Indian History - Modern History Essay Quiz Questions Answers

Modern Indian History Quiz Questions
1. In 1650 Gabriel Boughton, an employee of the Company obtained a license for trade in–
(A) Bengal (B) Orissa
(C) Mysore (D) Surat
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2. Year of the Battle of Plassey is–
(A) 1557 (B) 1657
(C) 1757 (D) 1857
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3. Year of the Battle of Wandiwash is–
(A) 1560 (B) 1660
(C) 1760 (D) 1860
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4. Year of the Battle of Buxar is–
(A) 1764 (B) 1767
(C) 1784 (D) 1864
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5. Warren Hastings was appointed as the Governor of..................... in 1772.
(A) Bengal (B) Madras
(C) Bombay (D) Delhi
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6. Who convinced the British in 1829 to outlaw Sati?
(A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (B) Swami Dayananda Saraswati
(C) Lokmanya Tilak (D) Bhagat Singh
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7. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati was an important Hindu religious scholar, reformer, and founder of the–
(A) Arya Samaj (B) Brahma Samaj
(C) Ramakrishna Mission (D) Theosophical society
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8. Who was the first to give the call for Swarajya– "India for Indians”?
(A) Dayanand Saraswati (B) Lokmanya Tilak
(C) Sri Aurobindo (D) Bhagat Singh
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9. Who founded India House in London and guided other revolutionaries.
(A) Sri Aurobindo (B) Lokmanya Tilak
(C) Shyamji Krishna Varma (D) Bhagat Singh
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10. Satyarth Prakash was written by–
(A) Lala Lajpat Rai (B) Lala Hardyal
(C) Dayanand Saraswati (D) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
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11. Daiva Dasakam is a Malayalam work of–
(A) Sree Narayana Guru (B) Chattambi Swamikal
(C) C. Kesavan (D) T. K. Madhavan
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12. Jathi Nirnayam is the work of–
(A) Sree Narayana Guru (B) C.Kesavan
(C) Nataraja Guru (D) T. K. Madhavan
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13.....................’s Darsana Mala is written Sanskrit.
(A) Sree Narayana Guru (B) Chattambi Swamikal
(C) C. Kesavan (D) Dr. Palpu
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14. Brahmavidya Panchakam is a Sanskrit work of–
(A) Sree Narayana Guru (B) Chattambi Swamikal
(C) K. Madhvan Nair (D) Dr. Palpu
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15. Nirvruthi Panchakam was written by–
(A) C. Kesavan (B) Chattambi Swamikal
(C) Brahmananda Sivayogi (D) Sree Narayana Guru
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16. Bengal British India Society founded in Calcutta on 20 April 1843, was the.....................political public association to be formed in British India, the first being the zamindari association (1837).
(A) First (B) Second
(C) Third (D) Fourth
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17. The British India Society was formed in–
(A) 1832 (B) 1833
(C) 1839 (D) 1874
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18. In.....................Derozio founded with his students the 'Academic Association' which organized debates on various subjects.
(A) 1824 (B) 1825
(C) 1828 (D) 1834
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19. The Young Bengal group published the.....................(Quest for Knowledge) for propagating their views.
(A) Jnananvesan (B) Parthenon
(C) Hesperus (D) Enquirer.
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20. Krishnamohan started the..................... in 1831.
(A) Enquirer (B) Hindu Pioneer
(C) Quill (D) Bengal Spectator
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