him and 46 for his sisters. No problem, therefore, in buying tickets 47 train was already at the platform and there was 48 mad rush among the passengers to get on the coaches. Hari would not be worried by 49. He asked 50 to jump over the bumper between two coaches to get on to the other side.

41. (A) roommates (B) strangers (C) classmates (D) friends

42. (A) Calcutta (B) Hydrabad (C) Chennai (D) Delhi

43. (A) guared (B) thronged (C) crowded (D) filled

44. (A) She (B) Hari (C) They (D) You

45. (A) door (B) window (C) counter (D) enhance

46. (A) three (B) four (C) one (D) two

47. (A) The (B) A (C) An (D) No

48. (A) a (B) an (C) the (D) not

49. (A) things (B) everything (C) anything (D) something

50. (A) them (B) us (C) we (D) they

1. (A) 2. (B) 3. (A) 4. (B) 5. (D) 6. (C) 7. (C) 8. (C) 9. (A) 10. (D)
11. (D) 12. (B) 13. (A) 14. (A) 15. (A) 16. (C) 17. (A) 18. (A) 19. (D) 20. (C )
21. (D) 22. (B) 23. (D) 24. (C) 25. (C) 26. (C) 27. (B) 28. (D) 29. (D) 30. (B)
31. (C) 32. (A) 33. (B) 34. (B) 35. (C) 36. (A) 37. (C) 38. (C) 39. (C) 40. (D)
41. (A) 42. (D) 43. (C) 44. (B) 45. (B) 46. (D) 47. (A) 48. (D) 49. (C) 50. (B)

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