KBC Questions

KBC 6– Episode 8 Questions

1. What was embedded in the badge of the main character of Film “Deewar ” and “Coolie”?
(A) 786 (B) 420
(C) 1947 (D) 9211
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2. Starting from the least , arrange these famous personalities in increasing order of the number of children they have
(A) H. C. Mary Kom (B) Farah Khan
(C) Aishwaraya Rai Bachchan (D) Rabri Devi
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3. Complete this Hindi proverb, ” Ulta Chor ______” ?
(A) Vakil se ruthe (B) Sipahi ko loote
(C) Gharwaale ko pite (D) kotwaal ko daante
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4. Which of these cricketers has captained two different IPL teams ?
(A) Harbhajan Singh (B) Gautam Gambhir
(C) Virendar Sehwag (D) Anil Kumble
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5. On Which mission did Neil Armstrong first go into space ?
(A) Apollo 11 (B) Gemini 8
(C) Apollo 8 (D) Ranger 8.
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6. Arrange these words in the correct to form a famous line from Hindi film ” 3 Idiots ” ?
(A) Tussi (B) Ho
(C) Jahanpanah (D) Great
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7. Which of the following is not the name of a Facebook functionality ?
(A) Like (B) Share
(C) Poke (D) Tweet.
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8. In 2012, under whose captaincy did India win the ICC Under -19 Cricket World Cup ?
(A) Smit Patel (B) Unmukt Chand
(C) Baba Aparajith (D) Harmeet Singh
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9. Which of these words or names means ‘os’ or ‘dew’ ?
(A) Tabassum (B) Afreen
(C) Shabnam (D) Shabnam
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10. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) , the World’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator, is situated at which organization ?
(A) Fermilab (B) NASA
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11. Who directed Rajesh Khanna in his first ever TV commercial?
(A) R Balki (B) Shyam Benegal
(C) Pradeep Sankar (D) Prahlad Kakkar
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12. Who administered the oath of office to Dr. Manmohan Singh when he became Prime Minister for the first time?
(A) Pratibha Patil (B) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
(C) K. R. Narayan (D) Shankar Dayal Sharma
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13. According to the 2011 Census, which of these cities has the highest population after Mumbai and Delhi?
(A) Chennai (B) Bengaluru
(C) Hyderabad (D) Kolkata
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14. Former president Shankar Dayal Sharma did not serve as the Governor of which of these states?
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Punjab
(C) Maharashtra (D) Madhya Pradesh
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15. Which of these personalities has won both a Nobel prize and an Oscar?
(A) Pearl S. Buck (B) Ernest Hemingway
(C) G. B. Shaw (D) T. S. Eliot
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